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Posted in: TEPCO discovers pipe leaking radioactive water at Fukushima plant See in context

Let me get this right: Tepco got a reading from a gauge that could only go to 100 milliseverts and it registered the highest level possible. Then Tepco did nothing for a number of days. Then they checked again with a different gauge and it registered 1800 milliseverts. And Tepco says there is no reason to worry. It is time the senior managers at Tepco made themselves available to do the blue collar work at Fukashima and we can see if they are as unworried about themselves getting a lethal radiation dose as they seem to be about the workers at the site.

I would suggest it is time to send in the clowns, but they are already there running Tepco. And the Japanese government is the clown master. Watch what happens when the Abe gov gets involved. More coverup and more incompetence.

So what is planned about the roughly 90 tons of nuclear material that has penetrated the earth and is, therefore, not contained.

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