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There are obviously a lot to be said about this article. And it certainly should be alarming for anyone considering international marriages. I think calling someone angry or mentally unstable is not right though. I think anger is an indication that the wife is obviously unfulfilled and disappointed at somethings. Instead of taking the blames on themselves and question their behaviors people like to blame the partner and point the fingers. And woman being demanding in bed is a problem? I thought its mans obligation to fulfill his partner in bes at whatever the cost. Why would a woman stay with a partner who cant fulfill her mentally and physically? A lot of men seem to be confused with the fact that east asian women at least more than 50percent could live without sex. Even though they may need physical intimacy.

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I am in favor of partial legalization and regulating its users. Read my answer on article above.

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I think Any courts should side with the mothers, Japanesr or non-Japanese. Children were meant to be raised with mothers for the most part. Can men Breastfeed babies? NO. if men can't breastfeed babies or properly change their diapers, there must be reason behind this. Perhaps God had granted the woman a role to be the main care-taker of the babies. and Women also have every right to take the babies away from someone they deem to be dangerous as well. If a biological mother removes their children from surroundings or people she deems to be dangerous, how would that be considered as abduction? Why don't people focus on "real abduction issues" in other countires?

Have you googled, babies kidnapping in China? that every year, 70,000 children are kidnapped and sold to other countries like USA by organized kidnapping rings. Don't you think that's much bigger issue that people should be discussing and focusing on?

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@Patrick McPike No one is mentally ILL. Human beings simply have various mental conditions and brain functions.

No, Japanese wives commit suicide due to marital disputes. if they were Happy in relationship, fulfilled, loved by Non-Neglectful husbands, why would anyone commit suicides? Are you As simple-minded as to point figers to Unhappy wives and tell them to take their drugs and keep their mouth shut? No one is mentally ILL. Mental illness are caused by external factors. such as being around abusive, husbands. Depression is caused by lack of love and understanding. the last thing you have to do when dealing with so called, Mentally ill( depressed) people is lock them up and tell them to take the Unncessary drugs.

there are literally thousands of ways to make woman happy in life. and if you have to resort to name calling, telling them how they are mentally ill, Obviously you don't have much resourses or desires to make these women happy.

Japense wives or people or Asians do not commit suicides over mental illness. Do you honestly think Samurais commit suicides themselves over mental illness? if your logic is true, the entire population of Japan or Korea should be on some heavy drugs. the fact that people abuse political powers in helping their country men getting the custody over their children is ACT OF BULLYING.

Children, by the time they get old and mature enough to decide their future, should be able to choose which parent or country they would like to reside with. and I believe Children should stay with mothers except for some extreme circumstances which are often caused by the husbands.

Using words like children aduction is wrong in every sense. Do you have any idea where all the hundreds and thousands of chinese adupted babies end up? USA!

this article talks about these angry powerful western men who are extremely bitter with foreign courts for not granting them a custody, because in their minds, they should be able to get everything they want in this world even the children that they probably don't deserve.

This news article has absolutely nothingn to do with REAL CHILD KIDNAPPING AND ABDUCTION which happens a lot more in US and other nations.

This article is only about ANGRY WESTERN DIVORCED HUSBANDS WHO DESTROY lives of foreign wives and still want to still the children.

and they are using the political connection and power to get their ways..

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Very upsetting article. There is no doubt that japanese wives had committed suicides over marital disputes. Can you think of any other that would drives married women to commit suicides? Its reasonable for any courts to not grant permission to a access the kids by neglectful and abusive husbands who were never there for his wives. And that american politicians would abuse their political power to force japanese court in granting the permission when the more important political issues are at their hands. The american politicians never worry about womans issue in japan or other aduction issues involving real children. However when it comes to western men and their u resolved issues,they exaggrate and abuse their political power in unreasonable manner. Using sanctions over family matter is laughable at best, same goes for using words like aduction over divorce.

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I mean this guy does have a major anger problem but look at how he has been treated by everyone as, socially rejected criminal who is not even welcomed by his family members. The society needs to learn how to embrace different behaviors to some degree.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFYjqLegFuE this is the video response I have made to support his case. please check it out for yourself. I don't believe it was premediated. it was accidental.

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