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Posted in: Japan's household spending drops at record pace as virus hits economy See in context

If only I got the bloody Abe poketto money of 100k, then perhaps I would have spent a tiny bit more... But still no sign of the money on my account...

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Posted in: Netflix stands by film '365 Days' accused of glorifying sex trafficking See in context

Oh. Yeah, and what's next? A movie about world war 2 will be accused of glorifying Nazism?

How about 50 shades of Gray? Rape being glorified?

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Posted in: Fuji TV had deal with 'Terrace House' cast on how scenes played out See in context

If people thought that there was no actual script, as they claim at the beginning of the show, then they are idiots.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was the producers who pushed her into what she did, threatening her with to sue her etc, coz she was about to say that what she did was scripted.

I actually know of one such situation personally, of a show that was about to portray a family in the way the family did not like, threatening to sue them for damages and to pay for all the expenses of they did not agree to air the show.

It is still happening, I bet.

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Posted in: Japan factory output slumps; jobless rate rises to 2.9% See in context

It's only gonna get worse from now on. Furloughing at major corpos too. [mine at least]

Yet, many many people still didnt get their Abe pocket money, including myself.

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Posted in: Japan adds Algeria, 17 other nations to entry ban list over virus See in context

Why don't they add Antarctica, North Pole and the moon to the list too while they are at it?

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Posted in: Unilever to drop terms like 'whitening' from beauty products See in context

Why don't we get rid of the name bronzing lotion (for tanning) too, in the name of equality !?

Please... Who's using these whitening products in the first place? I have yet to see a whitemam or a white woman use any.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 60 coronavirus cases; highest since state of emergency lifted See in context

Nice one John. Aimed at the usual guy. Huh?

Besides. Most people are asymptomatic, right?

Why do they bother with temp. Checks then?

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Posted in: Travel from Japan to Vietnam to partially resume on Thursday See in context

At least for the Vietnamese something is happening, but how about letting working visa holders travel in and out like other Japanese can ?

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Posted in: European business lobby calls on Japan to ease travel restrictions See in context

Everybody is on about permanent residents , which is understandable but

I am on my working visa, that I need to renew every 5 years, working for a Japanese corpo for the past 7 years, I know of 20 other people just like me (who work for the same company) and another dozen who work for a different company on the same basis.

Now, if we wanted to go to, let's say: Korea, for a business trip, we would not be allowed back to Japan, due to our non Japanese passports.

Now, that is not fair. We are being forced to stay in Japan, not able to go for summer holidays, and who knows, perhaps Chrismas is also out of question.

Somthing needs to be done about working visa holders too. Not just permanent residents!

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Posted in: Black Lives Matter rally held in Tokyo See in context

While protests like that are good and all, there is a slight problem with even talking out racism and police brutality etc.

Sam Harris has a very insightful outlook on it.


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Posted in: Tokyo ranked 3rd most expensive city in world for expats See in context

Why do white people call themselves "expats" when they migrate to another country, and all the other races are called "immigrants"?

I would not say white people in general call themselves that, I would say it's more the native English speaking countries.

I don't like it either.

I am a Pole and don't call myself expat.

Its funny how even English teachers call themselves expat. Or YouTubers.

Makes me laugh and cringe at the same time.

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Posted in: JK Rowling responds to critics over her transgender comments See in context

Yet another case of cannibalism of their own people among the so called regresive leftitst, which JK Rowling is one of.

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Posted in: Temperatures soar across Japan amid concerns that face masks may cause heatstroke See in context

face masks may cause heatstroke

Covid-19 may cause death, take your pick.

Heatstroke may also cause death...

Even more so than covid19.

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Posted in: Aso says no tax cuts for time being to counter pandemic See in context

Aso says no tax cuts for time being to counter pandemic

me: あっそぉ!

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Posted in: Cool Biz campaign begins across Japan See in context

Cool Biz? I've not had my trousers on for a month.

Ha, what a noob. I have been teleworking naked here for a month and will continue so till end of May at the very least.

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Posted in: With new 'English Online Banking' service, Sony Bank rises to say that Japan finally has a bank for foreign residents in Japan See in context

Revolut is now available in Japan.

