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Posted in: Spanish high court backs man's right to walk naked in the street See in context

He was not naked, he had that horrible thing covering his lower face...what's it called now?..........Oh, a beard....ugh!!

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan changing ingredients in Chicken McNuggets See in context

I have never been in a Mcdonalds or any other fast food places, and no, not even a coffee place. I eat only at home where I know what is in the food, who handled it and best of all it tastes better. Mind, having said that, I am only assuming it tastes better, but eating in a crowded place is a complete turn off for me....ugh!!

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching wife's face in Sapporo restaurant See in context

He was seen doing this in a public place, can you even imagine what that poor woman has to go through living at home with a drunken bully coward. Get out while you can and divorce this trash.

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Posted in: Pain of police killings ripples outward to traumatize Black people and communities across U.S. See in context

The USA is a violent country, so it stands to reason its police forces are too. These forces have never had a good reputation throughout America, and in almost every city or country area they are corrupt. The biggest fault though, is granting them full immunity for their crimes, that is why so few ever get to court and why so few are ever punished. What is that saying about power, absolute power corrupts, and it does.

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Posted in: Woman who served in SDF sues gov't, assailants over sexual harassment See in context

I think I up ticked almost every comment and assumed rightly or wrongly they were made by girls and women....wrongly I hope, and I hope men feel strongly about this as females do. Sexual harassment and abuse is still common place even in this day and age, and I personally avoid all places with too many men in them. As a gay female, I am sometimes abused, verbally, by idiots who think they are being big and strong and clever, but we girls know what they really are. Very weak, intellectually immature, and stupid beyond belief. Ms. Gonoi will not gain much from this, the male society will see to that, and the amount she sued for is a pittance. In this had been in the US she would have sued and won 2/3 million dollars, perhaps even more. Now I wonder how many other women in the Japanese forces have suffered like she did? And believe me, she is not alone.

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Posted in: 10 wounded in drive-by shooting in Florida See in context

One resident said..................“I’ve been here 34 years, and I can tell you I have never worked an event where this many people were shot at one time",...........So I assume from that comment by the resident he is used to mass shootings but with not so many victims. My dog, what a country, land of the free. If I was ever to find myself in that country I would never leave the house, but even then, their are so many illegal entries made by cops, weapons drawn and firing. I imagine living in a country where there is good chance of being involved in a mass shooting or any shooting on a daily basis.

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Posted in: Raising Black biracial children in Japan See in context

What so many people do not understand, or better still, do not want to understand, is that black people are discriminated against on a worldwide basis. Yes, and it happens even in Africa, but is more of a tribal thing there. One country I would not want to be born in if I was black, is the USA, end of. If you think black people there have it easy there, read the papers, quite frankly. if I was black and living there, I would be afraid to leave home on any day, but even then, you are still in danger. There is also wide spread racism in Europe, it may not be as noticeable but it exists in all countries there. I also believe there is racism in most Asian countries against white people too, but so much of that is for a good reason, ie. lack of trust. The white Europeans exploited most parts of Asia when they were empire building, the populations of those countries were of minor consequence. Millions died because of it, and a true number has never been determined, but it is well over the 5 million mark but maybe a lot more. The main problems with people though, is that we look upon each other only to see what we can gain from them, if that is nothing, then all interest will be gone....the end.

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Posted in: 92-year-old man arrested for killing 91-year-old wife See in context

What possible punishment can there be for a 92 yr old man? Life imprisonment?

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Posted in: Japanese power firms seek price hikes, adding to household burden See in context

Look people, we must have greed and avarice from all companies, it is what they do best. The utility companies have the best of both worlds, we need their products to survive and they are the only ones to provide it. One thing you can be sure of though is that the fat cats at the top will still have their collective tongues in the money trough slurping away greedily whilst giving us the one finger salute.

