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Posted in: Guam man guilty over deadly Japanese tourist attack See in context

justice is served and the only sympathy that will go out is to the victims who were there just vacationing. Just so sad life is ended in such a pointless act.

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Posted in: Sasebo girl says she wanted to see what it was like to kill someone See in context

Yes, she said she wanted to know what it looks like inside a human body. Clearly removed from society and no remorse of killing her victim. Sounds like a Psychopath to me. Unfortunately, I think she needs to be institutionalized and monitored carefully. My guess it will be difficult to get her back on track, and with a background like this who could ever be her friend, let alone be alone with her. She will further drop into a black hole and away from mainstream society. What can we do with her?

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Posted in: Man reportedly tries to get 9-year-old girl into his car in Chiba See in context

good thing she cried out! too bad she couldn't get his license plate.

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Posted in: Nursing home employee arrested for beating elderly resident See in context

Agree with Frungy. There is just no excuse for this behavior regardless of pay or stress. If your driven that far that you have to hit someone, then your in the wrong industry. This is not bootcamp training soldiers, this is caring for the elder and this man should be prosecuted to the extent of the law.

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Posted in: Plane crashes while landing in Taiwan, killing 47 See in context

To the 47 people RIP. Question is, should they have been flying in such weather conditions in the first place.

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Posted in: 4K video wirelessly transmitted in real time See in context

My guess is they will have 16K before the Tokyo Olympics.

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Posted in: Man held over attempted rape of woman in park toilet See in context

glad she got away and that they were able to pin it without doubt on this creep!! Must have been terrifying for this girl and now she won't trust any strangers.

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Posted in: New Toyota minivan makes it easier to yell at kids See in context

I like the idea of pre-programmed recordings... I will take it one step further and would be fun to choose in which voice over you can use like, Robocop.

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Posted in: Kidnap suspect said he threatened to kill girl unless she got into his car See in context

there was alot of strange signs surrounding this guy and in particular his need for soundproof walls in one of the rooms facing outside and no windows, and was also planning a soundproof bath/toilet and room separate from the main house. God knows what he was planning to do with her aside from raising her to be his partner. I think neighborhood watches and meetings is one way to exchange information and help flag people who are suspicious about their ways. I also think the GPS was a good attempt, however she should have used a smaller GPS beacon attached to her backback or hidden somewhere. First thing as a perp would do is throw the phone away or even use it to throw cops off by travelling and leaving it far away in the woods, etc.

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Posted in: Deer hunter shot and killed by fellow hunter See in context

Won't catch me hunting with these damn old crazy men!!

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Posted in: Attorney: Guam rampage suspect assaulted in jail See in context

Welcome to prison little boy, and be expecting much more extracurricular activies at night. We have no sympathy for your little assault.

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Posted in: U.S. Open singles champs to get record $3 million See in context

Show me the money!!

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Posted in: Guam rampage suspect accused of witness tampering See in context

As I suspected, how could his girlfriend be a character witness when there is a conflict of interest. Absolutely ridiculous, he should be beheaded.

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Posted in: Woman dies after being forced to drink water during exorcism See in context

Would be interested to see videos of the woman to see how possessed she was.

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Posted in: Lawmaker bawls at press conference over his use of public funds See in context

He certainly drew attention away from his fraudulent acitvites by this spoiled kid pouting, this Oscar performance may have saved him his job.

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Posted in: AKB48 resumes handshake events with new security measures See in context

exactly the measures that I prescribed, maybe AKB48 management reading our posts.

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Posted in: Girlfriend says Guam man hallucinated before rampage See in context

biased testimony if you ask me, she will say whatever she can to keep him out of death row. The article says they are back to being a couple again. I would like to see the evidence of this video chat they had, but of course there is no recourse for sourcing this as it was not recorded.

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Posted in: Suspect in murder of woman at Yokosuka hotel refuses to talk to police See in context

hang him by his feet until he does talk to him

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Posted in: Japanese fans drown sorrows after World Cup exit See in context

alot of the local businesses looking to capitalize on the World Cup have lost money. Can't sell the Samurai blue shirts, bars, restaurants, etc., using the world cup name will be in vain. oh well, maybe next time.

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Posted in: FIFA charges Luis Suarez for biting in World Cup See in context

Didn't see it, but by the pics, Luis looks like his mouth is hurting. Wondering if the other guy literally rammed his shoulder in his face and his teeth happen to get in the way...

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Posted in: Police arrest man over attempted kidnapping of 14-year-old girl in Chiba See in context

OMG!! Glad she escaped. Hope they catch this deviant and question him to death on why he would do such a thing.

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Posted in: Matsuyama has attention of rivals after Memorial win See in context

hopefully japan will embrace this young man like they do ishikawa.

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Posted in: 87-year-old man swindled out of Y7 mil by bogus son See in context

ok ok, give the old guy a break. You have no idea you will be functioning or be able to hear properly at his age. We should be banding to find these culprits.

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Posted in: Nissan unveils newest all-electric vehicle See in context

It does take alot of electricity to charge the cars, and with Japan's current source of supplying electricity, are we in fact net net getting cleaner air and better environment? We are still far from harnessing solar and wind to levels where we can clearly claim clean energy.

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Posted in: Cop sends stalking letters as ruse to date woman See in context

There are many evil forces at work in this world, but believe there is enough good to counteract this. Japan is not the only place this kind of thing happens.

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Posted in: School principal in Gunma arrested for taking photos in women's toilet See in context

It takes alot for a man in his position to carry out such a risky act. I do not think he can control himself and will repeat again, unless he receives major therapy there is no hope for him, maybe shock treatment for starters.

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Posted in: American arrested at Narita airport after entering prohibited area See in context

sounds like he was on drugs.

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally stabbing 28-year-old son See in context

shame on the father for not reporting the abuse. Now he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

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Posted in: 66-year-old driver kicked to death in Osaka; motorcyclist arrested See in context

@Michael Don't know where your comments are coming from and what part of Japan you were driving in? Japan is the only country that after sliding in front of another car where they hit their hazard winker a couple of times to say "thank you". I drive everyday for 15 years and never a fender bender. U.S. gets way more crazier drivers than Japan, you kidding me.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting woman on limousine bus ride to Narita See in context

@DenTok2009: It said he peed on her seat and did not mention he peed on her. And I am sure he did not make his flight given the circumstances.

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