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Posted in: 4-year-old Toyama boy drowns in agricultural waterway See in context

As sad and perhaps preventable as this is, I don't think that laying blame on the parents will help anything. The police will investigate the matter and no matter what the end result is, these parents will have to live with the fact that their child died not far from the family home. I challenge sensei258 to watch their child/children 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with no incidents...we don't know what the family circumstances are and if complacency was a factor at all...

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Posted in: 5-year-old boy drowns in same pond where his sister drowned 5 years ago See in context

Thank you for posting the images Turbotsat - it definitely looks like a reservoir not a pond, and as you said, very easy to fall into & difficult for a child to get out of once they were in. I feel for the family of this child, to have already lost a daughter & now a son, it must be heartbreaking. To those who have appointed themselves Judge & Jury - I commend you on your perfect track record as parents!! I challenge any parent to say that they have never made a mistake or been careless in their role as a parent, I think great deal of us may have been "lucky" when it comes to accidents or mishaps involving our children. Maybe we should let the authorities carry out any investigations before we find them guilty?

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Posted in: Families of missing tsunami victims struggle to move on See in context

My heart goes out to Ueno-san and the many other families who lost loved ones 4 years ago. I hope that they find the missing, and that they find the strength to keep going and eventually, peace. 11/3/11 will always be remembered with a sad heart.

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Posted in: What do you think of those 100-yen shops in Japan? See in context

I LOVE these shops!! Every time we go to Japan, this is where we buy most of our omiyage from!! There is now a Daiso here in Australia (although it's a $2.80 shop!) & it is always busy!! Most of my chopsticks & kitchen crockery is from these shops, along with all our stationary, pet goods & some beauty products!

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Posted in: Woman held for killing mother over 'nutritional breakfast' argument See in context

Is Western society any better?? Abandoning parents in hospital/nursing home carparks over the holiday period?? Or letting them live on their own because they are too much of a pain or a hassle??

I Think ' the Munya Times' has articulated the problem very well, there are plenty of stories out there where people did take a step back, take that breath then handle the situation appropriately. Unfortunately these stories don't sell newspapers or make the front page.

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Posted in: Photographer captures then and now of tsunami See in context

I think that whether or not it is able to be rebuilt or will be rebuilt is yet to be seen. Let's not forget that Japan has a very long history of natural disasters & just as long a history of recouperating & rebuilding as a nation. To call these people fools is just plain mean & unsympathetic, I am sure that if JapanGal's family home/area was devasted, her & her family would deserve & want some dignigty & empathy.

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Posted in: Boy struck by train dies in apparent suicide See in context

There are teen suicides in many countries just as in most countries, parents treasure their children. I am th e mother of twin 13 yr old daughters & worry about how they will manage & navigate their way thru high school etc unscathed. The thing is - they won't. They have already experienced bullying because they are "half" kids & getting good grades & all I can do is tell them to be strong & that this won't last forever. Would this bullying exist if we were still in Japan or any other country - that point isn't that important. All we can do is love our children & try to learn to listen to them & really hear what they are saying, it's hard being a teenager but it is also hard being a parent. Perhaps instead of laying the blame at the poor family or even worse, the teen himself, maybe we can take the time to remember the young boy & how precious life & family are...

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Posted in: Police, firefighters, coast guard search for bodies along Fukushima coast See in context

A very sad & yes, grisly task. I wish those brave workers peace in the knowledge that they are doing a very honourable & neccessary service.

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Posted in: What do you think of school uniforms in Japan? See in context

It has cost me over $1200AUD to outfit my 2 high school girls for uniforms this year - & that is the bare minimum. The school is not an "elite" school but is a Catholic school which strictly enforces the uniform rules right down to hair accessories. I will spand another $300-400AUD before winter when they require a school blazer & sweater. Even though it does cost quite a bit I would prefer to spend the money on uniforms rather than on "plain clothes", I think a uniform sends a message of community & stops a bit of bullying especially from the girls.

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Posted in: Aussie, NZ scientists prep for whale research trek to disprove Japan's argument See in context

come on!! Most Japanese aged 50 & under have never eaten whale meat as a staple & most don't want to? Why must the Japanese govt keep up this charade of "research"? It's an international embarressment!!!

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Posted in: The end of a homeless, nameless life on the street See in context

I agree with yabusama - some must choose to be homeless as living in shame or bringing shame to one's family in Japan is almost out of the question- but that doesn't mean that we should look thru these people & pretend that they don't exist. When I lived in Japan I always tried to help out , not with money but in the form of my gloves, scarves or a hot meal. My japanese friends were amused at my feelings for these people - maybe they didn't understand that as a gaigin I was almost at the same level as these homeless people?

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Posted in: Gang-rape incident a by-product of Kyoto's lenient academic culture See in context

Fadamor, what does it matter how long it took for the woman to go tho the authorities - rape is rape, regardless of how much time has elapsed.

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Posted in: Television perpetuates outmoded gender stereotypes See in context

I agree with the comment about tv having a long way to go in Japan - I have been back after a 6 year break, & I must say that tv is as mindnumbing as ever!!! I guess that's what a humdrum day-to-day worklife will do to you...make that kind of tv interesting???

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