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Posted in: Ukraine urges Australian Open to ban Djokovic's father from attending See in context

If the Australian Open organizers do not take firm action by banning these horrible people it will seem that they condone the bombing and killing of thousands of Innocent children, women, and men, and I will will not even mention what so many women and girls have suffered by individual soldiers or groups of them. And if you think that war and sport should not be mixed up, think again.

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Posted in: One way to keep warm See in context

Aww! they look so cold, even with all that fur. I know nothing about animal keeping but this looks a little bit cruel. If I am wrong I apologise. My eyes went straight to the baby/little one in the centre of the picture.

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Posted in: London takes aim at public peeing with splash-back paint See in context

I have heard of this place but never been, I mean, why would I? But I do wonder if SOHO is an abbreviation of a longer name. There must be some history to it being called that.

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Posted in: Japan defense buildup helps triple primary deficit projection See in context

More money for the US arms dealers/makers. War or no war making guns etc.....always pays huge dividends.

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Posted in: Ghislaine Maxwell claims Jeffrey Epstein was murdered in jail See in context

Given the whole scenario surrounding the vile skums death, ie. camera's not working, guards falling asleep and not being watched, It is a fair conclusion that his death was planned. One thing in the US, you do not cross the super wealthy powerful people. As for the evil woman, Maxwell, her father was a nasty piece of work, but she was too even from a young age. She did go to Balliol College in Oxford and got a degree in marine biology, but I am not certain if that's correct, the degree bit. She surrounded herself with drugs, alcohol and sex whilst at that college and was well known for that. How she gained her entrance is a bit dubious, she did not do well at school in her exams, but ....wait for it....Daddy donated a lot of money to said college beforehand. Of course that could be totally unrelated.... yeah alright then. ....lol!!

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Posted in: What is the main way you get your news? See in context

We do not have a television and we do not listen to online news programs so everything we find out comes from online papers. I read about 6/7 a day from around the world, but never the US ones, they are nearly always consumed by propaganda about the right wing parties, ie. Trump and his like. The MSM in the US are owned by the wealthy 1%.

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Posted in: New shootings rock California as police probe dance hall killings See in context

This sickness prevailing in the US is incurable, because the people who have it do not want to be cured. They want the right to kill at will, children, women they do not care, but just look at the publicity they get.

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Posted in: Ghislaine Maxwell claims photo of Prince Andrew with abuse accuser 'fake' See in context

That this horrible piece of human only got 20 is a travesty of justice, but then, one does not associate the USA with any sort of justice. But note she says It's a fake, I don't believe it's real for a second, which means she does not know. I hear now she has offered her services to Ukraine as a medic, well that's new one, given that all her miserable life she has no one but herself, but I guess she sees it as a get out of jail free card.

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Posted in: Anti-monarchists plan protests at coronation of Britain's King Charles See in context

As a non British person I am neither for or against the monarchy, but one thing we have to remember is that its power and money came from the British Empire, the most despotic the world has ever known. Millions died around the world to keep this institution going.

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Posted in: Britain urges parties, volunteering to accompany coronation See in context

I honestly do not care about this coronation thingy. I am not British but am living in the UK with my girlfriends parents, yes, she is a girl too. Everywhere in this country right now people are struggling and I have noticed it in the super markets, they are not so crowded. But strangely, it has not affected the road traffic, which seems heavier than before. I will not watch the coronation, but do hope the the terrible duo from Montecito turn up........NO, I take that back, if they do, they put everyone there's life in danger.

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Posted in: Ukraine's Zelenskyy honors those killed in helicopter crash See in context

This was one man, albeit a minister, in a war torn country. I feel very much for the many thousands who have died, many innocent women and children who have also perished in the cities and towns, murdered by a maniacal maniac whose only reason for this is to wipe the Ukraine off the face of the world and its people to.

