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Koochan deserves so much happiness! Can't believe she's 29, now! Been listening to her since she was 18! SO COOL!!!!

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Well, it's just like in America, too.

I mean, it was so bad (no one wanting to help for fear of being sued for liability) that Congress actually had to enact a law that protected those giving aid so they can't be held liable.

People suck and never want to get involved. What about the woman who ran down the street, bleeding after having been attacked, an no one helped her. They only watched through their house windows as she died in the middle of the street.

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When I was in high school, I read a lot of manga rated M and even X. A lot of the ones I read were with characters my own age (at the time), so 13 - 16. I still have a lot of my manga from those days and these people wanna tell me I can be charged with harboring child pornography? I aim to put pedophiles away; there is a difference between child porn and manga. First off, if it was sold in a Japanese store, it has to be censored; plus, most of the mangas I have I read for the plot, not the sex scenes.

Aish. People, people, people.

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So, apparently the world lives back in the 1800s and prior.

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I can't stand the way language and sayings are so loosely used. To be quite frank, it pisses me off. Particularly the ones that demean women. There's just no reason for them. And the fact that people find it funny? Where does the line get drawn?!

It's one thing to be in a close circle of friends and be like, "OMFG, you are such a bitch!" or "Ah...you all are a buncha skanks." But when you post it online, it's not seen to be funny, even though that's what people claim. They say they type it to be funny - no, they don't. They just use that excuse to make themselves feel better.

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