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jackseoul comments

Posted in: S Korean, Japanese activists send leaflets by balloon toward N Korea See in context

Leaflets have been sent since the 50s. Not doing anything shows complacency. That is not an option.

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Posted in: Australia gets its 1st female prime minister as Rudd ousted See in context

Wow! This happened exactly the same in Canada years ago. The PM stepped down and all of a sudden we had a female PM. There has not been an elected female PM since.

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Posted in: S Korean, Japanese activists send leaflets by balloon toward N Korea See in context

Sending leaflets in balloons giving encouragement to the NKoreans to revolt is the only thing to do. I applaud the SKorean and Japanese activists. This has been done many times in the past and the activists need to keep doing it. Remember that this is not a governmental scheme so KJI need not blame them... though he certainly will.

The only way to get shorty is from inside as I have said many times before. He can't exactly send a missile on top of himself. Imagine a NK underground movement.

For those who say Japan shouldn't get involved have no idea about history. Japan committed more atrocities in the northern part of Korea (North Korea) during Japan's annexation of Korea. There is no doubt NK still has Japan on its target.

@ YuriOtani,

Not all SKoreans hate the Japanese. There are many connections with Japan, both familial and cultural. I know many Japanese that feel totally comfortable and have great experiences there. They were probably out to "get" just you. LOL

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Posted in: Afghan leader Karzai threatens to join Taliban See in context

Karzai's comments already has him half way over the wall to the Taliban side. Why do we allow him to have his position when he thinks he can't make a difference.

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Posted in: New film has Japan vets confessing to Nanjing rape, massacre See in context

The vets want to die in peace. So many soldiers that were part of past atrocities, either directly or indirectly, eventual fess-up to what they've done or what they've seen. Most of their fellow soldiers are dead and they don't have to worry about their scrutiny; and they realized too long ago that their emperor was no god. Even the Japanese soldiers know the truth can't be hidden... although some here still deny history and blame the victims.

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Posted in: America's Nagasu surprise leader after women's short program; Asada 2nd See in context

Good for Mirai. After the bloody nose during the Olympics she deserves a chance at the lead.

The Olympics is over and it's back to individual efforts. It has nothing to do with the country making excuses.

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Posted in: Iran's Ahmadinejad calls official version of Sept 11 attacks a 'big lie' See in context

Ahmadinejad isn't about radical islam. He's just a stupid joke for the Iranian people. I'm sure everyone understands why there is a huge dissatisfaction with this poster boy for idiocy. Iranians are themselves embarrassed just like the Venezuelans are embarrassed of Hugo Chavez. They divide the world by inflaming others instead of using diplomacy. There are some things that just shouldn't be said out loud, ie. that almost 3000 dead people of 9/11 are a lie... that the holocaust never happened... that Iran isn't enriching uranium for the purpose of mass destruction. If Ahmadinejad learned to read instead of looking at the Sunday funnies, he would know what a fool he's been...

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Posted in: Putin upset with Russia's Olympic performance See in context

The Russians have been trashing Vancouver with how horrible the Olympic venues are in their Olympic website. They have posted an article from a British writer who wrote prior to the games that the Vancouver olympics may be the worst winter games. Not so say most of the athletes! Putin is a bitter and feeble "prince" wearing nothing but a tin crown. Anyway, the Russian athletes gave it their all like any other athlete from any other nation. They just fell short... more money Putin!!

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Posted in: Son of Hamas founder claims he was spy for Israel See in context

@ sabiwabi,

What?! Hamas created by Israel? Then Israel was created by Palestinians as a punching bag! Good ficton!!!

Hassan Yousef is being tortured? Is that a fact? I remember Palestinian lynch mobs torturing and killing captured Israeli soldiers on their city streets, all caught on film. That I have seen with my two eyes. Your accusation that Hassan Yousef is being tortured is just conjecture.

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Posted in: Apple tablet could stir up video game business See in context

If you know anything about Macs, you'll have heard of the Modbook by Axiotron. It's an after market modification of a Core 2 Duo MacBook; it uses a pen/stylus (Wacom). There are many articles about it. I thought of getting it myself but costs almost USD$3000 for the mod... plus the cost of your MacBook.

