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Posted in: 22-year-old man arrested for killing brother with hammer See in context

"A 22-year-old unemployed man killed his 25-year-old unemployed brother by beating him with a hammer on the head".

the mother ran next-door for help. Her neighbor called 119 to report that the woman’s two sons were arguing and fighting"


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Posted in: Australia jails Japanese man for importing methamphetamine See in context

he'll be welcomed to the locked down boosie.

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Posted in: Ghosn's accused escape plotters face skeptical U.S. judge in extradition fight See in context


Judge Allison Burroughs, would show them what time it is.

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Posted in: No. of accused stalkers undergoing rehab treatment reaches record high 824 See in context

"reasons for refusing treatment included denying they had a psychological problem"

They are so lucky to be japanese in japan, american cops would have long rested them in peace.

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Posted in: Passenger injured by pepper spray in Tokyo subway following argument over face mask See in context


"it's disturbing to learn how many nutters there really are"

that's right... you never know which one is ready to flip out....especially in crowded places.

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Posted in: U.S. calls bid to stop extradition of 2 to Japan 'meritless' See in context

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was in Asia ..this case is getting bigger everyday, might be headed to the supreme court.

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Posted in: Fire department employee arrested for indecent behavior with minor See in context

this year I think it has been about 5 cases so far.

would post the links but...

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for throwing bodily fluid on woman’s bag linked to 2 other incidents See in context


yeah I agree, some of those subway escalators can be very steep, crowded, and very long, posing all kinds of risk in today's stressful climate these days.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for throwing bodily fluid on woman’s bag linked to 2 other incidents See in context

" has been linked to two similar incidents"

reads like this blue line nutcrack has been slinging nutz for a while...

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Posted in: Police officer caught downloading dirty videos from suspect’s phone See in context


"Why bother doing something like that when there's a mountain of free porn available on the internet? From what I hear I mean."

They want more closer j-skins, the more local the better, a national family affair.

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Posted in: 51-year-old man arrested over murder of wife, mother-in-law See in context

"killing his 51-year-old wife and his 80-year-old mother-in-law while they were asleep, and attempting to kill his son at around 6 a.m."

Did one of those early morning dusty off guard sneak attacks, well known for.

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Posted in: 37-year-old man arrested over sexual assault of high school student See in context

btw I forgot to add the j-criminals have much higher admission to guilt when cornered, but also can have selective amnesia.

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Posted in: Fukuoka man cleared of theft charges because he was 'only borrowing' victim’s bike See in context

I got my bike knocked over many times when visiting super markets, restaurants, etc, sometimes getting a broken mirror, or a broken brake handle, and air let out of tires, and rear rim cracked, and bike basket cover slashed. Be careful where you park your bike, from the loser watching bums. I also now chain my bike up to a fence rail, to make it harder to knock over, and try to park in easy view, and come out to check on it. -dam shame.

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Posted in: Nissan employee testifies against former exec Kelly at trial See in context

"He has been charged with under-reporting Ghosn’s compensation by 9.3 billion yen over several years."

"Toshiaki Ohnuma, a star witness he said he handled executive compensation matters, including working with Kelly on finding ways to pay Ghosn without disclosing it."

A star Japanese witness word against a heavily criminally accused Hakujin IN Japan,

he's toast they are going to fry him, Japanese style; completely biased. The lynch mob is on him like white on rice. They probably already selected what prison he will go to, where the special forces will never be able to help him.

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Posted in: Former Nissan executive Greg Kelly pleads not guilty as trial begins See in context

Down here in Okinawa, the nationalist are on his case with hellfire, adding to the anti american sentiment.

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Posted in: Judge OKs extradition to Japan of 2 men accused of aiding Ghosn escape See in context


no foreigners will get a fair trial in japan.

japan failed in their jurisdiction system. what is the sense to send them there?

Only if you are active duty military or a civilian under US SOFA status, or under US embassy jurisdiction then you have a better chance in J-land.

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Posted in: Man arrested for urinating in beer cans and leaving them on side of road See in context

BTW that location has about 4 subway entrances on this relatively short street. I can imagine how quickly peeps can come from a myriad of different areas and render exploits, and jet out of one of those subway entrances.Things had gotten so bad from many different crimes that they once setup a temporary police box in the middle of that street.

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Posted in: Man arrested for urinating in beer cans and leaving them on side of road See in context

I remember where I once worked, (IMO the locals of no known occupations etc., were hating at that location) a covert miscreant(s) was leaving stools and used toilet paper near the entrance of the workplace in the parking lot. The fuzz was summoned and they just looked at it, wrote down some things and told an elderly office women from another office to help clean it up. It happened a few more times, then finally stopped.

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Posted in: Crime in Japan declines during coronavirus pandemic See in context

@pudus, yeah I have had my bike knocked over plenty of times at bike parking places, one time the mirror was broken, and another the rear wheel rim was cracked. I caught one old guy messing with my bike, but he ran.

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally stabbing friend at apartment See in context

@pudus, I was thinking the same thing, I foresee, much increased incarceration, as Japan economy declines, no more coddling, j-society cant afford them anymore.

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Posted in: 4 firefighters arrested over gang-rape of teenager at karaoke parlor See in context

Straight up and down fools, threw away their livelihood over foolishness, during a pandemic!

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Posted in: Turkish man killed at Saitama apartment; friend arrested See in context


didn't the "kurds" have a brawl with the baby yaks in Shibuya Scramble Crossing over slinging zones?


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Posted in: Man arrested for ramming car into work crew, killing one; claims he ‘wanted to be a god’ See in context

What's more frustrating is the loban's will rescue them if you take one of them out in self defense.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting woman walking home See in context

""similar assaults in the Ikebukuro area"" no kidding...

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Posted in: Thailand claims breakthrough in Japanese tourist murder case See in context

Thailand is so corrupt, with raggedy infrastructure and full of lies, the British probably helped them with the DNA, analysis, and they are now saying they did it. Thailand is now a death trap, HIV, extortion, drugs, murder, and cyclic civil unrest (yellow shirts vs orange shirts). I saw on the news in the 90's where grenades were thrown by protesters at riot police. Bangkok, is a huge sink hole waiting to happen.

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Posted in: Man arrested for spreading false Twitter rumors about five Japanese idol singers for revenge See in context

This article is talking about the Japanese version .jp of twitter, Just like here in Malaysia we have a Malaysian version of twitter .my, The US version is .com

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Posted in: 2-year sentence sought for Japanese singer Makihara in drug case See in context

"He is accused of possessing less than a milligram in his shared apartment, that was probably some remains forgotten long years ago."


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Posted in: Four arrested over robbery, assault in Tochigi See in context

"The Afghani kid's life is about to get a hard reboot."

He''l catch hell so hard he'll wish he was back home under the Taliban

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Posted in: 70-year-old man, wearing stolen woman’s underwear, arrested at her apartment See in context

"Nishikata told police he wanted to steal the woman’s underwear while it was hung out to dry on the balcony"

He is a waste of human space.

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Posted in: 55-year-old man arrested over murder of parents See in context

He did a double whammy, took out mammy and pappy...

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