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Posted in: Mississippi becomes first U.S. state to ban transgender athletes from women's sports See in context

Finally! It's great to hear something good after so much discouraging news for such a long time. Thank you Mississippi for showing sanity in the United States. Let us hope the rest of the country can show the same courage and stand up to the constant bullying from the irritating few. Political correctness needs some much needed correcting and brought under control. It's unbelievable that the portion of the equality act that is so unfair to female sports had been passed and any resistance to it is met with immediate court challenge threats. Let us hope the court system do not spend time on such irrational and illogical challenges and we hear more good news in the future.

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Posted in: Protesters across U.S. call on Trump to reunite immigrant families See in context

This policy has been law for a number of years but it has come to light recently...for political gain!

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Posted in: Japan's battleship Yamato to be reproduced with VR tech See in context

Wishing much success in this VR project! I've been to the Kure Museum 3 times, each time very fascinating. I have seen some good books with many computer generated illustrations of the Yamato exterior however I haven't seen any with interior views. It would be great if the VR project also include a tour of the bridge, passages, engine rooms, etc. if there are any available data for that.

While visiting the museum, don't forget to go across the street and also visit the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force's submarine museum. The submarine Akishio on display and you can tour a through part of it.

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