This mod was a huge draw at MacExpo and is an extremely positive indicator as to whether a new Mac tablet will be a success. Apple, WHEN they deliver the product to market, will have probably bought out Axiotron and its technology and Axiotron will no longer exist. At least that's my opinion from past experience.

It's true when Apple released Snow Leopard (not a major upgrade), they left out something that would make an awesome Mac even more incredible – touch screen technology. Windows 7 (major upgrade) has it, though most of you can't use it without upgrading your screens. I'm thinking Apples next major upgrade will include this. Apple's version of the tablet will undoubtedly have touchscreen technology instead of it being pen-based. It would certainly be easier to type and navigate.

Therefore, I believe it's the software side that Apple is trying to tweak to work across the board, not so much hardware (since touch hardware already exists in the form of the iPhone, iPod, etc.). This new GUI will allow iPhone & iPod users to hop on the Mac train due to familiarity. Apple's not a dumb company; in fact marketing geniuses.

There are many speculations from the name to when it will be released, but I'm sure it will be released in 2010...

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Posted in: Cruise ships under fire for stopping in Haiti See in context

Feed the people first, by way of work! The people of Haiti are proud and amazing that they'll work to support their own. That means they'd rather work than be eating handouts!

There are too many countries already getting handouts that don't appreciate where it's coming from, let alone care about how much people have to sacrifice to feed the needy of their own communities as well as poorer nations.

Haiti already is the poorest nation in the west, with little tourism (unlike their neighbour, Dominican Rep.). A strong tourist industry will save them. Imagine New York or Toronto having tourism cut off when there is a disaster and people are fearful of going.

Now, who are these insensitive people trying to keep Haitians from making an honest buck?!!

We can support Haiti in many, many ways! Donations are one... tourism is another.

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Posted in: Asia the prize, not JAL, in Delta-American fight See in context

They'll keep the JAL moniker for sure. It's too hard to compete when you're the new guy... or when they don't recognize your name. Why go through another Datsun-Nissan confusion? Anyway, it's an international brand (not that Datsun wasn't) that is too well known and it's not really a crappy brand, just a crappy company.

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Posted in: Asia the prize, not JAL, in Delta-American fight See in context

The hope for any airline merger like this is for the major asset, routes (not for planes or manpower).... no one can steal that route from another airline. It's like the airport taxis having a monopoly in big countries; a regular taxi cannot pick up customers at an airport without a special airport license plate.

JAL has been in the game for long enough to own some of the best (and most direct) routes. The new owner(s) will just have to manage money a bit better. JAL bird may be letting go of some droppings, but it's potential fertilizer for growth by other airlines.

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Posted in: Which side do you think looks more in the wrong following Wednesday's clash between Sea Shepherd and Japanese whalers? See in context


I may have jumped the gun since the incident was from a couple of years ago. I apologize, the anti-whalers were not rammed, but boarded the whaling ship intending to deliver a letter stating that the whalers were breaking international laws.

The two messengers were dragged aboard as soon as they stepped foot on the whaler. The crew tried to first throw them overboard... they were assaulted, tied and detained them for 2 days without responding to radio contacts.

The two detainees were called "hostages" as the Japanese gov't had to instruct the release, but the captained refused until his ship was guaranteed safety. The Japanese deny any mistreatment.

Here is a link: http://www.smh.com.au/news/whale-watch/japan-ship-refuses-to-release-activists/2008/01/16/1200419835177.html

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Posted in: Which side do you think looks more in the wrong following Wednesday's clash between Sea Shepherd and Japanese whalers? See in context

There are proper international laws pertaining to whaling. Unfortunately, the Japanese gov't allows whaling for "scientific" purposes, which means higher quotas than for commercial whaling. Why do the Japanese need more "scientific research" on these animal? This is all smoke & mirrors. No other country is killing that many whales. Are the Japanese studying how to make islands floats like whales to make more island airports? Or maybe a new type of sea vessel the size of the Yamoto. I think we all know that they are being slaughtered for food.

