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I would like to be the first person on here to say that a double-wide hammock (not netted or with a bar), a decent underquilt, and a medium kakebuton is superior to anything else. If you have bugs, get a hammock bug net.

Get a portable hammock stand for the hammock. You can't fall out of the hammock unless you try to fall out, and even then it takes a bunch of effort. You won't feel the need to roll anyway... Rolling is because you're uncomfortable. Hammocks conform to your body when you lay in them right.

Beds cost $1000s of dollars (USD) and are hard to move. Lol if you want to wash the bed. The stuff I listed costs under $200, and can be washed in the same load of laundry (excluding the hammock stand lol). The most expensive items are probably the hammock stand and the underquilt. Hammocks are like $20-40 a piece. I prefer cheap parachute material hammocks.

You might need a few thumbtacks if you get a bugnet, as it needs to be held up by string.

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