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I’m not sure I understand the logic of quarantining coming into country if you test negative.

Why are healthy people being quarantined excessively without a close contact infection?

It doesn’t make logical sense. If someone tests positive on your flight, then fair game.

I had a friend come in from Hawai’i and was tested a total of 4 times producing 4 negative test and still had to quarantine for 2 weeks. Why?

The government lacks fiscal responsibility to quarantine healthy people. These so-called hotels are paid for by taxpayers. If one chooses to travel unnecessarily, they should bore the costs at these facilities.

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What concerns me is the lack of education on the treatment side of the virus.

When will the media start talking about available treatments?

Only vaccinations can do so much if breakthrough infections exist.

If COVID is here to stay, I've heard doctors mention that we're all going to have to get infected at some point to ensure herd immunity. Only now are they starting to discuss the implications of "natural immunity" in lieu of vaccinations.

If I get COVID at some point, I would like to know what treatments are available.

I mean I've heard stories of people being told to stay home while they recover. What treatments are available in such cases?

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Again chasing a virus with statistics is like chasing a unicorn only to realize that statistics are as mythical as unicorns as the narrative is an interpretation of how the government expects the virus to behave (for the better or worse). The real numbers we should be getting is hospitalization and deaths to include the ages of patients, and whether or not those hospitalized had preexisting health conditions. Whatever happened to contact tracing the other chasing of the unicorn?

As long as the virus is alive, it will look for a host to survive and mutate. Of course, the inefficiency of the logistics of the vaccine roll out that has become dichotomized as haves and have nots that cannot be ignored. If industrialized countries have difficulties getting their populations vaccinated, what does this say for industrializing countries’ access to vaccines?

The hard realities to accept are the invisible economic repercussions from lockdowns with governments’ abilities to keep economies floating while David versus Goliath companies struggle to survive. Is the government even thinking about cutting another stimulus check to taxpayers? If this virus is here to stay, what reality is in the near future other than mandated vaccines, mask wearing, and arbitrarily social distancing?

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The sacrifices of the people to legitimize a continuing farce to propagate a facade. Smfh

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Posted in: Suga declares state of emergency in Tokyo, Osaka region See in context

The virus will do what the virus wants. Follow the science not the numbers. Remember those days when there were flu epidemics?

You close and shutdown the source of infection from the known place of infections. You don’t shutdown whole societies. Hence, the economy. It only exacerbates the problem.

Wtf is a quasi state of national? A means to kowtow of holding the Olympics and pretending the elephant isn’t in the room.

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Posted in: Japan plans to cap daily arrivals at 2,000 ahead of Olympics: Nikkei See in context

Of course it's all about the politics and economy. I mean if holding the Olympics will boost GDP. Without fans will definitely still be a blow as ticket sells make up a large portion of revenue. How about our taxpayers' money? Shouldn't the Japanese government already sent out another stimulus? Let me not forget the mighty Dentsu who got more taxpayers' money. With all the vaccination program debacles going on worldwide, will everyone be vaccinated in time? Or is the fear mongering of a 4th wave upon us? smh

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