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Posted in: Japanese TV makers bet on super-HD as World Cup looms See in context

Good luck to Made in Japan TVs at premium prices. LG and Samsung are moving at rocket pace and low price while Sony and friends are chugging along with their once upon a time brand names. Hard to find a Samsung TV anywhere and a few LG smart TVs (not 4k type) at Costco.

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Posted in: 66-year-old driver kicked to death in Osaka; motorcyclist arrested See in context

Road rage usually needs two people in rage to start a fight. Generally, it's best to double flash you hazards to say sorry or thnk you here. I ride a bike and a car and try to keep a cool head at all times. Getting POd gets you no where.

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Posted in: SoftBank to cut smartphone charges in Japan See in context

Aren't you guys using LI NE?

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Posted in: Australian defense minister to tour Japan stealth submarine See in context

China will argue that Australia wants to control the Indian Ocean with submarines.

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Posted in: 66-year-old driver kicked to death in Osaka; motorcyclist arrested See in context

Hope they catch the killer and kick his butt right into the slammer for 99 years.

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Posted in: Cop sends stalking letters as ruse to date woman See in context

Japanese TV should take some of these news reports and turn them into scrips for crime programs.

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Posted in: North Korea says it is holding an American tourist See in context

Seeking asylum in NK?we know what kind of asylum he should be entered into.

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Posted in: 3 killed after minivan rear-ends truck in Kanagawa See in context

Tailgating? How much is spent on going to driving schools to learn not to do that? A minivan has a front end like a sardine can. The only benefit from them is gas mileage. Poor souls who lost there lives. RIP.

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Posted in: Former Chinese foreign minister says frayed ties with Japan temporary See in context

Dialogue before blows are thrown is always the best way.it's hard to take back a punch once it's thrown.

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Posted in: 26-year-old man arrested for beating 2-month-old son See in context

Dennis is completely right and it should become a compulsory marriage law in Japan with an attachment to a marriage certificate indicating the couple took the classes.

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Posted in: Arson suspect says he got thrill from seeing firefighters, police rush to scene See in context

Luckily he didn't go further than garbage bins and not to buildings. He needs help and a way out of being homeless.

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Posted in: Man charged over murder of 7-year-old girl in 2005 See in context

Good hard investigation by the police will take one more piece of trash off the streets for good.

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Posted in: Noodle maker does everything you can’t: make noodles See in context

It will take a long long time to make up the cost of that very nice noodle making machine when you factor in all the ingredients to make udon, spaghetti, pene and whatever. Buying enough udon (dried), some "nama"and spaghetti and other pasta made in Italy for just 100 yen for 500 grams. and just dropping it into boiling water with a little salt as we all know, seems easier and cheaper time wise. Of course there is the making of the pasta sause or ramen soup that takes time. Then there are numerous packs of spaghetti and other tear open packs available here but that's another story.

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Posted in: Prisoner swap raises questions in U.S. and Afghanistan See in context

I don't know but could there be more to this exchange we don't know about? Five of them for one of our guys who is a questionable soldier will take some time to answer.

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Posted in: Japan test-broadcasts super HD television technology See in context

As for the older population here, so many still use clam shell phones saying it's good enough. So how many will give up their good enough standard flat screen TVs for a 4k model? Younger folks may be limited on shelling out the cash. I guess it will take a long time to bring down prices. Beautiful,sharp displays with very few good shows to watch is a major hurdle to overcome. Will movies, etc. come into 4k TVs in super HD or just certain programs?

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of mother in Ibaraki See in context

I'm so disgusted at reading about family murders almost every day here in this country in the JT. Is this kind of sensationism news coverage so important for everyone to read? It won't make your readers better people by informing us of these crimes. How about good news.

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Posted in: Automatic coin counting machine See in context

That's a lot of coins to count coins for the average person who would need it only after breaking open his piggy bank. Handy item for a small store that had several vending machines. Good for playing a coin counting game.

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Posted in: Peeping Tom police officer arrested in Kanagawa See in context

Just wonder if the guy was in uniform or in civvies. Might not matter but he could say he was checking on something suspicious.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for throwing 10-month-old daughter against wall See in context

I imagine the child crying, screening and kicking up a fuss the mother couldn't control so she took instant response without thinking. Her best bet could have been to put the child in a stroller and gone for a walk I the park if one was near. However, the mother's mentality is certainly in question here.

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Posted in: U.S. eyes greater missile defense cooperation by Japan, S Korea See in context

I totally agree with Joebiggs.

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Posted in: Husband of bludgeoned Pakistani woman strangled first wife See in context

Wow! Living and dying in Pakistan as a woman for the sake of love is beyond civilized imagination. Thy are living in the Stone Age. (No pun intended).

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Posted in: AKB48 attack forces rethink on how handshake events are held See in context

Just don't allow anything to be carried into the meeting event. Sounds simple to me. Airport type rules.

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Posted in: Police investigate death of man believed to be missing Chinese academic See in context

His wife is now a widow.

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Posted in: China accuses Japan of dangerous flying in air zone See in context

Always tit for tat. China or Japan may not come to blows even if an accidental or purposeful incident between planes. Too much at stake for mostly China. A downed aircraft would just be more rhetoric and saber rattling.

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Posted in: Man arrested for menacing children at school in Ishikawa See in context

Something is odd about some of these incidents. Could it be these characters are out of jobs and want three hots and a cot?

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy survives fall from 11th floor, landing in tree See in context

Eight more lives left.

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Posted in: Nurse's body was sent from Osaka to Tokyo in package marked 'doll' See in context

I can't help thinking that the killing, document and iD caper was needed to get away from some other criminal activity they did. We should know about it when they get apprehended .

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl dies in head-on collision in Hiroshima See in context

I concur with those who believe the child was probably a lap rider. I sure wish Japaese parents would learn.

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Posted in: Japanese government mulls doing away with cell phone SIM locks See in context

Gee, I thought there was no protectionism in this free country.

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Posted in: Recycling in Japan or reasons to get it right and avoid eternal shame See in context

Please people, cover up the garbage with the net so the cows won't spread it all over the neighborhood.

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