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Posted in: Mother arrested over death of 7-year-old daughter had consulted with authorities in 2019, 2021 See in context

had consulted police and a child welfare center about psychological abuse of her daughter 


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Posted in: 93-year-old man arrested after trying to kill patient sharing same hospital room See in context

A private room is expensive daily, a semi private room is also, even with hoe can show, jp insurance card. Room cost can exceed treatment cost quickly. And some of these ww2 survivors geezers can be grumpy, and janky to say the least. They should make a bucket list and kick it.

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Posted in: Japan introduces up to one-year jail time for cyberbullying, online abuse See in context

"defines the crime as "a display of contempt towards someone without demonstrating facts in a recognizable manner" Just like in overt and covert racism.

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Posted in: 67-year-old man arrested after body of his mother found at home See in context


"Living with the dead seems fairly common here."

IMO: It seems fairly that it does not faze such.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for keeping mother's corpse in toilet at home See in context

"official also found it strange that flies were buzzing around inside the house near the toilet and reported the incident to the police."




whew...nasty & nutty

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Posted in: Tokyo police arrest video game YouTuber for marijuana possession See in context

"Hoping Black people aren’t targeted from his statement"

already had 3 j's call the nabs, the big one after NYC..... now they all"eyes on me" when outside.

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Posted in: Man arrested after attacking 2 men with knife on Osaka street See in context

"has so far given no motive for the attack"

yeah fell out of his playpen again.

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Posted in: 22-year-old woman arrested after leaving newborn baby in toilet bowl for 9 hours See in context

"A simple and humane comment like this being downvoted is simply pathetic! Some people are just idiots and lack any amount of intelligence to downvote these types of comments! Shame on them!!!"


This is one of the symptoms of the counter-controlling mechanisms and disdain for non-J, making criticism.

Due to censorship I can not bring more refs, and their myriad of societal issues in that regard.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually molesting woman after following her from restaurant See in context

"Turkish man on suspicion of sexually molesting a woman in her 20s at a train station."

cold turkey...deport him asap!

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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of killing his mother claims she ‘did it herself’ See in context

"Security camera footage also confirmed that no one had entered or left the apartment except Sakurai."


many private sec cams are monitored by sec cam employees, and can be called as a witness.

"In 2020, population density for Tokyo was 7,321.9 persons per 1 sq. km."

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Posted in: 78-year-old man stabbed in head by pick after argument with neighbor See in context

Lock the loser-fiend up asap!

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Posted in: Ghosn aide Kelly faces verdict in Nissan trial See in context

"It's been over 3 years since he was arrested. Just let him go back to America and wash his hands of this."


in j land that don't count

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Posted in: MSDF member arrested over sexual assault of teenage girl See in context

"He later threatened to tell her vocational school about sexually explicit photos of herself she had once posted on a social networking site. Iio asked for sex in exchange for keeping quiet about the photos."

Where do they get these thirsty, dusty, stank boosie, perverted, freaky, nutcrack, pedo, extortionist-minded creeps in the so-called ammonite Maritime Self-Defense Forces (JMSDF). BMJP

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder after stabbing woman walking along street See in context

"he wanted to sexually assault her will another charge be added because he incriminated himself based on his intent?"


Brilliant point, we need more like that. IMO the J-sys, will customarily go with an assuasive allegation.

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Posted in: Ex-Yamato worker gets 27 years in prison for murder See in context

Fool "said he had been hoping for the death penalty." he talk that crap on this side, like so many of "them" but on the other side he's eternally, horrifically screwed, by the severe demons of hades, and chains of darkness, and will hope foe escape where there is none.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for assaulting woman in Okinawa See in context

"Why didn't she call the police directly?"

perhaps because of the light blue wall of code?

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of tenant in same apartment building See in context

"Sotoyama at first told them there had been trouble between himself and Kikuchi but later denied the charge and said he couldn’t remember what happened."