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Posted in: Which side do you think looks more in the wrong following Wednesday's clash between Sea Shepherd and Japanese whalers? See in context

The last time a major clash happened between anti-whalers and Japanese whalers, the anti-whalers' ship was rammed, the crew picked up out of the water by the Japanese whalers and beaten on board the whaling ship.

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Posted in: Police release video image of Tiffany robber See in context

I suppose this guy could be Korean, but most old Korean and Japanese men sound very similar when they are speaking English as many others could attest.

@Altria, Nice that you don't know the difference. It's even nicer you "stole" your Hermes suit. Humour us less.

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Posted in: Gloom and fury as Pakistan attack toll nears 100 See in context

These vipers called Taliban are the devil's own henchmen; they make a living out of war and drugs and killing. Power is all that they crave. Al-Qaida is in direct support of the Taliban, which makes them the same vile creatures. Look at yourselves and be proud that you wear other peoples' blood as you will surely be welcomed in hell. There is no place for these idiots anywhere on earth. These clowns have nothing to do with religion.

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Posted in: 62 knives stolen from supermarkets in Kobe See in context

Look for the guy with the shredded underwear.

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Posted in: Muslim countries seek blasphemy ban See in context

Let's get it over with and pass a blasphemy ban... the Taliban should be the first ones to be prosecuted for destroying ancient Buddhist sculptures carved into mountain cliffs. Then we'll repeal the ban and once again enjoy our freedom of speech no matter how stupidly outrageous.

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Posted in: Microsoft's naming math: Vista plus 1 is 7 See in context

Have MS thought about keeping it going with the alphabet? Windows F (Failure) for Vista and Windows GW (GeeWhiz)... How about LOL, OMG or WTF? Numbers have to be sequential to make any sense and names are just too literal (ie. Vista. Thank goodness they didn't call it Windows Sill or Pane (huh?) or something stupid like that!).

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Posted in: Abbas faces uproar over deferred war crimes vote See in context

Unfortunately, Abbas is human and even a better statesman. Sometimes as a politician you have to make unpopular decisions. He has been the most level-headed leader to come from Palestine since before Grand Nazi Haj Amin al-Husseini!

Hamas terrorists raise their hands in the air as if they never lobbed a thousand rockets into Israel to start this mess. Their intent was to start a war they couldn't win and sell the pictures to the world what the bad Israelis did to them. Shame on Hamas and their new Palestinian Nazi movement! Cheap representation of humans I would say.

Israelis killed many civilians, including children, yes, but Hamas fired rockets from school rooftops! I know some of you are still blind to that fact. It's a pity you only remember certain things. Half truths are a full out lie!

Hamas just solidified the fact that ONE Israeli soldier is worth 20 Palestinians! How demeaning to the Palestinians. OK, most may rejoice, but is this how worthless their lives are? Abbas didn't get any prisoners released, but he's a politician. Why should he play like terrorists do? That's no sign of weakness anywhere in the world except in the Palestinian territories.

Too bad terrorists aren't viewed as soldiers, because their suicide bombing would be considered war crimes, but they are not soldiers are they? If Hamas "soldiers" strapped on bombs and got caught trying to kill civilians, then they too would be held accountable for greater war crimes, no?

I'm not saying they're are no war crimes, but let Abbas do his job to start off the peace process.

Oh, and here we go again! Syria and their terror cells are rearing their ugly heads again.

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Posted in: American arrested in Fukuoka for kidnapping own kids from ex-wife See in context

The Japanese ex-wife is a criminal. The divorce happened in the USA along with custody hearings for the children. The ex-wife knew if she fled to Japan, her government would side with her. There is open information for Japanese women to "abduct" their children to bring back to Japan, therefore, the Japanese government is more than 50% at fault for allowing this to continue.

Even if Christopher Savoie is an idiot for trying to "re-abduct" his own children from his ex-wife, this growing problem has to be addressed so that both the fathers and mothers have fair access to their children.

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Posted in: Iran says it is prepared to crush any military threat See in context

Gen Hossein Salami, head of the Revolutionary Guard Air Force, said Iran had perfected its short range missiles to make them more accurate in tactical battlefield situations and defend the country from any attacks.

