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Posted in: Man arrested for uploading video of himself driving at over 170 kph See in context

He was caught on the speed camera. Didn't he know that? I was once caught doing just 90 km on a 50 km and had to spend a month at driving class and a huge fine. I realized the camera flash at the time. Got my picture and plate number. Never again.

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Posted in: Toyota's American PR chief arrested for suspected drug violation See in context

Oxycodone is not available in Japan. Another opioid type is often prescribed here called Tramcet. I could not get any medication like Oxycodone for my back pain and was given Tramcet. Other pain relieving medication such as Lyrica is ok. As someone commented, she should have consulted with authority. We often wonder why Japan is so strict. I think she will get off with a warning.

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy turns himself in after killing mother, grandmother See in context

I wonder if the boy was gaming all the time which very much disturbs parents. This could cause them to scold him for not doing things he should be doing. Once they are into the gaming world, it's hard to get them off. I know from experience. Some more information on his behavior. Also, where is the father?

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Posted in: 5 injured after 15-yr-old boy, driving without license, crashes into truck See in context

It would appear that this 22 year old may have been drinking and may have believed the teen driver would not be arrested if they were stopped by the police. It may also be that the driver was drinking too. I suppose the 22 year old is in hot water for breaking several laws. I'm hoping JT.com gives us a follow up on the results.

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Posted in: Woman killed after husband backs car into her while parking See in context

I thought that most underground and other parking garages have tire stops and usually enough space to open a car trunk. Was the man's wife about to open the trunk? To be pinned against the wall, the car would have to be going in reverse at higher than normal speed and would have to jump the tire stops and would hit the wall pinning his wife.

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Posted in: Takata's airbag defect explodes into global crisis See in context

I presently drive a second hand Honda Odyssey which I've been driving for about two years. Luckily I havent had an accident that would make the air bag deploy. After reading about this Takata problem for over a month, I've been thinking about driving into a Honda dealer near my home for a response. I haven't heard of any recalls in Japan about this and I just wonder why. It may be that they just contact those who bought new cars. Anyway, when I drive into the dealer, I hope I don't get the " the bad air bags were not made in Japan excuse. It's no problem". Then what do I do?

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