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Again I say, Japan make a decision yes or no! You only have two choices ( much like your WWII decision U. S. or USSR) it's either the U. S. which bases in Okinawa and otherwise protects your sorry @sses or face China alone. Your little nationalists think they have it right - do they?

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Yasukuni, I totally agree. It's like the little guy in high school talking tough while hiding behind his older brother! Everyone knows that the SDF are a joke and would contribute nothing in a real fight. It would all be left on the backs of American Marines and our other forces. Not trying to be rude to anyone but those are the facts. In any event, if American lives are lost defending Japan I'm reasonably certain that the American public would protesting en masse. I certainly would be. When it comes to the Osprey it's there to save American lives in battle.

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One more company voting with its feet. Japan will be one big nursing home with no real economy in 10 years. It's already lost its status as 2nd largest economy and it's on what, 25 years of recession? I know Virtuosso wasn't meaning it this way but the lights are literally going out on Japan. It won't be mourned except by the few Japanese that are left, "gamers", and a few other dorks who can't get laid anywhere else.

Ah I'm just kidding, you know I love you Japan . . .

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