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Posted in: Truck driver arrested after hitting and killing 6-year-old girl on bike See in context

The driver is 100% responsible for killing the little girl. No details of the accident and no witnesses are needed. A driver has the obligation to keep a distance of at least two meters from a pedestrian or a bike on the road. Moreover, If you see little riders ahead of you slow down or stop and be extra careful. The driver said ''I thought I hit a bicycle'' Yes bloody old jiji you did.

Now spend a few years in jail and never drive again.

RIP little one.

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Posted in: Bitcoin drops below $20,000 as crypto selloff quickens See in context

Bitcoin started at a value of a few cents. Within 5 years it went up to almost US$ 20,000. Some smart friends of mine became millionaires. Then it went down to US$3,000 and everybody was selling. Not long ago in November 2021 it went over US$68,000. Now it's going down and it is expected to go lower before the next high jump. All smart people get ready.

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Posted in: Police officer driving patrol car arrested over fatal accident in Sapporo See in context

@ vic.M

Right on spot.

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Posted in: Putin claims victory in Mariupol despite steel mill holdouts See in context

It is a very small war and it will be forgotten very quickly. Even the great wars (Hiroshima-Nagasaki) are not in memory anymore.

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Posted in: Japanese sightseeing train offers amazing luxury…for prices starting at ¥1.3 million per room See in context

Finally, a decent train.

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Posted in: Law enacted to create cybercrime bureau See in context

It's better late than never.

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Posted in: Japan to toughen crypto rules to make sanctions on Russia effective See in context


I am also equally surprised.

There is a free book on the internet: 'The Satoshi revolution'. One can download it and learn a lot without paying a dime.

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Posted in: Truck driver gets 14 years in fatal drunk driving case See in context

The silent co-workers and their silent manager deserve a few years of jail time each one. Silence kills.

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Posted in: 2021 cyberattacks led by Russian hackers cost companies $600 mil See in context

''No good pure evil''. Cyber attacks started as soon as the internet appeared. Why hackers are able to penetrate through all the sophisticated defense systems?

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Posted in: U.S. filmmaker Brent Renaud shot, killed in Ukraine See in context


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Posted in: Prison officer arrested for assaulting her boss at karaoke parlor See in context

Geometrically thinking, I suspect a triangular relation. The two women are the two sides of the triangle. The third side is the unknown.

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Posted in: Japan to launch police bureau to counter cybercrime See in context

There is a great number of IT graduates in the private sector in Japan with PhD degrees from Ivy league unis . If they were offered the proper incentives they could move to the public sector.

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Posted in: Tokyo condo frees up space by putting a shower in the kitchen See in context

Room + Motto = Roomot. It's a good combination.

However, being a man of letters, I just reversed the order of the two syllables in the word Tokyo.

I used to live in cramped quarters in Tokyo. Now I live in spacious quarters in Kyoto.

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Posted in: Prince Andrew loses military titles, patronages See in context

What is the problem? She was 17. A full blown woman and judging by the photos, she liked to have sex with Andrew. She admitted she received US$15,000 from Jeffrey and who knows how much from Bill and from the others she was flying with together in the same jet from London to New York to Virgin islands, ...to....Japan?

Is she trying to make some millions now?

Why does not Andrew call it an improper relation like Bill did long ago and cleared his name? And was that sex or just a BJ ? Bill said BJ is not sex.

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Posted in: ¥5 million reward offered to anyone who can find a missing dog in Tokyo See in context

Kochikame: 5 million Yen?

I have a lot of Doge crypto-coins but they don't move up despite Elon Musk's tweets on the internet.

I also think of traveling to Yoyogi park to join you in searching for Akubi chan.

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Posted in: Tiger attacks 3 workers at Tochigi safari park; one loses hand See in context

Why do animals have to be in cages? If there are not enough open spaces to keep them safe and happy send them back to where they belong.

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Posted in: All Nippon Helicopter takes delivery of first Airbus H160 See in context

There are 7 daily flights from Haneda airport to Kobe airport and 8 daily flights from Kobe airport to Haneda airport. The Kobe airport does not seem to be 'mostly empty'.

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Posted in: 'Metaverse' hype fuels booming digital property market See in context

And we are only at the beginning of the 'metaverse'. Talking about 'metaverse' and Internet 3, I bought a number of 3G crypto-coins : 'LIKE (only 1)' and 'PRE' (presearch) now that their prices are just a few cents per coin. I will comment on them again in December 2022, if I am not down by the new variant 'Omicron'. Finally, one question comes to my mind: How could we live and express ourselves without the Hellenic words?

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Posted in: Crypto market value tops $3 trillion for first time See in context

Within a few years all countries will have digital currencies. Digital Yuan is doing very well. It is a pity that Euro was left behind.

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Posted in: Crypto addiction: A hidden epidemic? See in context

A remittance in Euro to my Tokyo bank account from a European bank took 5 days and about Yen 4,000 in total commissions.

Another remittance from an Exchange in Eastern Europe, in XRP (Ripple), to my Tokyo Exchange, took a few seconds and Yen 20 (twenty). I converted it to fiat and requested my Tokyo Exchange to remit it to my Post Office account. The Exchange charged a commission of Yen 250.

With such cool commissions you really get addicted.


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Posted in: 76-year-old man arrested after causing accident and driving without license for 50 years See in context

He did so well for fifty years without a license. He should be allowed to keep up the good work .

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Posted in: China declares all cryptocurrency transactions illegal See in context

China shoots herself in the foot.


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Posted in: Cryptocurrency gains traction in adult industry See in context

The main crypto coin of the adult industry is the 'PornRocket' with a current market cap of more than Yen 8,500,200,100. The one mentioned here 'cummies' is almost unknown. Is the purpose of this article to promote it?


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Posted in: Tourist site theft: Unique plate marking junction of three prefectures vanishes See in context

Most likely this so nice looking plate was taken by a foreign young tourist as a souvenir.


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Posted in: Georgian judoka ejected from Paralympics after assault arrest See in context

''He is accused of breaking a rib of the security guard, a man in his 60s, on the morning of Aug 12 when he jumped on top of him and grabbed his neck.''

At least one year in jail before deportation.


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Posted in: Hackers steal $97 mil from Japanese crypto exchange See in context

I know a few persons gaming the crypto without any knowledge, who made big profits or big losses.

I know some others who have been studying the crypto markets for more than ten years and all have sizable profits.

One of them (a pro IT) bought a few thousands of bitcoins in 2009 at the then minimal price. He sold half of his holdings in 2014 at almost $20,000 each. He had also advised me then to buy some of them. However, at that time I did not even know what a bitcoin was.

Now I understand what 'knowledge is power' means.


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Posted in: Japan starts giving COVID-19 shots to citizens temporarily returning See in context

$10 billion into $200 billion worth of economic benefit.

Investing in global health organizations aimed at increasing access to vaccines creates a 20-to-1 return, the Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates says.

When I grow up I will also invest in vaccines.


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Posted in: Japan starts giving COVID-19 shots to citizens temporarily returning See in context


When I grow up I will also invest in vaccines.


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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of voyeurism at beach house in Hyogo See in context

I would advise such people to use the free porn websites on the internet. Moreover ,buy the new cryptocurrency 'Porn rocket', that it is unbelievably cheap now, so they can upgrade to a paid website with much more spicy content. Considering that the porn industry is the most dominant worldwide, the meme coin will be hardly affordable a couple years later.


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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,195 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 8,393 See in context

''I am one of the blessed few to receive my second vaccine....''

I'd love to read your comments on this blessing you received next August.


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