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the last thing japanese people are waiting is hordes of fat,screaming,no mask foreigners walking around the now became paradise japanese cities. Just imagine the national fear, the tragedy. the disaster when the first gaijin tourist will show a positive PCR tests after having had a day walking around temples. restaurants, hotel in Kyoto !!!!!!!

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As soon as japanese people still wear mask everywhere, riding bicycle, walking alone in the middle of nowhere, in the car ……….and here in Nagoya 100% do that……….tourists are completely not compatible whit this way of living so for sure after 1 month from opening borders they will be banned again because of a random spike of infection accusing the “ no mask gaijin animal “

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99% of people reading this article are foreigners living in Japan that got excited and soon desperate again during the reading….

but one thing is not analyzed: plans to continue requiring travelers entering Japan, including returnees, to quarantine for two weeks even if they have been vaccinated. 

that seems that for example an italian tourist can enter Japan , do the 2 weeks quarantine and then is free !! but I’m sure this is not the reality.


so the problem of the reciprocity is much more severe, it’s a complete discrimination!

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From my doctor :



Ah Ah Ah !!

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put a label with “ Made in Japan “ on the vaccine boxes and 99% if the population will take it with a smile !

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Great ! the trend is good, only 1039 tests. Going slowly to the zero tests/zero cases and ready for Olympic.

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I can not go with my Japanese wife and mother in law to her hometown because if someone unlucky will get corona there , the population will accuse us to bring the virus from big city and can not go anymore to hometown for the next 5 generations .

Japan is still very medieval in many social aspects.

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imagine if in Japan instead of the number of infections, the media report every day the number of deaths......zero......zero....zero....zero.....

nobody would be interested of this virus.

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This is what Halekulani Hotel told me yesterday by email just to understand how vague is chatting here without being sure :

Warm greetings from Halekulani Okinawa.

This is Miran from Room Reservation, and it is very nice e-meeting you.


We appreciate for you that planning to stay with us.

About the special price promotion, we don’t have any government help or direct hotel discount right now.

If you check some other online agents, sometimes they have discounts but we don’t know when they do discount.

Reservation from our official website or call are always same price.


Should you need any further information about our property, please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

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