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Posted in: Mother of 'Terrace House' star who killed herself to press charges against cyberbullies See in context

As much as I like and use the Internet (e.g. for news, emailing, information), SNS sites are one thing that I never got into and could see being done away with. SNS sites makes it too easy for bullies to feel stronger to bully someone. Whatever happened to using the old fashioned telephone and email to connect with friends and family?

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Posted in: Exec from idol singer group SKE48’s management company arrested on child prostitution charges See in context

No. There are many reasons why these girls did what they did: they may be victims of abuse - which skews your views about what is a healthy sex life and appropriate behaviour for girls their age; they may have been coerced into doing it; they may have learnt from society that the only way they'll get by in life - as young women - is by selling their bodies. Lots of reasons.

Bingo! So you agree with me that the laws concerning these enjo kosai businesses should be punished more harshly because they allow a way for these teenage girls to make easy money.

So, what you're saying is that if a teenage daughter did this, your response to your daughter would be, "You did well, because you tried to earn money the best way you could?"

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Posted in: 'Pathetic!' -- Trump lashes out at virus coordinator Dr Birx See in context

"Deborah took the bait & hit us. Pathetic!" he tweeted.

And yet another instance of Trump being petty; thinking of only his ego before the public's health. Who would you all believe, a two-bit swindle, draft dodger who would rather check tweets and visit the golf club links, or a dedicated expert in the field of heath and pandemic response?

All Trump wants is for people to believe in what he believes in, even if it's a lie. He doesn't care one bit about Americans' health or lives. All he cares about that people love him, and that people follow what he says (not exactly what he always does). If you think in a certain way that doesn't fall in line with the way he thinks, he'll fire you, get revenge on you, or call you names and drag your name through the mud. Sheesh! I know many kids who have more maturity than Trump.

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Posted in: Exec from idol singer group SKE48’s management company arrested on child prostitution charges See in context

Sure, Poor man. The victim of a crime. He just couldn't help himself.

Of course, this guy is guilty, but you think looking for 'compensated companionship' is a normal thing for a teenage girl to do? If I had a teenage girl, I would teach her never to trust anyone on any dating websites, or even think of putting themselves into a position like that. To me, a big problem is the laws are too lax when it comes to these 'enjo kosai' businesses. I wish they would come down harder on these businesses.

Now imagine if the roles were reversed and an older woman was preying on a teenage boy? Why would you think that she is not as guilty as the older man is? Is it because you feel that even if a boy is a teenager, he should know better not to deal with an older woman?

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Posted in: Trump floats idea of election delay See in context

liberals the ones claiming he “said”something else but can’t give me a direct quote.

liberals the one trying to mindread intentions.

he was very clear in his message.

Spoken like a true conservative:

Conservatives are the ones who think the world should stay the way it was like in the Stone Age and are adamant against any change; even if it's for the greater good.

Conservatives are the ones who blame everyone and everything else for anything bad that happens and will never accept responsibility for their actions.

Conservatives will find a tweet or quote that matches their agenda or beliefs and will blow it up and out of proportion to fit their own narratives.

Conservatives (like Trump) are only concerned about their own egos and feelings and place it above everything else; even human life. Their egos will take them even towards being petty and poor sports.

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Posted in: Trump's coronavirus retweets spark claims of censorship See in context

Trump doesn't like people who are smarter than he is: Obama, Fauci, anyone working for the CDC, WHO, UN, most world leaders, experts ...

He only likes people who have the same level of intelligence as he: his sons, son-in-law, daughter, Kim Jong Un, ....

Isn't it any wonder that he only employs family members, close friends, or those he owes a favor to?

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Posted in: Trump pledges COVID outbreak coming under control as Florida cases surge for fifth day See in context

Let's not forget that Trump keeps listening to his own personal advisors, called voices in his head, saying "the U.S. has the lowest mortality rates from this virus, in the world" and "this virus will disappear" and "I'm doing a great job", "some people have never cried as babies", "coal and the incandescent light bulb are good", "the corona virus is a hoax", and on and on ...

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Posted in: Trump pledges COVID outbreak coming under control as Florida cases surge for fifth day See in context

Trump will continue to say that Covid-19 will disappear, and if it finally disappears 20 years later, he will say "I told you so".

