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Jack Shadowe comments

Posted in: Japan's youth Olympians told to keep low profile in China See in context

I think diplomacy and good gestures are valuable--so even though the youth athletes were not born when the massacre occurred, a visit to the memorial would have been a healing gesture.

With that said, it seems very few people actually know their history. The Japanese forces committed atrocities in Nanjing and other places in Asia. Everyone seems to remember this history..

But after they left, the Communist party of China committed their own atrocities for decades against their own people. Every one seems to forget this history.

Historians are not certain of the exact number of millions of Chinese people who have died because of the Communist party, both intentionally, and by bad policies--but the number approaches 40 - 50 men, women and children dead, and many more grievously affected.

Around 1958, in the Great Leap Forward period of communist China, Mao Zedong started his Four Pests Campaign. In order to increase agricultural production, Mao exhorted and mobilized the vast Chinese population to eradicate the Four Pests in China: mosquitoes, flies, rats, and sparrows.

Yes, sparrows. Apparently, Mao considered sparrows pests since they ate seeds sown during crop planting.

So all over China--sparrows were slaughtered. This coincided with drought conditions across much of China. Since the sparrows were no longer around, locusts increased and multiplied and ate what little crops were left. In most of China, especially Hunan province people starved to death.

Around 20 million people starved--who did not need to die--but due to Communist policies of stopping family farming in favor of communal farming, of bad land management and advice--such as kill all the sparrows, a preventable humanitarian disaster occurred which slaughtered millions by cruel starvation.

This was only one of the many events from 1958 through to 1968 which killed between 40 and 50 million Chinese.

So when I hear Xi Jin Ping and others CP members lecture Japan upon its war crimes--I have to wonder at their obliviousness to their own party's humanitarian crimes which dwarf Japan's offenses to the Chinese people historically.

Torture still occurs in China to this very day--and it will tomorrow--never forget that.

No member of the Chinese communist party has the right to lecture anyone given their party's crimes--for which no one has apologized.

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