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Jack1987 comments

Posted in: What is the world's sexiest accent? See in context

French, particular when they roll the 'R'.

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Posted in: Who makes the best chocolate in the world? See in context

The chocolate companies in Bruges, Belgium.

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Posted in: Australian PM's speech against sexism sparks divisive reaction See in context

She didn't defend Peter Slipper or his lurid text messages!

She defended the integrity of the Australian court system.

Watch her speech on youtube 9th of Oct - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJxDYep8Lk4

She said she was offended by the lurid text messages of Peter Slipper but the court case should conclude before parliament made a final decision. What ever happened to the presumption of innocence - innocent until proven guilty - this is a sex harassessment case is it not?

Whether you have a gut feel on someones guilt, whether the evidence against someone has gone public and is strong - Why are some rushing to support Abbotts political stunt without thinking about what they're truly supporting?

Don't undermine our court system! It's there for a good reason.

I use to think Julia was no good - Yesterday and today, I've seen her demonstrate strong leadership abilities with a thought out strategical approach. Everything she said in her speech was spot on and I congratulate her on standing up to sexist Abbott. Julie Bishop (the token deputy) doesn't know what she's talking about and needs to look around at her party and notice she's a huge minority.

If Gillard stays firm like this till next election - she'll have my vote!

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Posted in: French weekly publishes cartoons ridiculing Mohammad See in context

Charlie Hebdo has just sold out 75,000 copies in a space of 2 hours, with printing occurring for another 200,000 copies.

Clearly this magazine is in touch with current French sentiment.

Congratulations to Charlie Hebdo for attempting to confront a real issue in France!

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Posted in: What is the best way to deal with cyber-bullying on Twitter, Facebook and other social media? See in context

Bullies can't bully if you unfriend them.

I have 35 friends on facebook - people seem to think that's not a lot, but at least I can say I know each of them well and they're good people. Most are back home too so facebook is great to stay in touch through long distance.

People need to stop adding people to their friends list to get their friend numbers up! I keep telling my teenage sister than but she still adds people she doesn't know and then gets upset when they say something nasty. One day she'll learn. Sigh!

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Posted in: Mining magnate Rinehart says Australia 'too expensive' See in context

Gina - You are living in the nineteenth century!

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Posted in: Smiling Norway mass killer Breivik jailed for 21 years See in context

@ TigerTokyoDome - Just an FYI, His salute is not a Nazi salute, the Nazi's had their hands extended. Brevik uses the communist salute, or the raised fist - it's meant to symbolise resistance through using violence. People say he is an extreme right wing nut, but his salute suggests to me that he's an extreme left wing nut.

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Posted in: Smiling Norway mass killer Breivik jailed for 21 years See in context

Norway is certainly demonstrating their 'Care bear' approach to sentencing criminals.

21 years - hardly justice for the victims families. They should introduce the life sentence, especially for sane unapologetic people like Breivik!

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Posted in: Honeymoon over, outlook worse for French president See in context

Madverts -

That said, the middle class that voted for this weak leftist are enfin waking up to the fact that they will be further footing the bill for his "tax and spend" socialist policies in the midst of a global recession.

Come September the nuts on the radical left that gave their vote (and victory) to Hollande through partisan solidarity at the ballot earlier this year, will be splitting ranks and striking, government "workers" hitting the streets simply because they can.

I couldn't agree more! Well said.

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Posted in: Britain outside the EU: Switzerland with nukes? See in context

British pride seems to always get in the way of good judgement. A harsh reality lesson is definitely needed. Britain is no longer a highly influencial Empire with strong global links with its colonies. I say this with no offense implied. It is though - a fact! Many Commonwealth nations are slowly but surely severing the past links once shared. In fact, if current trends continue I'd be surprised if there were a Commonwealth in the 22nd century. As long term strategies go, isolating themselves with Europe is not a practical one. Yes, Britain may have oil, but oil supplies will not last forever. Yes, Britain may have fish, but all the fish in British waters surely does not compare with the wide variety and quantities of European commodities imported from the mainland. It's British pride that pushes this European separation issue forward, like the Beagle 2 mars probe mission however, it's pride that will ultimately undermine them in the end.

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Posted in: Australia calls for refugee deal with Malaysia after boat tragedy See in context

Australia needs to start taking more responsibility for refugees and asylum seekers who are trying to arrive by boat. These people are travelling to attempt to settle in Australia, not Indonesia, not Malaysia or elsewhere, but Australia.

Instead of (in my view of course) fobbing off the issue to another country, we should be attempting to tighten restrictions on granting asylum through amending current legislation here at home. And we should allocate more funds to speed up the application process. This means decreasing spending and time on human detainment. By restricting grants for asylum, it will send a clear message to these people that their money spend attempting to arrive in Australia my boat, will most likely be a waste.

It is inhumane to imprison these people for long periods of time, especially to then reject their application or have them held for so long that they would prefer to return to their (at times war ridden) country (as Mr. John Howard attempted to do). Either accept them, or reject them, and do it quickly! It's a hard decison that needs to be made, but it's the only way I can see a permanent solution.