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Posted in: WHO reports record daily increase in global coronavirus cases for second day in a row See in context

I can't believe that there are people out there that would rather believe that this is a huge conspiracy where all the doctors, nurses, health care officials, WHO officials, CDC officials, scientists, and researchers are fabricating the severity of this disease, than to believe that this disease actually exists. I guess people will continue to deny it, until it hits them, or someone they know personally.

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Posted in: Divided Americans clash over mask wearing and schools reopening as coronavirus cases surge See in context

Trump and his administration doesn't care about finding a cure or stopping this pandemic. NO. All he cares about is promoting goya products, patting himself on the back for bringing back the incandescent light bulb (?), and saying really nonsensical things.


In any case, after watching the latest WH news conference, I'm convinced that something is really wrong with Trump when he babbles on by saying,

"People that haven't cried since they were a baby. Some of them never even when they were a baby, and they were crying"

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Posted in: 'Top Gun' helmet and 'Alien' spaceship in Hollywood props auction See in context

I totally agree. The 70's and 80's were the best time for movies, music, and TV shows. Aliens, Blade Runner, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Top Gun, The Breakfast Club, etc. were the best. Not to mention the movie soundtracks. I still think Danger zone, Footloose, The Power of Love, St. Elmo's Fire, and Nothing's Gonna Stop Us, among others, are some of the best songs to come from movies.

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Posted in: Rising coronavirus infections threaten U.S. economic recovery See in context

Trump has proven to be so unfit to handle a crisis like this pandemic. The longer he is in charge, the more deaths we can foresee in the future. Had he not dismantled the pandemic response team that Obama had left in place, things could have been so different. Had Trump had the foresight that Obama had when dealing with the Ebola pandemic coming out of Africa during his time, we would have seen less deaths. Instead, we have a president who rather battle with the CDC and other experts who obviously know much more about this. Trump just cares about making himself look good.

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Posted in: Trump calls California school closures a 'terrible decision' as deaths rise in 3 southern states See in context

Trump's handling of this COVID-19 pandemic in which thousands upon thousands have died, is in stark contrast to Obama's handling of the Ebola virus epidemic. When the Ebola epidemic became known, Obama quickly dispatched a team to Africa to get a handle of the situation and organized a pandemic response team. In the end, there was only one confirmed case in America. If Trump was in charge back then, Ebola could've been something so much worse. From day one, Trump has downplayed this virus and we must live with his mishandling of this crisis. We need a true leader who will put the health of Americans above his or her own interests. All Trump cares about is his ego and how he will look.

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Posted in: Trump unleashes grievances at rally; suggests virus testing should slow down See in context

The president’s campaign tried to point fingers elsewhere over the smaller-than-expected crowd, accusing protesters of blocking access to metal detectors and preventing people from entering the rally.

That is so fake news, if there ever is one. There have been no confirmed reports at all of anyone who has tried to block people from entering the rally. Of course, only Trump's loyal fan base would ever believe such a bold-faced lie.

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Posted in: Biden calls Trump a 'fool' for mocking masks during pandemic See in context

Fact: Less than 15,000 Americans were killed by the swine flu when Obama and Biden were in charge. Nearly 100,000 Americans have been killed by the Covid 19 pandemic under Trump's watch in much less time. Yet, Trump continues to claim that it's all Obama's fault.

Trump conveniently forgets that it was Obama and Biden who prevented no Americans to die from the Ebola outbreak in Africa during their time in office, since they soon recognized the threat and sent in a team to stop it from ever reaching America's shores. Also, Trump forgets that it was he who dismantled the pandemic response team that Obama and Biden had set up to tackle future diseases. It was Trump who also stopped funding of programs which would have provided alerts to possible pandemics, such as this.

So, I'm pretty sure that Biden would do a much better job of handling such a pandemic like this, than Trump has. At least he wouldn't downplay it like Trump, or try to shift blame to others, or cause delays in response time like Trump has.

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Posted in: Trump plays golf for 1st time since the coronavirus pandemic See in context

And Trump continues to play more golf at more American taxpayers' expense than Obama ever did, even though Trump claimed that he wouldn't play golf as much and work hard for the American people.

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Posted in: Obama calls Trump's handling of pandemic a 'chaotic disaster' See in context

The biggest difference between Obama and Trump is that Obama surrounded himself with experts, while Trump surrounds himself with family members and people who suck up to him. How many of his staff have either left, or been fired without being replaced?

