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Posted in: Singer Gackt claims he was victim of discrimination in Paris hotel See in context

Well, if the maître d had just thrown the vaunted "flying X" known to many a foreign resident of Japan in Gackt's face, this whinge could easily have been avoided..

Also, the rest of the world very surprised to hear that Gackt "enjoys considerable popularity abroad."

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Posted in: 'Hafu' tells story of Japan’s mixed-race minority and changing attitudes in society See in context

I saw the movie and have to say that the Japanese-Ghanian guy was an inspiration. Just such a positive guy despite the hurdles he's had to face----really loved his story.

And, while the Japanese-Korean woman got a little too much screen time, IMO, her story was thought provoking as well. Even though she could easily pass as "Japanese," the fact that she felt that she had to keep that from everyone spoke to the insidious nature of racism in this society.

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Posted in: Japan’s greatest faux beers - happoshu See in context

Just have to laugh at all the "Boo Hoo, my widdle tummy hurt after drinking all this rotten, awful happoshu----waaaaaaaaa" comments. Hey chowderheads, maybe it's from drinking 20 of em, and not the beer itself.

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Posted in: Japan’s greatest faux beers - happoshu See in context

Yes indeed, the PNW has many, many breweries, most putting out overhopped bullshit to hide the fact the beer sucks.

Happoshu simply is what it is---if you don't like it, don't drink it----it's not like some trick being pulled on unsuspecting customers. Unless you can't read anything printed on the cans, that is.

For the price, Suntory Kinmugi Rich Malt is surprisingly drinkable.

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