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Posted in: FBI finds documents marked classified in search of Biden's home See in context

This must bring up the question if every president has documents and files they should not have once they leave office. The answer is probably, yes. Given how much they all have to be visiting other places during their terms some complacentry must set in. The difference between Trump and Biden though is obvious to anyone. Trump is a proven liar and crook, his entire life has been engulfed in lawsuits and prosecutions, and I will not even mention those to do with women, there are too many. Biden, on the other hand is the complete opposite, yes, he is first and foremost a politician, and we all know what they do best, but he is not a proven liar or crook. But the main difference in this case is that Trump knew he had those classified files and refused to hand them over, another crime. And I believe he deliberately chose them so he could use them at a later date for his own gain. But we must also never forget that Trump tried to bring down the US government through illegal measures, and to benefit himself.

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Posted in: Violent protest in downtown Atlanta over killing of activist See in context

So why were not the body camera's switched on, of all the cops there, there was no recording of the 'shooting'. Why? The police in the USA are a law unto themselves with little or no accountability. And i am not condoning this so called peaceful protest, it was planned that much is obvious, but then I am not surprised.

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Posted in: Protests in Stockholm, including Koran-burning, draw strong condemnation from Turkey See in context

There was a tiny amount of people protesting (100/200) from a country of millions, and these idiots decided to burn a Koran, why, because they want attention for their pathetic little group. I would bet very few of these protesters would ever consider doing something like this on their own because they are gutless crowd warriors only, you know, like armchair referees. Sweden has given us one REAL heroine, Greta. Please do not think I accept the burning of the Koran as a legitimate protest, I am not in the least religious and do not believe in any god but I respect others right to follow theirs, as long as they do not resort to violence.

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Posted in: Chris Hipkins to be New Zealand's next prime minister See in context

So many negative comments about her here. I wonder if it because she is a woman?

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Posted in: Here's what to expect from Tuesday's Oscar nominations See in context

Does any one, apart from those in the film industry, care one tiny bit about these oscar thingy's. They mean nothing at all except to say you have stood in front of a camera for a few hours.

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Posted in: Russia's Lavrov compares West's approach to Russia with Hitler's 'Final Solution' See in context

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is an utter joke of a human being, and I use the term human being sparingly here. This monster is as bad as his lord and master Putin, he is ok with the rapes and murders of women and children, he is equally ok with the wide spread bombing and killing of innocents. I sometimes think what would happen if Ukraine started bombing Moscow and destroyed their precious Kremlin and then took out the suburbs. I bet the majority of Russians who still support Putin, and that is a good majority of them, would rethink their loyalty to their master of all he sees..........or in this case doesn't see.

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Posted in: Testimony lays bare soccer's biggest corruption scandal See in context

I hate football and the corruption involved with it. There was a huge scandal a few years ago regarding FIFA and bribery, which, allegedly, led to the WC being staged in Qatar. The whole thing is built on corruption, but hey, the fans do not care one bit as long as they can see their idols who are earning 1000's for every minute they are playing.

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Posted in: Ambulance workers struggle to find hospitals to admit patients for 4th consecutive week See in context

As horrible and sometimes tragic this situation is, this is now a common occurrence on a world wide scale. Hospitals and ambulance staff are being run off their feet because of lack of resources and governments not doing enough. And what is even worse is that so many of these governments pay out billions for faulty equipment and downright fraudulent schemes. Yet do next to nothing to reclaim that money.

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Posted in: Jacinda Ardern to step down as New Zealand prime minister See in context

Well I never, so many negative comments by so many unthinking people. Of course every one knows that leading a country is dead easy, just sit back, let the money roll in, and pretend you know what you are doing. Ms Arden was an inspiration to women like me, like, women who look and see the whole picture, not just the bits they like. I would bet the overwhelming majority of the negatives came from men. And I do not have to explain that do I? That is still the world we live in. Misogyny is a disease that only wisdom and growing up can cure.

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Posted in: Davos organizers: Musk wasn't invited despite what he says See in context

I was invited to Davos but turned them down because it was the same day I did my ironing.

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