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Jacob Porter comments

Posted in: China legal rights activist missing after being stopped at airport See in context

It's sort of a joke to talk about rights or expressions in China. It is completely prohibited in China to go against the Communist Party or question the CCP in any way. This is why, as he used to advocate for those who opposed the CCP in China, Guo Feixiong was made to disappear. A few days ago, the disappearance of 'Jack Ma' and now the disappearance of Guo Feixiong demonstrate how bad freedom of speech is in China. At the same time, it is also obvious what can happen to someone while speaking against the CCP in China, whether it is a celebrity or a common man.

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Posted in: Japan proposes tentative 1-year deal on cost-sharing for U.S. troops See in context

Japan should rethink its defense policy amid growing insecurity in the region. China's increased aggression over the Senkaku issue poses a serious threat to the region's peace. In such a situation, Japan should focus on strengthening its security rather than getting into any kind of differences with its allies. Therefore, Japan should strengthen its security relations with the US, and also intensify efforts to strengthen its military, so that China's threat can be replied to strongly when the time comes.

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Posted in: Hong Kong government critic Jimmy Lai returns to court See in context

China is imposing its central laws on Hong Kong to end the democratic system in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has a free system and complete freedom of expression, due to which people there can criticize and oppose the Communist Party of China. But the same thing is not tolerated by the Communist Party of China and it wants to end the independence of Hong Kong so that no one can oppose the CCP. China wants Hong Kong to be completely occupied so that Hong Kong's economy can be taken over. At the same time, the benefits that Hong Kong gets from the world due to its democratic system, China could use it incorrectly.

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Posted in: U.S. security aide says Japan-involved Quad group key in Indo-Pacific See in context

As China's aggression in Asia Pacific and South Asia increased, QUAD is now expected to be reinforced. With its military strength and rising tensions with its neighbors, China is demonstrating hostility across the country. China is also growing friction with Japan on the issue of Senkaku, along with India in the Ladakh region. China wishes to take Taiwan, on the other hand. Today, China's actions are disrupting regional peace. QUAD must also be fortified to fight these Chinese antiquities. The US should help QUAD like NATO in order to respond strongly to any potential misadventures in China.

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Posted in: Japan, Britain to hold talks next week to boost security ties See in context

Japan will have to be serious about its defense now, considering China's growing aggression. Increasing security relations with Britain, therefore, are becoming very important to Japan. China remains a threat to the interests of Japan over the issue of Senkaku Island. At the same time, China has considerably increased its military ability, too. Japan should work with military strength to defend its interests in the Senkaku region in such a situation, so that China can be given a strong response when the time comes. To this end, Japan should enter into security agreements with major countries such as Britain and America, and should seek to improve the defense of Japan.

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Posted in: UK offers Hong Kong residents route to citizenship, angering China See in context

The decision by Britain to offer citizenship to people in Hong Kong is a commendable move. To condemn the excesses being perpetrated by China in Hong Kong, the whole world should take such actions. In Hong Kong, China wants to enforce central laws and take them under its control and put an end to the democratic system of Hong Kong and impose CCP rule there. If China does this successfully, it would be a disappointing message to the democratic system worldwide. Therefore, by putting pressure on China, democratic countries around the world should defend Hong Kong's democracy.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. defense chiefs affirm Senkakus fall under security pact See in context

In order to secure the island, putting the Senkaku Islands under a protection agreement is an essential move. China is trying to grab Senkaku continuously. China is raising tensions across the region as part of its expansionary agenda. In such a scenario, it becomes important that the antics of China be monitored by the big countries of the world. The peace and stability of the entire region is threatened by China today. Everyone is watching China's aggression in South China Sea. In such a scenario, America's growing measures in this area will prove to be very important for the region's stability. At the same time, together, the United States and Japan will be able to monitor the shenanigans of China.

