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Posted in: Violent death in America stalks ordinary walks of daily life See in context

America was founded on violence and has continued that way ever since. In its 250+ yrs of existence, the country has only NOT been at war for 20yrs.

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Posted in: N Korea reports 232,880 suspected COVID-19 cases See in context

I would not be surprised if the numbers were four or five times higher than we are led to believe.......or even worse. NK. will never be upfront with the truth. But I hope for their people, nations offer them help.

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Posted in: French city rekindles burkini row with pool rule change See in context

What is wrong with these people, no, seriously, something is wrong with them. There is nothing offensive about a burkini, Muslim women have the right to wear what they want. In fact I find them more agreeable than the skimpy bikini's so many other women wear, which do border on offensive. And the people who are griping about burkini's should wake up and get a life.

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Posted in: Warhol Monroe portrait set to smash records at New York auction See in context

Does anyone need more proof just how obscene the art world is? This pathetic portrait could have been done by a 10 yr old...........oh wait!

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Posted in: Aichi police on lookout for whoever stole public toilet’s flushing handle See in context

It is a rare object. Who among us can say I have a public toilet flushing handle. Just wait for its appearance on Ebay.

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Posted in: Fears mount for China's economy as leaders dig in on zero-COVID See in context

Mass testing of China's vast population could bring fresh misery to the economy....................... How do you make an economy miserable, does it have feelings?

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Posted in: Elon Musk asked to testify on Twitter by UK Parliament See in context

Musk has said he wants Twitter to “ authenticate all humans"......................eerr, do I have a choice? I would never use twitter, I prefer not to be one of the sheep. Ps. And does this fool even know what that actually means. ...from an unauthenticated human.

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Posted in: Salt Lake, Sapporo head race to 2030 Olympics, and maybe '34 See in context

Why oh why are countries still paying homage to the IOC. They are one of the most corrupt organisations on earth, along with their fellow bed wetters FIFA.

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Posted in: Mariupol mayor says siege has killed more than 10,000 civilians See in context

The murder and bloodshed in Ukraine will continue until Putin is no more. Do not forget, this monster has murdered 1000's of Russians just to maintain his grip on power. The lives of innocent children and their parents mean absolutely nothing to him, he will kill 100's of thousands if need be.

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Posted in: 2 killed and 10 wounded in Iowa nightclub shooting See in context

The comment from the police, that there is no lingering danger is pure fallacy. Every day, in what ever town or city, there will be a mass shooting, this now normal life in the grand ol' US of A.

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Posted in: Father, son arrested in Japan get U.S. prison time for Ponzi scheme See in context

Given such a menial, pathetically short sentence, running these schemes must seem almost worthwhile doing. I mean, my dog, I would do 3/5 yrs in exchange for a few billion.

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Posted in: Qatar World Cup organizers admit workers were exploited See in context

This will not mean any thing to the teams from around the world, or the players earning obscene money weekly. They care not one tiny morsel for those workers. FIFA must be allowed to continue with their corruption and bribery, this is what defines them.

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Posted in: Twitter says it's testing an 'edit' button See in context

I have always used the edit button...........Don't join twitter.

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Posted in: 2 drivers arrested over fatal hit-and-run in Chiba See in context

Many comments about the age of these drivers and whether they should be allowed to drive. Well, i suggest they both had the wherewithal to know what they had done was wrong, yet they chose to flee, leaving a woman to die in the street. Callousness it would seem knows no age limit.

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Posted in: Thinking of sleeping your way up? Don’t! Shoko Nakagawa has stern message for showbiz hopefuls See in context

Women have been exploited, sexually abused and often discarded across the world of show business. No countries entertainment industry is innocent. This is what men do, and alas, it is what they have been taught to do across decades of abuse, because they can, and because they can get away with it.

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Posted in: Germany to face Spain, Japan at World Cup; Iran and U.S. in same group See in context

How strange that no footballing country that has qualified has come out against the human rights issues in Qatar, yet the same countries governments are quick to point the finger at China's, and other countries with dismal records...including the USA.

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Posted in: Justices decide for themselves when to step aside from cases See in context

Thomas, the only black face white man on SCOTUS. His disgusting wife is evil personified, she wants to over throw an elected government and have installed right wing Nazi's who will back the likes of Putin.

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Posted in: DeSantis signs bill targeting explicit books in Florida schools See in context

Mr Desantis, CRT is NOT taught in any US school, but of course you know this, you are just projecting your wilful ignorance on to the voters....and they will fall it. This man is pure evil, and you think trump is bad.

