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Posted in: TV looks more like U.S. and viewers like it, diversity study says See in context

I'm all for diversity but don't overdo it and be part of the "woke" brigade

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Posted in: Company to implement salad-making robots See in context


Fast food industry next? Oh my god the thought of a robot in clown face paint taking my order, that’s going to need a whole lot of therapy to get over a happy meal."

Crikey indeed!

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Posted in: LDP to lose seats, but keep comfortable majority with Komeito: poll See in context

When was any news by J outlets not look like advertising for LDP? Even food more delicious because of global warming according to Taro Aso might be spun into good news.

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Posted in: Company to implement salad-making robots See in context

The food industry is slowly doing away with the human touch, it's the fast food industry next to use these robots.

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Posted in: Kyoto police using targeted YouTube ads to warn would-be voyeurs See in context

“Voyeurism is a crime. Someone is watching! Punishment will be strict.”

Oh the irony.

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Posted in: Tokyo, other areas lift restrictions on eateries amid virus resurgence worries See in context

Other prefectures please.

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Posted in: Masters champion Matsuyama wins Zozo Championshipby 5 strokes See in context

Well done Matsuyama-kun!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 19 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 236 See in context

I truly hope the numbers will not increase when we go vote or after that, numbers after the election will be crucial.

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Posted in: Saudi Arabia pledges 2060 target of net-zero emissions See in context

I can't help but notice that the target keeps becoming further and further away, it was 2030 10 years ago and then 2040 5 years ago, and now 2060.

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Posted in: Cartoon dreams: Netflix's Japan anime school targets booming demand See in context

A return to tradition, that's nice to see! And hope they get paid well to do it too!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 26 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 325 See in context

Well done Japan, keep it up. Numbers would be interesting after the elections, let's wait and see.

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Posted in: Power outage at Universal Studios Japan strands 35 roller coaster riders See in context

The riders went through a rollercoaster of emotions that's for sure!

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Posted in: Tokyo, Osaka to lift nightlife curbs from Monday as virus cases plunge See in context

Do it for the other prefectures as well please

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Posted in: American Airlines posts $169 million profit on taxpayer help See in context

In other words, bailing out.

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Posted in: Chapelle special spurs Netflix walkout; 'Trans lives matter' See in context

Don't like it, don't watch, especially if you're easily offended. Chapelle has been doing this for years and only now he gets called out by the snowflakes.

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Posted in: 2 ex-workers at facility for disabled arrested for abusing teenage resident See in context

To be honest, working in a care facility does take a toll on you but that doesn't justify actions like these. They deserve a harsh sentence.

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Posted in: Man arrested for forcing his pet cat to swim See in context

What a purrr-fect disaster.

All jokes aside, I wonder if it was the poor feline who called the animal welfare association itself.

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Posted in: Mount Aso volcano erupts See in context

Government might ask us to put on masks again!

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Posted in: Tokyo area set to end COVID-19 restrictions on eateries See in context

What about the other prefectures?

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Posted in: Irish gymnast slams 'slippery' pommel horse after virus case at worlds See in context

Seems like the only person affected was him, nothing to see here move on.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 29 coronavirus cases See in context

I know this would notget alot of likes, but can we have full capacity for all sports events again? At least allow entry for the fully vaccinated, I would love to see full sports events ongoing again.

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Posted in: Man steals police car after being left alone in back seat See in context

Was he playing grand theft auto?

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Posted in: LDP most popular; nearly 40% of voters undecided ahead of election See in context

Some things just never change in good ol' Japan huh

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Posted in: Nowhere to go See in context

Hope he and many who were affected got home safe afters

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Posted in: Shinjuku’s giant 3-D cat now regularly greets and speaks to crowds every 15 minutes See in context

That's purr-rific

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Posted in: 20 emus escape from farm in southwestern Japan See in context

I guess that calls for an emu-gency......

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Posted in: Former head of egg producer convicted for bribing ex-farm minister See in context

As usual the minister pleads not guilty and that will be the last we hear from him.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 144 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 982 See in context

just remember we've been warned of a 6th wave coming, so let's not get complacent and keep ourselves safe. We'll get there, slowly but surely.

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Posted in: Honda becomes 1st Japanese automaker to sell cars online domestically See in context

In 2021. While other more technologically advanced countries have already been doing it for years ...

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Posted in: UK eases travel rules but upsets nations not on list See in context

Feels like a debacle at this time

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