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As long as the radioactive waste remains in liquid form it can leak into whatever is below it as soon as its storage vessel is compromised. Only a matter of time. Has anyone given serious thought to adding something to the contaminated water to solidify it? Then at least it could be transported without fear of leaking as a liquid. It will still be spewing out radiation and will only be manageable with the use of large machinery but it's a start. And if rationed into small enough containers then maybe a century from now we can launch it into space one load at a time, directed at the nearest black hole. Until then, the best way to mitigate the damage is to immobilize the poison.

If it can't be hardened completely perhaps the liquid can be sectioned off into small pockets, similarly to how styrofoam is basically pockets of air separated by insulating structure. Radiation cannot be stopped, but it can be insulated. The more pockets the solidifying/insulating material has, the more the radiation will bounce around inside it, lessening the emissions. At least that's the best proposal I can come up with with what knowledge I have. I challenge the scientific and engineering communities to scrutinize and test it.

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