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Posted in: 'Hostage justice?' Japan fights back with an internet FAQ See in context

I don't even know why the MOJ bothered. Like they have any incentive to change anything. What, are countries going to withhold trade deals over this?

If I were the MOJ, I would be like, "Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it?"

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife says she wasn't in the loop about his escape See in context

He rode the Shinkansen? I wonder how he was able to disguise himself. I'm thinking a beard, stache, mask, sunglasses, or a full on Mission Impossible level disguise.

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Posted in: Anti-train groper badge design contest announces this year’s winners See in context

Maria - that's nice of you. Now spread that logic and courage to elementary, JHS, and HS students, and oh, let's not forget the boys.

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Posted in: Is rugby in Japan on a roll after WorldCup, or will the 'rugby bubble' deflate? See in context

It's doomed. Hard to watch. A scrum always looks like a bunch of beefy guys laying a single egg.

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Posted in: Anti-train groper badge design contest announces this year’s winners See in context

Sooooo, how many people are actually going to wear this?

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of sister and her 3-year-old son in Saitama See in context

Japan does have mental health care. But will people actually use it?

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Posted in: Famed Tokyo sushi restaurant Jiro dropped from Michelin gourmet guide See in context

@stranger - "then why aren't these shops charging as much as Jiro"

So restaurants should charge a high price because if you charge 40000 yen, you will still get the volume of customers that you would have if you had charged 4000. Really, really, really, really, really think about that.

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Posted in: Famed Tokyo sushi restaurant Jiro dropped from Michelin gourmet guide See in context

@stranger - "For those who think kaitenzushi is as good as a proper sushi restaurant, why is it you suppose they don't charge the same prices? Or something more in line with the high cost places?"

So you equate price with quality. Really, really, really think about that.

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Posted in: 3 men arrested for selling All Blacks merchandise in violation of trademark law See in context

Why are so many of you defending this people? Yes, they are not criminals in the same way as a serial killer, but it's still copyright infringement. They perfectly well knew what they were doing was illegal.

How would you like it if you copyrighted something, and someone else profits off of your idea?

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Posted in: KFC opens all-you-can-eat-and-drink buffet restaurant in Tokyo See in context

cleo - KFC tastes good. It's one of the U.S.' greatest exports, right up there with hip hop music and that Frozen theme song.

In China, I read it's even considered a luxury item. And it brings families together to enjoy all of that greasy goodness.

BTW, saw a couple of sumo wrestlers at an all you can eat place in Yokohama. The owners must have been thinking, "we can kiss our profits good-bye tonight"

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Posted in: Winter arrivals See in context

Nature is pretty amazing. And I have to get out more.

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Posted in: England fined for encroaching on All Blacks haka at Rugby World Cup See in context

Japan's gotta come in and do their own thing - like the sumo stomp. That'll win them the next world cup

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Posted in: Everyone is watching us now, says proud Japan coach Joseph See in context

It's still one of those once-every-four-years-sports for me. It's right up there with ski jumping. I have a feeling a lot of Japanese fans will feel the same.

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Posted in: Uruguay rugby players assault staff, damage Kumamoto restaurant See in context

"I was drunk and don't remember" should have been the stock response.

The most heinous of the offenses: destroying the stuffed bear.

If the bear was Kumamon, then they should answer to the wrath of all those who worship Kumamon.

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Posted in: Japan's rugby team shows off the changing face of the nation See in context

"They'll accept athletes and celebrities so long as those people do well, but I have yet to see how this has benefited the people 'on the ground' who are often shunned or experience all sorts of negative things." - Well said.

Lots of YouTube videos of people talking about why they left Japan, and a big one is never being fully "accepted", despite their Japanese being fluent. Some choose to overlook that and decide to stay, while others have enough and move on to where their race or country of origin is less of an issue.

That said, maybe rugby will inch the country closer to at least not thinking that it's OK for the police to randomly card every person with a certain skin color or other distinctive foreign feature.

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Posted in: Japan rejoices after Rugby World Cup over Scotland See in context

Ah_so - You must be assuming that I was fixated on the racial make up of the team during the match. As I said, I appreciate the brutality of the sport, but the team photo... Well, some of you choose to look at it one way, others look at it differently. Let's agree to disagree on the acceptability of switching nationalities for the sake of being able to compete in a sport on an international level.

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Posted in: Japan rejoices after Rugby World Cup over Scotland See in context

Yubaru - I know the rules. Maybe you think everyone has to agree with them, and that a team stocked with foreign talent (and a coach) for the sole purpose of beefing up rugby to make the country feel proud is OK. If that floats your boat, enjoy!

Yesterday was the first full rugby game I ever watched, and I appreciate how brutal of a sport it is. But all the while watching, I couldn't help but sense that this team is the bridge that Japan needs to propel what may be an all-born-in-Japan squad being successful in the future. Sort of like that whole "Yeah, having a Mongolian-born grand champion is nice and all, but..."

And don't get me started on that Naomi Osaka thing.

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Posted in: Fans frustrated as typhoon disrupts World Cup See in context

Japan dropped the ball on this one. And so did the Rugby organizers. And so did the fans for flying all the way over here.

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Posted in: Train operators, airlines to suspend services as typhoon on course to strike eastern Japan See in context

What's the big deal?

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Posted in: Yamanashi police end 16-day search for missing 7-year-old girl See in context

Parents should start considering implanting a tracking device into their kids, or at least make them wear a bracelet with GPS - like wearing a seat belt. No exceptions.

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Posted in: 6 months past legal drinking age, actress Kanna Hashimoto reveals binge drinking See in context

Abbey and Norman - really sorry about that. Totally misread the meaning. I shall perform penance by forcing a couple of German beers down my throat after work.

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Posted in: Finally, an easy one: U.S. rolls over Japan 98-45 at basketball World Cup See in context

Wow! Didn't see that coming

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Posted in: 6 months past legal drinking age, actress Kanna Hashimoto reveals binge drinking See in context

Abbey - you cared enough to write a comment

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Posted in: Nagoya exhibition defends pulling 'comfort woman' statue; opponents say it's censorship See in context

The police should track down those who make even veiled threats.

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Posted in: Leonardo DiCaprio urges government action on Amazon fires See in context

Lead by example, or clam up

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Posted in: Two 17-year-old girls arrested for dumping newborn baby’s body near river in June See in context

If you are selling your body at 17, you are REALLY naive, or just wanted the money for glam bags. Maybe her parents tried to intervene, maybe they didn't. No one knows except her and that "true friend".

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Posted in: Parents arrested on suspicion of attempting to kill son See in context

I heard this type of behavior is often over debts or bankruptcy

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 unveils Paralympic torchbearer uniforms See in context

The beer gut Olympics.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempting to kill 84-year-old husband at hospital See in context

dementia? money-hungry? had another guy? maybe she thought she had another guy?

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Posted in: 'A star is born!' Golf-mad Japan salutes 'Smiling Cinderella' See in context

Kaeri - I think it was her fairy godmother

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