Free money sending, best exchange rates possible. A physical debit card or a virtual one etc. Free ATM withdrawals but with limit of 25k JPY per month. I don't think they Sony bank can best those...

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Posted in: Osaka police officer arrested for keeping ¥10,000 note turned in by 2 brothers See in context

The good (brothers)

The bad (cop)

And the ugly (truth)

What kind of people do they employ there at the police?

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Posted in: Many pachinko parlors stay open despite state of emergency See in context

Politicians in Japan have connections to pachinko or at the very least they benefit in various ways keeping the business legal in a country where gambling is supposed to be illegal.

They won't even utter the name pachinko as they are afraid. It's only a couple of announcers on the telly who mentioned it a few times.

Went by one the other day. The lights outside were shut but upon closer inspection loads of people inside.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor asks residents to grocery shop only every 3 days See in context

Deadly virus?

80 percent of people infected have no symptoms. People who are mostly older and or with preexisting illnesses, for them it may be deadly in some cases, but we are not talking about Ebola here...

As for the shopping restrictions, the obachans won't listen. They go as they please.

You can't even buy 強力粉 flour anywhere anymore. Went to 5 different shops and couldn't find a single one...

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Posted in: Many pachinko parlors stay open despite state of emergency See in context

Pachinko facing bankruptcy?

I thought they are doing very well financially...

What expenses do they have? Electricity and a couple of staff?

Its not as if the people there are winning constantly...

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Posted in: Gov't promises swift coronavirus payouts, starting in May See in context

If I don't get that cash, I am definitely going out on to the street to protest!

I am gonna shove Abenomask in his face if I don't get that abenopoketto mane! XD

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Posted in: Tokyo Uber Eats union demands hazard pay See in context

The demand is definitely higher for uber eats like services. Some people loose their jobs altogether.

But, yeah, uber eats should sacrifice some of its profits and invest in protection measures, like free masks, sprays etc for their delivery persons.

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Posted in: Staying at home in Tokyo's small apartments isn't easy See in context

I have a north-facing balcony (very rare in Japan) with a couple of chairs, a table, lighting and even fake grass, unlike all my other Tokyo neighbors. It helps a heck of a lot.

A rich man, eh?

Tell us your address too. Id like to grab a beer on that balcony of yours.

Oh, wait! Social distancing....

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Posted in: Athletes Village for Olympics could house virus patients See in context

I can already hear the hords of Olympic players screaming they won't stay there.

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Posted in: Japan expands ban on arrivals from 73 countries See in context

The weather had to do a little more to keep people inside rather than the virus I would imagine .

What about Japanese permanent resident holders that hold other passports?

Ask your local immigration office not here.

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Posted in: Crowds disappear from Tokyo streets amid virus, snow See in context

More companies, including mine, has started teleworking from this week. Even last week when boarding the train I though there were less people than usual.

Something is indeed changing.

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Posted in: Coronavirus to cut foreign visitors' spending in Japan by estimated ¥981.3 bil See in context

Lived and worked in Japan through the 90s and noughties. Could walk through downtown Osaka somedays and barely see a foreign face let alone hear Chinese or Korean being spoken.

Just how did Japan survive back then with miniscule foreign tourist numbers?

30 years ago there was much less old people. Now with the old population, being more often at home, (not to mention that in was the peak of Japanese growth in the 90s) foreign money is essential to Japanese economy.

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Posted in: Film about Fukushima heroes warns against complacency See in context

I bet the movie skipped the part where they sent a team to open the back up cooling system valve but they came back empty-handed cuz the radiation level was too high lol. Russians get it done under the most difficult conditions. Japanese can't/won't

I think they were Ukrainian, mate.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. watching Japan closely for possible travel restriction See in context

the deadly virus.

Has it evolved into Ebola or perhaps cyanide already?

Tought it was just a slightly special flu type of a disease...

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Posted in: Nissan ordered to pay ¥2.4 bil fine over Ghosn pay scandal See in context

Everyone seems to be on about Karma and that it should sting for Nissan.

But we are talking here about bare 20 million dollars in fine...that will be pennies for them.

Now, among the Corona virus news this will be swept under the carpet.

They chose a good time for a settlement, I say!

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