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@William Bjornson Just want to say Semper Fi my dude. I do have to disagree with you though on the biology point though. From a biological viewpoint you can look at larger breasts as a form of evolution of the human appearance. Most living organisms have a basic biological instinct hard-coded in their DNA to pass on their genes. Essentially everything alive wants to reproduce in some way or another. That mean if desirable traits like larger breasts start to become more prevalent it's most likely by biological design through evolution. This very well could be an example of exaptation. Although the feature wasn't formed by natural selection for its current use you could look at it as a feature that has arisen from natural selection and co-opted for its function of mate attraction. I don't disagree with you that most women with overly large breasts find relief in breast reduction surgeries. There are several studies that link possible health issues with larger breasts in middle aged to older women. I just think that the entire human genome is so vast and complicated it can't be simplified by you and I.

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