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The law is through 5 years 11 months and I do not believe it matters whether the child is in the front or back seat. I have never heard of any one getting a ticket because of this like they get in the States.

Obviously it matters, otherwise they wouldn't make a law about it.

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Got one like this (a ginkgo) in my backyard! Superb tree :)

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Posted in: U.S. Navy lifts temporary drinking ban on its sailors See in context

The locals don't want the US there.

What could be simpler than that? It's about time the Japanese gov make a move for the Okinawans, and makes it clear for the US that this ain't a place for their military bases. When the people speak, listen to it please.

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Posted in: 'Vagina kayak' artist convicted in obscenity case See in context

That is a nice ad for her, this affair :) I would gladly encourage her if I could.. she got a website?

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