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Posted in: Japan rock group Dragon Ash member nabbed for marijuana possession See in context

Such criminals!!!!

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Posted in: Japanese company will tell your boss you’re quitting for you; sees high demand for its services See in context

Holy hell. Everytime i actually said bye to my boss, i was happy. Am i normal?

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Posted in: Woman qualifies to become fighter jet pilot for 1st time in Japan See in context

We don't need armies.

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Posted in: Black bear mascot Kumamon to become YouTuber See in context

What has this world come to?

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Posted in: Aum executions open door for more debate on death penalty See in context

My opinion on death penalty is a pretty simple one: jail for life is a far greater punishment.

I find death penalty pretty soft compared to life-long imprisonment. If i was to choose, i would have had these criminals remain inside forever, with no chance of going out. That's punishment, in my book at least.

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Posted in: Suspects in abduction, murder of nurse met on internet 'dark site' See in context


I had no idea. Thanks for the info. Didn't want to Google it in case...eh...I actually would find myself....there!

Hahaha! And what if you found yourself... there? Do you think a leprechaun would pop out of your screen and jump at you?

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Posted in: Edo Cat Cafe opening in Tokyo See in context


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Posted in: Man pleads not guilty to murder of 9-year-old Vietnamese girl See in context

Put this man in a dark hole and let him rot in there for the rest of his miserable life.

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Posted in: Ecstasy may relieve the agony of PTSD: study See in context

For having tried it; it is indeed truly life changing. Grounds you up pretty well to what's solid inside, if i may express myself as such.

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Posted in: Peruvian man sentenced to death for 6 murders in Saitama See in context

I always get the feeling that in such cases, death sentence is such an easy way out. I say let the bastard rot in prison for life, isolated.. in my opinion that would be a proper punishment.

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Posted in: Mascots chosen by children for Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Paralympics unveiled See in context

I can't wait for the Olympics to be banished from the surface of the planet.

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Posted in: Survey reveals Japanese men really want home-made chocolate, but are women willing to make it? See in context

What about chocobos? How many japanese men want chocobos for Valentine's Day?

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Posted in: 2020 Tokyo Olympic costs keep rising See in context

Ahh the Olympics. Such grandeur. Such prestige. Too bad we live on a planet where a third of the people starve off in the mud. Let's keep the show going.

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Posted in: 11-year-old girl killed after wheel loader hits kids with impaired hearing See in context

"..pressed the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal.."

Let's make sure that excavator drivers know how to differenciate gas pedal from break pedal, please.

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Posted in: Tiny implant opens way to deliver drugs deep into the brain See in context

"Time to refill your implants, mister Cole."

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Posted in: Create better pancakes with over-ripe bananas See in context

Hell yeah, gonna try this out with these few over ripe bananas i got. Thanks!

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Posted in: Thousands stranded, scores injured in snowbound Tokyo See in context

"I had planned to visit the US after graduating from university but my flight was cancelled. Why today?" an exasperated female student told NHK.

Aaah. First world problems.

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Posted in: Japanese smartphone attachment trims your nose hairs See in context

You better pull it out, or it comes back stronger. Trimming nose hair is a pretty bad idea. Just saying.

Suffer 2 seconds for years of comfort, trust me.

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Posted in: Lifelike robots meant to win over humans See in context

As long as the government does not

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Posted in: Lifelike robots meant to win over humans See in context

What is of prime importance here, in this field? As long as the government does replace police officers by robots, we should be good i believe.

That must never happen. Some jobs are meant to stay within the confinement of human limitations. Breaching such a barrier would be a massive, deadly step over our collective freedom, wich could quickly escalate to totalitarian control and surveillance worlwide by a tiny elite hidden behind the machines.

For one, learning to rely on yourself for your basic needs such as food and shelter might be an early way out of this eventual mess - if we stay within the realm of hypothesis.

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Posted in: Christians worldwide prepare for Christmas with an eye on security See in context

Fear, and you give them all they want.

Be fearless, and control your destiny. Security measures are their tools for controlling us.

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Posted in: Joy to the weed! Marijuana legalization comes bearing gifts See in context

smoke weed everyday :)

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Posted in: IOC confident Tokyo 2020 venues will be ready on time See in context

That olympic movement is such a waste of ressources and energy. Let's ban the olympics, please. At least, boycott them.

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Posted in: A-bomb survivor, speaking at Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, urges world to ban nuclear weapons See in context

I always have thought of this option about nuclear arms to be the only valid option, for the sake of the planet.

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Posted in: Only 35.8% of toilets at high schools are Western-style: survey See in context

This paradox of arguably the most advanced tech country on the planet sticking to the same old squat toilets always had me perplexed.

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Posted in: Japan's economy grows at annualized rate of 1.4% in July-Sept See in context

And of course, not a word about bitcoin, wich adoption is growing gigantic by the hour in Japan.

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Posted in: Debate swirls as power of U.S. tech giants grows See in context

Well said, but you equally shouldn't trust Amazon. It's rapidly snowballing into something petty large and scary.

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Posted in: Man drops 2-year-old son into river; then goes missing while trying to rescue him See in context

He deserves to survive for saving his son.

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Posted in: Severed crow head found on tree branch at Kobe school known for infamous 1997 murder See in context

And this person, right now, is free? Where is justice? Nowhere to be seen.

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Posted in: Yuki Tsumugi: Tochigi Prefecture’s unique take on silk manufacturing See in context

Must be pretty soft. For a 35k$ kimono, at least. ;)

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