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Posted in: Beat Takeshi compares same-sex marriage with bestiality See in context

Takeshi is actually a man. I hope he does not bow to the homosexuals. Homosexuals waste oxygen and serve no purpose to the continuation of our species. This behavior should not be accepted. We dont wear shoes on our hands because that isnt what its made for. Same for human body parts, male genitals and female genitals are made for each other. male + male or female + female is only for their own psychological gain. If someone has an opinion on gays everyone bashes them and hates them. When gays say something and are ignored they start talking about freedom etc.,,,,,,,,,,,, NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Japan rejects N Korean invitation to send observers to rocket launch See in context

lol people are so naive. They invited Japanese to watch the launch im pretty sure they arent invited to inspect the rocket/missile. Obviously people dont see its all about nk trying to seem like they are peaceful. Well they sure got all the people who are saying japan is wrong. thats their plan fools. anyway if anything passes over japan it could be dangerous. just because japanese would observe the launch dosent mean it cant be dangerous for japan. even if it is a rocket. nk always lies anyways.

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