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Posted in: Faced with the force of love, 'Star Wars' women shed power and clothes, research finds See in context

It's so funny to me how people jump to conclusions about a study based on some summary on random websites. John Oliver has a great discussion about this very thing. I decided to read through it (admittedly a lengthy read for someone like me who isn't used to reading studies) and most of these comments here are so far off base. Now I don't know about the public funding thing...seems like the study's lead author was by a student, at least that's what is on the first page and I doubt students get the same kind of fund, if any, as teachers or whatever do. Maybe an assignment that a journal picked up? I don't know. For the person who said they should have watched the movies, maybe you should read the study? They did exactly that. What I do know is that us guys have always talked about how "hot" certain costumes were in the movies. Yeah slave Leia is pretty damn sexy. But now we're gonna get upset because a woman pointed out that the actresses are being portrayed in the exact way we know we view them? Come on guys, grow a pair and admit you didn't like your behavior being called out. Maybe it's not comfortable, but if I can grow up, so can you.

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