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Posted in: Biden tells Suga U.S. committed to defending Japan See in context

Considering China's aggressive policy on Senkaku Island, this US assurance is very important to Japan's security. Japan today faces a common threat from China and 'North Korea' and both of these countries are full of nuclear power. In such a situation, Japan will have to be very serious about its security and will have to move forward with America in terms of security. China is increasing its tension with Japan over the Senkaku Islands. China wants to annex Senkaku Island on the strength of its military capability. That is why it is very important to rein in China. It is hoped that Japan will be able to rein in China through cooperation with America.

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Posted in: Mali says joint military operation with France kills 100 jihadists See in context

Such strictness must be shown to the jihadis for peace in the region. The air strike from France and Mali is enough to break the spirits of these jihadis. As these extremists persecute the common people there, military action is the only way to control them. France must take such action to control extremism in its territory.

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Posted in: China pushes fringe theories on pandemic origins, virus See in context

Since the onset of this disease, China has manipulated and never revealed accurate data on the infection of the virus. They never said how continuous the virus is to anyone? How many individuals have this disease already? What source is there? In this way, how did they suddenly manage instability? There are several problems which are unresolved. They didn't provide the WHO with adequate data and still deceived them. Blames have often moved from one country to another. First, they blamed the US, then moved to India, then to New Zealand, blaming others for their evil deeds is the old habit of China. Even now, the world and the World Health Organization continue to be deceived by reshaping the name of Wuhan City and celebrating the struggle of its health workers and others. When the WHO Investigation Team arrives in China to find out the origin of this deadly virus, is it surprising that all this is going to happen?

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Posted in: Japan protests China's repeated intrusions into waters near Senkakus See in context

China is displaying its zeal in the region with the strength of its economic and military power and asserting its illegitimate rights over the Senkaku Islands. The time has come for Japan to begin upgrading its military and to be prepared to respond to China. The Communist Party of China has often shown such acts throughout the region to hide its failures. China is now rising the border conflict with India, Taiwan and Japan during the Corona period, due to increasing discontent among the general public due to unemployment and poverty in China, so that the growing dissatisfaction among the citizens can be suppressed in the name of nationalism. To curb this dissatisfaction, China may also take military action. India, Japan and Taiwan should, therefore, be careful. In particular, Japan should be careful in the case of its Senkaku Islands, so that a strong response can be given to any Chinese misadventure when the time comes.

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Posted in: S Korean court gives Samsung scion prison term over bribery See in context

This is the difference between a dictatorship and a democracy. Although, on the one hand, South Korea complied with the constitutional provisions, Lee Jae-yong was prosecuted under the statute. Jack Ma, on the other hand, was made to disappear straight into China. That is the reason why the whole world needs to be run democratically today. The Chinese government would have made Lee Jae-yong disappear if Lee Jae-yong had been in China, and would have captured a major business like Samsung, as is going to happen in China with Alibaba. People around the world who favor China should see what the difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is.

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Posted in: Chinese city reports coronavirus found on ice cream See in context

The entire world knows Covid began in the town of Wuhan (China) in 2019, but China is clearly in denial. China claims the coronavirus came from abroad in China and did not originate from China. Now the problem of corona extract from ice cream came from Tanjian city of China, now the CCP dictator is going to do some pad research and then say it came from New Zealand and Ukraine because milk powder came from New Zealand to make ice cream and Whey Powder came from Ukraine.

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Posted in: N Korea holds huge military parade as Kim vows nuclear might See in context

In order to engage Japan, China continues to reinforce North Korea. In such a scenario, there are two overlapping threats facing Japan, such as China and North Korea. Japan should, therefore, abandon its post-World War II strategy and concentrate again on increasing of its army's ability. The continued production of long-range missiles and nuclear weapons by North Korea presents a significant security threat to Japan. Instead of depending on the US, Japan can now depend on its own power. On the one hand, Japan is lagging behind in military matters, while North Korea and China are constantly strengthening their armies. Japan must reinforce its army in order to meet the danger faced by China and North Korea in the future.

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