Lets put things in perspective, we're talking roundabout 6000 people each year. Figures of people trying to enter European countries from Africa are for some countries 4 to 6 times that amount of people. So is this issue of major international concern - well, No! That said, stories like this one are still very tragic.

Also, lets look at Germany, they currently only accept about 5% of all their asylum seekers, the rest get a flight back home within a few months, some even a few weeks. Now their asylum seeker numbers are so low that they are spending less money, time and resources than they were before. They made the decision to reject them, and all within International law requirements on fair treatment and fair processes towards refugees and asylum seekers. Perhaps, we have a few lessons to learn from our German friends.

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Posted in: France's new government starts with 30% pay cut See in context

The Sarkozy government had 15 ministers. Hollande has a cabinet of 34 ministers. Female to male ratio are practically the same, but the cabinet has more than doubled.

Hollande may be cutting 30% off every ministers pay including his own, but in total the collective cabinet salaries seem to be more than Sarkozy's cabinet. Yet he still vows to continue to trim Frances deficit.

You don't fool me President Hollande!

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Posted in: Hollande elected French president See in context

The French have gone back to a Socialist government that will again end up bankrupting the nation.

In the short term the French will be happy with their increased benefits - but everyone knows that is unsustainable in the long run.

The French celebrate by chanting "Sarko, it's over!" in Paris, this sums up the whole election, because it explains why Hollande was electioned, not from his policies but from anti-Sarkozyism.

Meanwhile, far right politics will grow under Marine le Pen as more will become frustrated by being ignored by the less extreme centrist political parties - 5 years time I predict she may very well end up being a serious candidate for the Presidency - Will this be good for France? I don't think so either.

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Posted in: Australia can become food superpower for Asia: PM See in context

Before we get carried away with big shiny hopes of becoming a food super power for Asia, can we please get the basics back pat and have the National Food Plan completed and put in place!

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Posted in: Japan's renewable energy options See in context

Can't wait for my electricity bills to arrive this Summer? I'm sure it will be through the roof from all the imported costs the Japanese will now need to pay for energy. I understand why renewable and alternative energies are needed and why people want to get rid of nuclear power. All for that! But I think Japan needs to take German advice on this one. Ease off Nuclear dependence slowly, not all at once. I'm sure after complaints this summer of high electricity bills the government will turn the plants back on!

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Posted in: Australian state to declare Hells Angels a criminal organization See in context

This will be interesting!

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Posted in: Why you must learn kanji See in context

I agree with the Kanji learning approach! I moved to Japan in August last year and have been struggling just to get the basic communications down pat. e.g. ordering food at a restaurant, getting a haircut, mailing parcels back home, etc.. I started taking Shodo lessons about two months ago and now I'm exposed to Kanji all the time (which I was dreading at first). My Japanese is still definitely beginner but it's improved ten fold since I've started. I'm not sure how or why, maybe it's because I'm learning Kanji in a fun creative way through Shodo, but now I feel i'm making progress and that's a good thing to feel.

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Posted in: Strauss-Kahn blames Sarkozy for downfall See in context

DSK only has himself to blame.

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Posted in: French voters head to polls See in context

I feel sorry for the french voters in Japan today, who have to brave the weather (and some travel far) to get to a voting booth. I think these elections will be taken by the French with a pill, (an E pill - E for Election), they'll get all excited for the big day and then WHAM!, the pills wear off for another five years.

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Posted in: Australian police rescue PM, opposition leader from race protests See in context

@ Pizzaface - Australia day is for every Australian. From every background, Indigenous to European (not just people from the UK), Asian, etc. Our government has now said "Sorry" for treating the Indigenous poorly in the past. Yet still a minority of people protest every year, a lot of people are not indigenous who do this. They being a disadvantaged minority is an issue, which many organisations are trying to resolve. But becoming violent, using verbal and physical aggression isn't going to solve anything. Non-Indigenous people are learning to respect and appreciate the diversity Indigenous population brings to our communities. It's time I think that these particular people to learn to forgive. Working together and celebrating together for the love of the land is what Australia day is about. Nothing self-righteous in that.

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Posted in: Staple diet: Christmas turkey nightmare resolved at last See in context

We're eating Turkey tonight actually! Thanks for the info, very interesting. But I like to have the stuffing unstapled. Purely because when stuffing starts to come out you know that it's cooked properly. There is nothing worse than a cooked turkey with uncooked stuffing. and I agree with MaboDofulsSpicy -The best stuffing is the one that comes out.

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Posted in: HIV trial is 'breakthough' of 2011 See in context

This article fails to answer a very important question. How does this drug prevent transmission of HIV instead of a condom? details please, I'm curious.

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Posted in: Australian tourism industry 'in crisis' See in context

Wow! Spidapig24, I think your being a bit harsh on Japan! After all if you take away Australian beaches, Sydney harbour and the kangaroo you could say the same about Australia.

Also, your comment 'Not even mentioning the fact that if you dont speak Japanese good luck.', The Australian Tourism Commision (ATC) has not caught on yet that if it really wants to improve Tourism then Australian will need to start learning Chinese and other Asian languages. Not just speaking English! Asia is close, it's logical!

