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Posted in: 17-year-old boy drowns in Tochigi river See in context

More information on whether he jumped or dove might answer some questions.

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Posted in: Man held over hit-and-run deaths of 3 women in Otaru See in context

A lot of anger towards DUI hit an run offenders but what about the penalties? Insurance companies probably won't cover those accidents so victims are up the creek unless there is money available from the offender. He or she will be behind bars for a long time. I suppose the offenders family will pay the price. But what can you do if someone is too stupid to get behind the wheel knowing the possibilities of driving after drinking?

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Posted in: Israeli strike kills 18 family members, stirring debate over targets See in context

Don't blame Isreal. Put the blame on Hamas for rocketing Israel. And what if Isreali children were killed by those rockets? Hamas is a curse on Innocent people living in Gaza.

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Posted in: Unhappy hour for Kirin as its beer sales tumble in Japan See in context

The Japanese taste for real beer has gone to haposhu and assorted cocktails in cans because they are cheaper while quenching an alcohol thirst at lower prices. Not rocket science.

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Posted in: Crime declines for 12th consecutive year; monetary fraud up See in context

That bicycle comment strikes a cord with me. I found a bike like that once, took it to a Koban and got the same answer. However, my son's bicycle was stolen and was recovered a year later four or five train stations away. Go figure?

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Posted in: 19-year-old mother arrested after car crash kills 1-year-old son See in context

She said that her husband had betrayed her so she decided to kill all of them. It is said that mothers here believe their children are their own possessions. A 19 year old mother screaming bloody murder behind the wheel and flooring the gas pedal presents a danger to other drivers as well as her family. Lucky it wasn't a head on collision with another vehicle.

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Posted in: Niigata official arrested for embezzling Y10 mil intended for school lunches See in context

In many places, these things go on and some lowere ranking workers may know about it but are afraid to blow the whistle for fear of their jobs. Time to get rid of that scum.

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Posted in: Man posts live video of him drowning cat in Nagano river See in context

After reading all these comments, I think I'll take a cat nap. On the other hand, to keep cats away from your garden, get a dog.

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Posted in: Another accident blamed on driver who inhaled loophole drug See in context

Give me a break. His smoking stuff was on the seat and he had a hard time knowing a red light from a green one. He's guilty of a DUI of loop hole smoking. Needs a stiff fine and a suspended licence to protect other drivers for his stupidity.

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Posted in: Japanese, Korean backpackers found living in squalor after Sydney fire See in context

I'm hoping Japan Today will find a way to get some information about why those people took up living in that poor condition. Were they on a working holiday and couldn't find jobs or what? Please give us more details.

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Posted in: Man arrested over fatal hit-and-run in Chiba See in context

Why should someone be at fault for hitting or running over a person lying in the road or running through a red light here in Japan? Isn't it time the law changed to protect the innocent? A hit and run is without accept is a crime.

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Posted in: All you need is Cruise See in context

I don't suppose people would ever think TC took a percentage of the film's box office and that was one big reason he came to Japan besides shaking hands and signing autographs as many actors do. Good business minded no doubt.

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Posted in: Battle of the burgers: McDonald's Japan See in context

My only good comment about Mc D is that hey are exceptionally clean.

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Posted in: Man found dead in Yamagata home See in context

Hmmm. ex wife finds his body after she'd been out all afternoon. The ex wife lived with him?

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Posted in: Japanese automakers recall 3 mil vehicles globally over airbag defect See in context

Do Japanese ever get recall notices here in Japan or do they need to contact the dealers directly.

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Posted in: Japan's nightclubs weather dancing ban See in context

Glad to read the no dancing law will change for the better. Now if only my back and sciatica recovers, I'll be out there dancincig myself away.

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Posted in: Taiwan-Japan museum dispute settled See in context

I smell something other than a wrong name on posters which could be changed to accommodate the Taiwanese. Is the growing stength around Taiwan by China swaying them somehow? Just a thought.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting 9-year-old girl in Kawasaki public toilet See in context

A public servant molests 9 year old girl in a public toilet Is bad publicity.

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Posted in: 21-yr-old mother, friend arrested for starving baby son to death See in context

Again? Young Japanese need some special education about child rearing and the government had better start spending on it. Maybe instead of the endless commercials on TV, an educational spot about the subject could register in the minds of some of these souls.

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Posted in: Japan says it will hold fresh talks with N Korea on abductions See in context

I suppose Japan will offer the carrot as usual such as allowing some medical supplies and some other things Kim may request and will get zilch in return but promises.

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Posted in: Police arrest man over attempted kidnapping of 14-year-old girl in Chiba See in context

Great escape for a young girl. I imagine these crimes happen in the evening but in the morning on the way to school. What a lucky girl!

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Posted in: Chinese fighter jets fly within 30 meters of SDF planes See in context

Possible scenario, Chinese fighter blows Japanese plane out of the sky. Japanese planes retreat back to base. J govt. lodges a protest. China says j plane attacked first. Back to square one. Abe and friends have a discussion. Ask UN to condem the Chinese action. UN sits on it's hands as usual. Worst case. Japanese planes fire back. Chinese planes go down. More Chinese planes enter the skirmish and then.....

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Posted in: High school student beaten, robbed by 3 men in Mie See in context

Might have been on a deserted street. Going home alone at that time gets me thinkink how much Japan has changed. If possible she should have been escorted.

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Posted in: 79-yr-old driver who lost control of car due to heatstroke indicted over fatal accident See in context

The argument seems to ride on two points. His age 65+ and heat stroke. Negligence by anyone at any age can cause accidents. Younger people may also cause accidents by not thinking straight. I would tend to lean toward his playing golf in extreme heat not his age . His ac was on at the time I suppose but he may have consumed the wrong liquids as many golfers may do at the club house. Who knows for sure?

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Posted in: Australia, New Zealand urge Japan to respect anti-whaling ban See in context

I don't see any pro whaling comments by many if any Japanese (in translation of course) which may mean they don't give a hoot about it one way or another.

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Posted in: Coke ad: It takes 23 minutes to burn off a soda See in context

When I was a kid way back in NY, after a hot game of stick ball, we'd all go to the deli and get a really cold bottle of Pepsi. Now, I hardly touch the stuff. Just a cold beer once in awhile.

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Posted in: School principal in Gunma arrested for taking photos in women's toilet See in context

I tried to comment here but I was lost for words. All I could think of was principal in an elementary school?

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Posted in: Japan slowly begins to openly discuss crossdressing men in heterosexual relationships See in context

Glad to read LH10's comment. The issue is overblown and I would think most men an women agree with her. As for the "power couple", I suppose it wasn't his nail polishing that made them split but his lack of "power in the sack".

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally stabbing 28-year-old son See in context

It's difficult to understand another Japanese family's relationship with their children today. So many variables take place. By western standards, throwing his stuff on the sidewalk and saying hit the road Jack may be what many of us think would solve a problem. Involving the police is a rare situation too. There is the family court to consult but who knows if they would just say, go home and work it out. Too complicated. Very sad but don't we read about these things happening day after day?

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Posted in: Elderly couple killed in Hokkaido farm accident See in context

Very sad news. RIP from many of us.

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