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Posted in: Gaijin -- just a word or racial epithet with sinister implications? See in context

I just arrived in Japan to live for three years, been here three weeks and have not heard the "Gaijin" word at all yet!!! Personally, I don't care if this word is a Pejorative. Every country in the world has their own pejoratives towards a foreigner. I know who I am and where I come from, why let a word offend me? I'd much rather enjoy the country and make long lasting friends while I'm here.

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Posted in: U.S. security intensifying as 9/11 anniversary nears See in context


I agree with you! US security measures are effective. And the country is still living in fear! Once again, this says a lot about the effectiveness of their foreign policies. A less aggressive stance may be a better long term solution. Instead of shotting the bad guys in Afghanistan or elsewhere(which is feeding more hatred towards America and their allies). Just an opinion.

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Posted in: Australian PM defends job amid reports of gov't rift See in context

The worst decide the Australian Labour Party made was listen to polls and axe Kevin Rudd as leader. Although I currently dislike Julia Gillards policies and the way she snaked her way to the top job, if the ALP axe her as well I fear it will ultimately destroy any chance of gaining public support back for the next election. People don't just vote for a political party (although apparently we officially do), they vote for a strong leader to lead that party. The ALP has made the choice of Julia Gillard so I believe they must now keep her and make she show Australia her value. She shouldn't think to win the next election, but she may beable to stop a landslide defeat.

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Posted in: U.S. security intensifying as 9/11 anniversary nears See in context

10 years on and the US are still living in fear of attacks. This says a lot about the effectiveness of their foreign policies!

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Posted in: Melbourne named world's most liveable city; Tokyo 18th See in context

I visited The Economist website (the survey organiser) as I was curious to see the results in more detail of the top 10 cities. $265 US dollars is the charge for each city report. A joke! Clearly, this organisation is all about making profits and it wouldn't surprise me if Australia Tourism paid for these results. After all, they spend over $3.5 million Australian dollars to get Oprah Winfrey to Australia. As well as paying god knows how much to Hollywood for Baz Luhrmann to create his (not such a masterpiece) movie called 'Australia' back in 2008. What better way to advertise Australia then by promoting our cities as liveable.

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