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Posted in: Japanese island man lives as naked hermit See in context

Simon Read, thank you for schooling me. Where I come from a rice cake can't be boiled, hence my confusion. Jakesmum, shuddering once more at the sight of that man's leathery, wrinkled skin.

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Posted in: Japanese island man lives as naked hermit See in context

Here here, oginome. I think it is totally lame he needs regular cash infusions from his family to fund his naked nonsense. What happens when they pass on or stop sending the money for other reasons? I guess it will be bye bye "rice cakes" (whatever that means) and clean drinking water.

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Posted in: 4 family members found dead in Tokyo apartment See in context

By definition, a 9 and 7 year old are unable to commit suicide as they lack the years and discretion necessary to make such a conscious decision. Clearly the mom and/or brother decided to take these poor victims out with them.

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Posted in: Too many colon tests use costly sedation See in context

Cletus I wish I could give you 10 thumbs up. Anyone who has had these procedures unmedicated in Japan would not be advocating for no sedation. It is cruel and I wouldnt wish it on anyone. That said, I believe the article is debating the merits of deep versus light sedation. It is unlikely Americans will have to go without any sedation at all like we in Japan must do.

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl dies after being hit by car in Saitama See in context

I have young children and always hold or have held their hands when out in public. When I am unable, I have one of the older kids hold hands with a younger one. We live in a quiet residential area but this goes for our street and in front of our house. You can't be too cautious. My Japanese neighbors, on the otherhand, allow their kids to play outdoors unsupervised, including riding their tricycles, from age 3. It is common, too, to see mothers walk in front of their young child, who is trailing behind. I would like to see the average Japanese person become more safety conscious because it is so heartbreaking and all too common to read stories like this one.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for beating 94-year-old father to death with iron See in context

Asagao, the woman is 61. She didnt leave a baby behind but presumably an adult child. Child was a poor choice of word on the part of the author.

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Posted in: Does Fukushima show a split in philosophy between Asia and Europe? See in context

To add to the above, according to the author nuclear energy is environmentally friendly but he attributes the green movement in Europe to doing away with nuclear plants there. How does that make sense?

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Posted in: Does Fukushima show a split in philosophy between Asia and Europe? See in context

I clicked on this with the reasonable expectation of reading something approximately a newspaper article. This piece, however, reads like a poorly written high school essay. In particular the comment about not protesting nukes while people are missing in Iwate and Miyagi struck me as nonsense. What do the two have to do with each other? While tragic, the missing almost certainly perished more than two months ago. How will refraining from demonstrations benefit those people?

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Posted in: Why do famous men with power and influence (Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, for example) risk everything with their sexual behavior? See in context

Because they are pigs. Does it require greater analysis than that? Just today I read in a newspaper that DSK was referred to as "the beast" because of his sexual appetite (shudder).

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Posted in: How one Japanese village defied the tsunami See in context

Amongst all the grim stories to emerge from the tsunami, here is an uplifting story of lives saved not lost, of a man with a prescient vision rather than tunnel vision, of a leader amongst bureaucratic cogs. Leave it to the typical JT forum mudslingers to take pure gold and spin it into crap.

Suspending reality for a moment, leaving aside the faulty logic made by Klein2 in his every-family-of-five-could-have-been-a-millionaire erroneous argument, forgetting the fact that our governmental leaders are not elected to create and manage private bank accounts for us (fund manager anyone?), supposing this actually had happened in the 1970s as Klein2 imagines, could we not hypothetize that Wamura might actually have lost the money in question in the bursting of economic bubble in late 1980s/early 90s?

Wamura was a man with a strength of vision who overcame adversity and opposition to actually save people from beyond his grave. Klein2 on the other hand is an armchair critic suffering from pathlogical contrariness to the degree that he actually calls this tsunami wall a boondoggle. Boondoggle it might have been had it failed - the fact that it didn't intrisically proves its worthiness.

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Posted in: Gov't to launch massive 2-day search for quake bodies See in context

@klein2 Why not a searchable database of unidentified victims' DNA? Surely this is not as complicated as you make out. The missing relatives could submit a DNA sample and have a search run. Surely for parents of missing children this is the humane thing to do. Besides, harder has been done if you consider 9/11. From the guardian online: "After the September 11 attacks, 1,597 of the presumed 2,789 victims were identified from the DNA of 19,946 pieces of human remains found in the rubble". Unless you've lost a parent or a child, it isn't for you to say "move on...this is closure."

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Posted in: TEPCO announces it will take 6-9 months to end nuclear crisis See in context

Clearly Klein2 was confusing cesium with strontium. As to what kind of fantasy world he is living in? The phenomenon is called positive illusion. Whatever gets you through, I guess.

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