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Posted in: Philippines, Muslim rebels resume peace talks See in context

One thing to keep in mind about the Muslims in the Philippines is that Islam pre-dates the introduction of Catholicism by at least 300 years. Prior to the arrival of the Spanish all of Mindanao and the Visayas were firmly Islamic. Through a concerted policy of persecution the Catholic Spanish wrested control of the Muslim homelands away from the inhabitants and continue to marginalize them to this day. You may not like the way that they respond to them but the Muslim Filipinos have some very real grievances’.

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Posted in: Swiss ban mosque minarets in surprise vote See in context

Oh Boo Hoo! Try building a bell tower with a cross on top in Riyahd and see how that flies.

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Posted in: UK troubled by anti-Islam rallies, counterprotests See in context

This type of situation will invariably continue and in all likelihood increase in frequency as well as intensity. Not just in the UK, but throughout Western Europe.

As the native populations perceive themselves as becoming more and more second class citizens in their own lands, it is just a matter of time before the weakest links snap. And there will always be those, with their own agendas, that will do anything to enhance just those perceptions.

As the Western European governments continue down their paths of appeasement and political correctness, it will become obvious to a sizable number of the native populations that in the end the only two options they really have are capitulation or elimination.

CCR said it best, “There’s a Bad Moon on the rise”.

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