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actually japan always failed in diplomatic activities measurement since world war 2, if u will feed milk to black cobra they will never become your friends but must be bite u when one day u will not feed milk cobra, so japan needs to first correct diplomatic relationship with other countries who is japans enemy, second need to start take first step by solving trade problems with enemy countries and as possible less involvement in business. its better to focus on friend countries than enemy not matter if u earning more from enemy cause one day ur enemy must bite u if they hurt by u. in current situation china is more aggressive and usa is country that always think about own interest, lots of peoples think that usa is friendly country of japan its totally false cause its not possible ur enemy can be ur friend, if they showing some friendly emotions that means they saw profit on u whenever profit finish will bite u, so there is two things usa is not so good economically now as they are shocked with economic slowdown and busy solving that prob its very hard at that when war happens between china and japan us will be involved against china, history always teach u which is ur friend and which is ur enemy but japan failed to understand that, thats the prob, for example if u are going to kill a tiger u must prepare well and sure there is no another tiger to attack so u can kill the tiger and back home safe, but for japan they invaded china in world war 2 and when chiense try to make friendship with them with vision of revenge they didnot understand the china's trap, now when they understand they are facing a elephant in front of them that want to kill them. time is going and its time to understand the situation and take action as time need. finally there is one hope for japan and they can do best if they will wake from now and make good policies keeping future in mind. i love japan but also sad cause of current situation of japan as they didnot learn anything from history.

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there is nothing to think about why chinese people are reacting about islands cause its already well planed by chinese communist party, if u see the record history of protest in china in the regime of currently ruling communist party its very cruel and thinkable, cause for the matter of china whenever chiense people protest the govt. they take action them against strictly even they have no prob to killed thair own citizen but now when japan bought that islands they are protesting like a democratic country people why??? and why the govt is shut up its a big thing to understand and second i read some chinese newspaper and find out that they are already preparing for war with day-night practice of aircarfts various places on chinese airbase, also i saw the peoples daily of Chinese govt newspaper saying that japan is playing with fire that means they are trying to say china can now can control bunch of countries military alone, they think Japanese is far advanced in technology but now declining in economy so they can take advantage of that so now they first trying to make make fearful or angry to Japanese govt and they when it will not work its sure thing they will attack on japan as Chinese nature , in other hand they also saying that if war will happens japan will more affect cause china is japans biggest importer . there is lots of things to think but its sure thing now china is become much more aggressive and trying to push Chinese presence everywhere starting clash with japan and next target is India, so now its time for Asia pacific to wake up and start counter and cool the big monster by Chinese game, the Chinese is game is very clear as they saying also and showing that if clash will happen with japan then japan will loose not china economically, its reality but not 100% true cause after japan war lots of countries will withdraw business with china at first india will do that cause same prob china have with india. currently now Russia is also supporting china so its really tough that usa will interfere in that. well at last i can say one thing defiantly that there is one thing sure chinese communist party is now much cleaver to showing the attitude of lizard. so its time for japan to think about the prob created by chiense govt and try to play the game with chiense govt as they are playing inside preparing for war. i think we need to follow the peace path instead of war cause its destroy not only the empire, country person but also the generation but if someone do excess then try to teach them lesson so they will not bark again.

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