Even when Trump has some experts giving him advice, he won't listen to them. He'll only listen to the advice of his own ego and inner voices in his head.

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Posted in: Obama calls Trump's handling of pandemic a 'chaotic disaster' See in context

And add in the fact that now, there are two confirmed cases of WH staffers who have tested positive for the virus. If the White House is not safe, who is?

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Posted in: White House aiming for Trump pivot from virus to economy See in context

Who in their right mind think that in the midst of a pandemic that has claimed the lives of thousands of people, is the right time for sarcasm? Oh, that's right, Trump is not in his right mind. As such, we shouldn't trust anything he says about either this virus or the economy because whatever actions he will take, is only to further his own interests and to stoke his own ego.

By the way, according to Merriam Webster Dictionary, the word 'sarcasm' means "a sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance designed to cut or give pain,”. So in that sense, Trump wanted to cause Americans pain. What kind of president wishes pain upon their own people?

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Posted in: Trump says briefings not worth his time after disinfectant gaffe See in context

After a strong rebuff of his suggestion by top medical experts and disinfectant manufacturers, Trump on Friday claimed he had been speaking "sarcastically."

So basically, Trump just admitted that anything he says has a possibility of being construed as sarcasm, even when it's a topic like the Corona Virus, that should be talked about seriously. That means, we shouldn't really take anything he says at all seriously. Well, I already figured that out, and the majority of people already know that, but I guess Trump himself has made it official. In essence, he is saying: "Don't take anything I say seriously!"

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Posted in: Trump says briefings not worth his time after disinfectant gaffe See in context

I sure hope no kids were listening to what Trump said and start injecting themselves with Lysol or something of that nature. Since Trump suggested injecting disinfectants into their bodies, he should be the first test subject.

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Posted in: Trump's son-in-law Kushner takes surprise top role in coronavirus fight See in context

Jared the Slumlord to the rescue. The U.S. is doomed for sure. What qualifications does he have to handle a crisis; especially one of this magnitude?

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Posted in: Actor, singer, 'The Gambler': Kenny Rogers dies at 81 See in context

RIP Kenny. Will always remember your beautiful voice and music. My favorite is "Through the Years" as it was used at my wedding.

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Posted in: Buttigieg declared Iowa winner after technical glitches delay result See in context

It's funny that the woman who wanted to change her vote because she just found out that he's gay, quoted the Bible as a reason. It's funny because, the Bible also has things to say about discriminating against others and committing adultery ... but I guess that part is alright with her.

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Posted in: Trump celebrates his acquittal at White House See in context

Trump's acquittal has set a deadly precedent. It states that from now on, future Presidents can and have the power to interfere and manipulate elections as they please, make backdoor deals to get whatever they want, and not be held accountable to any laws that they break. Americans' privacy will now forever be open to the power of the President. This decision proves that POTUS can do anything he or she wishes even though it is illegal and hurtful to others.

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Posted in: On eve of impeachment verdict, Trump tees up for State of Union See in context

IMHO, Donny joking around and mocking the singing of the national anthem during the Superbowl, is so much more disrespectful than a player taking a knee. Do we really need a President that openly mocks the U.S. national anthem?

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Posted in: Chiefs defense comes through 31-20 victory over 49ers in Super Bowl See in context

That was a good game. Chiefs never said die and came from behind to win their first championship in over 50 years. Congratulations to Kansas City (which by the way, is located in the state of Missouri; not Kansas, as Trump incorrectly stated).

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Posted in: Trump defense claims acts to help reelection not impeachable See in context

So by his own admission, Trump rigging the election is alright since it is in the "best interests of the U.S." for him to be elected President? So Trump could declare martial law, force people at gunpoint to re-elect him and it would be perfectly legal because they're all "in the best interests" for him to be re-elected. What baloney!

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Posted in: China vows to beat 'devil' virus as countries rush to evacuate citizens See in context

Xi is really stoking this to improve his popularity. He is all fluff and show. I saw on TV how he and other Chinese politicians were trying to do their 'rah rah rah' and give a false sense of optimism to the nurses and doctors working there. It looked like a bad infomercial to me. And what's with all those bulldozers and other construction machines trying to build more hospitals now?!! It's all for show, if you ask me.

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