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Posted in: Ai Haruna and comedians get together to dub animated feature See in context

I meant to say it "does not relate to her gender identity".

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Posted in: Ai Haruna and comedians get together to dub animated feature See in context

As a transgender who is involved with Japanese entertainment, I can understand why some may feel that her gender identity is a part of her success. Every transgender has a story to tell. Haruna's story is not much different than many of us. I do not feel that it is appropriate for JT to highlight the fact that she is a transsexual unless the story is directly related to her transsexuality.

In previous stories where she spoke on the rights of GLBT persons in Japan and her participation in transgender beauty contests, it was appropriate to mention her gender identity. In a story where she has a role and it does directly relate to her gender identity, it would not be appropriate to mention it.

JT, please do not use sexuality to add shock to a common story.

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Posted in: Taco Bell founder dead at 86 See in context

Taco Bell was good until Yum Brands acquired them.. I miss the old Taco Light and the Bellbeefer. They also destroyed Pizza Hut. KFC is their only edible brand.

But we must not let that overshadow the legacy that Glenn Bell created.

I also miss Rich Snyder, the son of the founder of In-n-Out Burger who was president of the company up until the 90's when he was killed in a plane crash. I actually met Rich Snyder in 1992 at a store opening.

How I long for an In-n-Out in Shibuya! (^u^)

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Posted in: Susan Boyle to appear on 'Kohaku' See in context

Hopefully you can vote for her. Akagumi needs all the help they can get!

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