Japan has a train network, this is something Australia lacks. I've travelled from Syd to Mel by train it takes 12 hours, at least Japan has a workable network! And please don't confuse laid back with lazy! When is the ATC going to admit that they really don't know what they're doing? can we please admit to ourselves that kangaroos, beaches and tacky Aussie slang words do not work as tourism campaigns anymore. I agree with grammefriday, Australia is overpriced and overrated (and I'm Australian), but my opinion doesnt matter, what matters are the opinions of overseas visitors. The fact is that went people get to Australia a lot of them leave disappointed! This is due to expensive goods and services compared with other countries, our cities only have limited uniquely Australian touristic attractions, and a large majority of people aren't that interested in the outback and nature treks (which is what Australia has in abundance).

I'll add that more Australian than any other persons in the world travel overseas instead of their own country. If Australian won't even travel Australia then what hope do we have of foreigners coming to travel. Also, In the last 10 years the ATC have wasted a lot of money trying to get people to visit. Examples, the movie 'Australia' - $40-$50 Aus. millions on a blockbuster flop that no one went to see, Oprah Winfrey visit $5 US million ( did any Americans visit - NO!) . We can give the ATC more money for campaigns which is what they're after really, but the bottom line is if you don't invest in urban attractions, invest in improving cultural events, invest in building new sights that will wow people and start changing this "laid back" culture, then it's really good tax payer money wasted.

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Posted in: Japan beats France on three-star restaurants, Michelin says See in context

The best food establishments and experiences for me are the ones that have great food and a reasonably price tag! The ones that you can walk down the street near your house and make friends with the owners, or go exploring in a city and find one that looks pleasant inside. A good meal is only as good as the people you are sharing it with (and perhaps the wine you're drinking). So who cares which country has the more Michelin stars! Why spend ridiculous amounts of money on food that most people won't truely appreciate? I would much refer spend my money on local small business restaurants and go more frequently then to go to one Michelin restaurant which I'll have to save up to go.

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Posted in: U.S. debts forcing big military cuts, but where? See in context

According to http://www.usdebtclock.org/ . The US Total debt is currently standing at approx. $54 577 280 700 000. Thats more debt than the entire eurozone debt put together. I don't think it will be as simply as cutting back on drones or removing US bases in europe! Don't know what the US will do but they better think of a proper solution quickly or this crisis will be around for a very long time. And with growing protests occuring around the world, to me it is a big concern!

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Posted in: Australian parliament approves carbon tax See in context

This is big news! I only hope that the money generated from this carbon tax is actually used for it's purpose of creating greener jobs and investing in greener technology. Gillard hasn't really clearly commented on what this money will be used for and that concerns me. I don't believe for a second though that the only reason she is so unpopular in the polls is because of the carbon tax. I think more Australians support this bill then what the polls suggest. It was the way she advertised it, lied about it and the way she came into power that I think Australians didn't like. Lets just hope it doesn't impact too greatly on our electricity bills! When similiar legislation passed in Europe electricty companies axed up their prices to ridiculous amounts and then blamed the new tax as the reason, yet they still made a lot of profit.

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Posted in: Sarah Palin says U.S. due for a woman president See in context

It seems every country in the world has historically had more male than female leaders. Australia ( where I'm from ), we have just had our first female Prime Minister be elected, and only now a movement is starting to have women in top political roles. I know in France for example they have a law which states that their parliament should be an equal balance of genders, therefore (in theory) should mean France has 50% chance of having a female leader. The problem is though that their isn't enough women wanting roles in French Parliament. So this law has never been fulfilled! And no french female president has ever existed. Just curious, what does the US do to encourage woman to become a President?

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Posted in: No surprise Japan's whaling fleet planning return to Antarctica See in context

'But Tokyo will determine when and how they will retreat, not Canberra, Auckland or Washington.'

I'd like to point out firstly that Auckland (as this quote unclearly suggests) is not the Capital of New Zealand, it's Wellington.

I'm really disappointed to hear this news, especially as I know that whale watching companies in both New Zealand and the east coast of Australia are struggling big time already due to low whale sightings. It appears Japan doesn't care about these businesses or this regions wildlife. Very disappointing!

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Posted in: Canberra denies media probe a Murdoch witch-hunt See in context

Murdoch controls about two-thirds of Australia’s regional and metropolitan newspapers, has a stake in broadcasters Sky News and Fox Sports, and is angling to run the Australia Network, the international public TV channel.

Why is he allowed to own such a high portion of the media anyway? Whether you like it or not, Rupert Murdoch is a fantastic businessman! He took every opportunity he could to further expand his media empire. Were some of his actions ethical? like any good businessman, maybe not. I do agree that we should strengthen the powers of the media watchdogs, but I would like to see less reactive policies from Canberra and more forward preventitive thinking.

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Posted in: 'X' now a gender option in Australian passports See in context

Creating choices can never be a bad thing! However, if these people choose 'X', I believe it may give them more problems at international airports. No harm in giving it a try though. If it works, then it works. If it doesn't, then they can always choose to be a man or a woman.

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