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Maybe the case is approching the statute of limitations and they want to give a new try at finding the culprit before it's too late.

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Always ironic to see power saving campaigns while at the same time you have places like Shinagawa station with something like 50 video screens on the same alley all dislpaying the same thing.

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Paul Arenson.

You LTE pocket WIFI device (think of a very small device in your pocket or bag) has a LTE sim. Then this device acts as a WIFI hotspot, providing its LTE connection through WIFI. Your iPad or whatever other devices connect in WIFI to this device and can then use its LTE connection.

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No you misunderstand. First Iqbal killed his first wife because he wanted to be with Parveen. And since he was forgiven by his own son, there wasn't any pursuits.

Then Parveen married Iqbal, but that angered Parveen's family since she was supposed to marry a cousin. Then Parveen's family, cousin included stoned her to death.

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She went missing 2 months ago but the mother only noticed at the beginning of this month ? Quite sad.

And there should be a tighter coordination between police and airports. Someone using a missing person's passport shouldn't be able to leave the country.

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Posted in: Man says he stole schoolgirls' gym uniforms because he wanted to wear them See in context

Makes sense.

...or not.

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Rather than setting "a “tax agent” to ensure that foreign companies operating in Japan pay up properly", they should have made sure that the japanese companies didn't abuse the tax increase to raise prices even further. So many shops suddenly went from "1050 yen 5% tax included" to "1050 yen tax excluded".

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He was right. Even though h was fleeing, the robber could have harmed other people with his knife (even non-intentionally, like pushing people out of his way).

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Since this ferry was also designed to carry vehicles and containers, maybe some hazardous material might have exploded in the cargo area.

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The market for unlocked phones and cheap plan sims is slowly but steadily increasing in Japan though. Good to see that there is some alternatives to the overpriced data plans from the big three (search "cut phone bill half japan" in google)

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Posted in: 10-year-old boy dies after being hit by car on way to school See in context

Ah, the usual japanese drivers who swerve around people crossing the street rather than stopping completely until the crossing is clear.

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The 10% increase is already done from a consumer point of view anyway. Noticed how many shops are now using 105円, 1050円,... price tags except it is now tax excluded, instead of included as it was before ? You end paying something like 1134円 tax included, while it should have been 1080円 tax included. And overall, allowing shops to display only the tax excluded price is a pain.

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