Look likes Kikuchi was not a mobster ... with problems like that these days get with the chinese mob, may save you life

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Posted in: Uber Eats cyclist indicted over death of 78-year-old pedestrian See in context

"You’re the one who don’t know basic “driving” etiquette. The one who sees should be the one who gives way. That’s basic."

I'm talking about when being on a bike Holmes.

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Posted in: Uber Eats cyclist indicted over death of 78-year-old pedestrian See in context

I see many here agree , there is a foolish peril, riding bikes in Tokyo. I have had some close calls with people crossing in front of me not looking before they walk, and of course the ruthless "barrel through speeders," FRONT AND BEHIND, and the people who if you ring your bike bell at, all of a sudden want to jump gangsta at you. Really stupid $#!* I'd say.

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Posted in: Man suspected of killing wife, 11-month-old daughter See in context

"Killed his wife and infant daughter.

Not a man but a Maniac.

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Posted in: TV station employee arrested after head-butting police officer See in context

"man on suspicion of assaulting a police"

"Good way to start the New Year.."

Another website commentator indicated:

This type of thing is going to escalate so bad, curfews and other measures will be put in place as the calamities, plagues, and virus intensify.

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Posted in: Ex-police officer sent to prosecutors for groping two girls on trains See in context

He's lucky he's JN... in america his mugshot would be posted all across the newspapers and media outlets, and he would be placed in a national sex offender pedophile database for life, and receive lengthy jail time.

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Posted in: Woman attacks 2 passengers with blunt instrument on train in Yokohama See in context

@Lewis Clarke

"I wonder what would happen to the brave soul who ends up fighting back and kills one of these mentally I’ll individuals."

in most cases themz nabsters would throw the book at em, In j-land you are expected to get beat down, and somehow be able to notify "themz" any retaliation is not allowed only run for your life:


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Posted in: Police search house of man linked to deadly Osaka fire See in context

@ snowymountainhell

"suspect the culprit’s doctor(s) may have had some idea the culprit’s inclinations and, perhaps, may not have acted to detain & hospitalize an individual who potentially would have been a danger to theirselves or others."


you are looking at the tip of the iceberg -problem, of j-land, frustration is so high among them, its as if they want their world to implode.

word on te street in okinawa is that a white yellow war is brewing; with the Chinese who feed most of them with their restaurants, and heavily share coded "kanji characters" is putting such subversive thoughts in their head, while heavy anti US sentiment is high, during the base occupation and taiwan emerging theatre, and the inclinations and signs are being ignored.

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Posted in: Police sergeant disciplined for stealing about ¥200 from shrine donation box See in context

"If you’re a cop in a senior position caught stealing, this is likely not your first theft, and the behavior possibly extends to the officers around you."

Another website suggested as the cataclysmic event takes over, they may be supplanted with the UN police under the new world order

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Posted in: Man arrested for robbing elderly woman in her apartment See in context

"threatening an elderly woman with a knife and stealing 70,000 yen in cash."

"he's a construction worker"; a lot of  ruffians, in hat work here: Jubelo, Jubela, and Jubelum, ORE ORE...

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Posted in: Gov't to make security cameras mandatory on trains See in context

With 77% of Jp Jabbed, 5G should be clocking them by now.

according to many websites, but I cant drop the links here.

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Posted in: Man arrested over death of 84-year-old mother See in context

"50-year-old unemployed man on suspicion of killing his 84-year-old mother with whom he lived."

 "And that's the way it is."

Japan's mental health care system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system.

"Freedom of thought is not just important to democracy, it is democracy."

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Posted in: Tokyo train attacker served new attempted murder warrant See in context

"his act was inspired by another knife attack in August"

Not much counseling services available.

But the over maned squad of Master aftermathers will arrive shortly with priority blue tarps if something pops off.

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Posted in: SDF member arrested for assaulting customer at convenience store See in context

I once saw some trouble like that "near the entrance of a convenience" in Atami, I called their klystrons , and they said "no speak engrish", and hung up.

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