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Posted in: Yemen rebels strike oil depot in Saudi city hosting F1 race See in context

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemned the Houthi attacks on Twitter. “These strikes put civilian lives at risk and must stop,” he wrote...................And the Saudi's continual aggression and bombing of the Yemen does not. Wow! This is a world leader (tongue in cheek) who has his pulse on world events....lol!

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Posted in: Airline offers 17-hour flights from New York to New Zealand See in context

17hrs in a metal tube. ugh!! But on the bright side, I love the NZ airplanes colours.

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Posted in: Non-white audiences kept Hollywood afloat during pandemic: study See in context

95% of my viewing is Asian TV, S. Korean, Japanese, Chinese....etc. I can not even remember when it was the last time I watched an American thing, or what it was. I do not know the names of films stars or many singers for that matter. I am not Asian but from the EU so I have to read sub titles. Every night with out fail we watch Asian TV, and we read Asian news papers every day.

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Posted in: Record 5,400 cannabis offenders in 2021, police report See in context

I use weed to relieve me from my extreme arthritis pain, I refuse to to take prescribed pain killers because they are soooo addictive. I am 22 and i got this disease when i was 13, there is no cure. I also have Epilepsy for which I must take medication. These antiquated Drug laws have been passed by old men who think they have some magical insight into our modern world of stress and think they know all the answers. Listen up old men, you are the cause of all the stress young people go through, daily....the end.

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Posted in: 4 teens shot, 1 killed, in gunfire at Houston birthday party See in context

Come on, who is surprised? There was another mass shooting 2 days ago, 20 injured, including children, and one killed. The lack of gun laws is obscene. America is a violent nation, is was built along those lines, now couple that with the the fact that almost any one can carry a weapon and the mental incapacity of those carriers and you have carnage. One only has to look at how their police forces react to see the same pattern.

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Posted in: History-making Jackson set for Senate hearing for high court See in context

Whilst she more than qualified for this post, and is one of the best picks for decades, SCOTUS needs to be radically changed. Its very core is corrupt and has been for so long, the constitution needs to be changed so that these judges can only serve a maximum of 10 yrs. A life tenure leads to corruption.

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Posted in: Ukraine war is backdrop in U.S. push for hypersonic weapons See in context

Oh goody, The US, not content to wage wars around the world since when ever, they now want to murder innocents more quickly.  The US has been at war for 225 of the 243 years since its inception in 1776. That is some record. There are only 3 countries in the world that they have not invaded or had a military presence........I will let you guess them.

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Posted in: U.S. Congress moves to ban discrimination of race-related hairstyles See in context

This 2022 in so-called democratic America, where a black child has to have a law passed so she/he can wear their hair like they want. Don't you just love fake democracy?

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Posted in: Boris Johnson: Russian victory in Ukraine would bring 'age of intimidation' See in context

Well done Boris, the British people are suffering now for the exit from the EU, and it is only just starting.

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Posted in: Video shows police officer kneeling on Wisconsin student's neck See in context

This is what these cops do, they like it, and it makes them feel big and strong like real men. He was allowed to resign, so this time next week he will be in the same job but a different county. The US police are the worst in the world, violent, thuggish, and have a complete disregard for human life.

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Posted in: Why some women are traveling to South Korea to find boyfriends See in context

My girlfriend and I have been watching S. Korean TV dramas for over 4 yrs and overall have been satisfied with the content. One of the main reasons we watch them is that there no gratuous sex scenes, no bedroom scenes, etc...etc.. We are not interested in the men though, although the 'hero's' are depicted as good, well dressed and well behaved. One thing we both hate is that all the men depicted seem to have a right to grab a womans arm and drag her to where ever, It happens in every drama we have see. We love the girls though, their acting and beauty is outstanding. And as of yet, we have not seen any drama that concerns gay people, which is sad. As gay women, we would love to see a drama with gay women in it, but I do not see that happening soon. Oh, and our pet hate is the constant drinking and eating and crying scenes, we both think that if scenes like this were taken out most of the 50 minute dramas would be reduced to 15 minutes. But most of the actual story lines are good. Our favourites of all time, so far, is I am not a Robot, and the one where a rich woman crash lands her kite thing in N. Korea.

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Posted in: Facebook eases rules to allow violent speech against 'Russian invaders' See in context

But it is OK in the US as long as it is a republican making threats.

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