I had no idea short range tests were required to make them more accurate. If you want to shoot yourself in the foot maybe, so to speak. I'm sure they're already capable of lobbing missiles on their own army.

Where there was once a revolution, a new revolution could exist... does exist. With a new revolution and these crooked clerics in prison, the mid-east will be more stable.

All I know is Salami isn't a Halal meat.

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Posted in: Iran President Ahmadinejad proud of Holocaust denial See in context

If there are any PROUD muslims knowing the fact that muslim nazis existed to participate in the genocide of any people, they should in fact agree with every lie that Ahmadinejad has stated. I've already seen his disciples here.

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Posted in: Iran President Ahmadinejad proud of Holocaust denial See in context

As a leader he lacks sparkle and brains. As a citizen of the world he is glad that he could stoke the fire beneath the decency of all those who would not forget such a tragedy. He is a disgrace to be leader of any country, a poster boy for beelzebub's stooopid club!

Anyway, do you think the Nazis would have treated muslims any better? I guess so, since the Palestinian Amin Al-Husseini had his own muslim nazi troops and welcomed the nazis with open arms... siding with the devil because the hatred is so great. This extremist militant view is a direct precursor to the terrorists of today, including Hamas. Muslims of today need to face the fact and move far away from these rabid views that Christians and Jews are out to get them. Don't forget Hitler wasn't even a Christian... Catholics were persecuted in Nazi Germany as well. So why weren't muslims as eagerly killed off? The reason is that the radical muslims served a purpose for the nazis – lackeys of the nazi war machine.

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Posted in: Dozens of Taliban killed after U.S. deaths See in context

As I stated elsewhere, a couple of allied troops equal a couple of dozen Taliban. This is Taliban arithmetic. The Taliban will recruit more children to fight its war and the outcome will still be the same. However, according to the terrorists all Taliban combatants have gone to heaven... to clean up the latrines. They'll then be sent off, after their duties, to the southern parts of Al-Janna to do more "janna"torial work.

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Posted in: Veggie-inspired KitKats See in context

Is this an experiment in new flavouring methods or is it for health purposes? You have to cover the veggies with chocolate before people will eat it? Thanks for nothing!


They can make seafood flavoured ice cream, but I don't have to eat it. Last thing I need is some crunchy tobiko caught between my teeth! Oh, and picking out eel bones make me cringe!!!

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Posted in: 5 U.S. troops among 50 killed in Afghan violence See in context

The US isn't going to leave with a another scar on herself. The problem is if the other allies leave first. The Canadians have been in it in the danger zones and the others gave little support... at least until the US sent more troops. The Canadians have taken the brunt of it for a long while.

True, the Afghanis need to figure out which side they're on, their army and police for example. Money is a big factor; the Allies promise but can't quite deliver. The Afghanis want a more stable country, but the Taliban are cowards and blend in with the rest of the population and promise money and help... more as a bribe than help – they know weak people will turn coats. Unfortunately, the Taliban do not wear uniforms like the cowards they are. They plant roadside bombs to kill a couple of allied troops and kill a whack of their own innocent civilians.

That proves to me a few things... they'd rather (love) kill innocent people; two allied troops are equal to 20 of their own lives (they need to brainwash more of their children to kill & die); they want control of a nation that produces opium so as to gain wealth for their cause. Does their Allah condone such actions? If most muslims don't condone alcohol, do they condone drug production & trafficking? Yet the muslim powers were supporting the Taliban at one time.

The terrorists can't see that they're doing harm to their own religion... KILLING, KILLING, KILLING, their own people and others. If the war ever ends, they'll be a bloodthirsty lot, walking around with the rest of the civilians causing trouble. They'll be tossing acid onto faces of precious young girls who want an education and executing "sinners" because they know God will forgive and they see Him as being weak, unlike themselves. The Taliban are the judge, jury & executioners because they know God's will! How grave that they know what God is thinking that they themselves are elevated to God's level. A cruel and treacherous joke on themselves! Enjoy your free trip to hell...

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Posted in: Noriko Sakai's yakuza upbringing in spotlight See in context

Does it really matter who the father bought drugs off of? Wait, wasn't he dealing drugs as a yakuza boss? Or was he just a low-life user?

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