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Posted in: 'A star is born!' Golf-mad Japan salutes 'Smiling Cinderella' See in context

Kaeri - I think it was her fairy godmother

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Posted in: Boy, 8, dies in Germany after he and mother are pushed onto train tracks See in context

Could be payback after an Eritrean was shot somewhere else in Germany 5 days ago, apparent by a far right extremist.

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Posted in: Man arrested after stabbing 15-year-old son with fork See in context

Stick a fork in this dad. He's done.

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Posted in: China's Sun wins 200 free via DQ; gets shunned on podium See in context

Just let everyone dope up. It's the only way to ensure the Games are fair.

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Posted in: Is Japan’s tourism industry sustainable? See in context

I've been to the countryside in Japan, and there is not much out there to really be mind-blowing. A lot of the mountains are meh. And how long can your really hang out in an onsen? Handing tourists an English speaking menu is not the same as interacting with them: "Where are you from?", "Do you have a son who's single and rich?". Small talk goes a long way.

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Posted in: Facing Olympic hotel shortage, Tokyo looks offshore for cruise ships See in context

The love hotel idea is good. Someone in NYC tried to pawn off an igloo on AirBnb. Just make some fake snow and start building away. Let people pitch tents in the Olympic stadium. Just have to pack up before the first events of the day start.

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Posted in: Japan struggling with social worker shortage to help recluses See in context

I say let them be. Can't save everybody. It would be a tremendous waste of time and energy just to bring one of these recluses back into the fold of society. Better off on focusing on educating kids to NOT be a recluse. Now, about those games they play all day...

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Posted in: Arson-murder suspect a reclusive, quarrelsome gamer, neighbor says See in context

Smith - had the exact same experience as you. Neighbor cranked club music at ?? am in the morning. I banged on his door at ?? in the morning. No answer. Complained to the building manager. Nothing they could do. I wound up moving.

Do the hustle - Right there with you about gamers, except for the part about slapping them. As long as they play their games and not hurt other people... Oh wait...

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Posted in: Trump slams congresswomen; crowd roars, 'Send her back!' See in context

Trump is one smart cookie. If he gets people like you to call him a racist, or anti-immigration, or whatever, he wins. So hate him as much as you want; it's part of his plan for the 2020 race, and you guys are pawns.

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Posted in: Talent agency Johnny & Associates warned by regulator over ex-SMAP members See in context

Can't they appear in dramas? Do handshaking events? Compensating dating? YouTube videos of unboxing something? By gosh, their "careers" are not in the slightest bit over. Why, they are just beginning and ready to rocket to the moon.

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador to Japan Hagerty to resign this month See in context

Dear Donnie,

I hereby submit my application to be the next...

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Posted in: Kondo, Ohtani honored for enhancing U.S.-Japan relations See in context

Sounds like a made-up award just for the So-Cal J-community to have a chance to meet them. Who were the previous winners?

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Posted in: Japanese entertainment mogul Johnny Kitagawa dies at age 87 See in context

"Guinness World Records titles for the most No. 1 artists, the most No. 1 singles and the most concerts produced by an individual."

I thought these were supposed to be "world" records. More like, #1 singles IN JAPAN. And what's a "No. 1 artist"? Sales? Popularity?

And "most concerts"? A lot of street buskers will say, "Hey, wait a minute. Those 2 fans grooving to my tunes outside of ??? train station count as a concert".

His passing will change nothing in the entertainment industry. If you want to be on stage or in front of the camera, you better be ready to "please" the powers.

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Posted in: Joey 'Jaws' Chestnut, Miki Sudo win annual Nathan's Famous July Fourth hot dog eating contest See in context

Maria, part of their wealth and perhaps ability to donate large amounts of money is this eating contest, which brings in a lot of publicity and customers.

So again, are you in a position to criticize them? Not asking for info on your charitable contributions to society so I can give you a "pat on the back". I'm just wondering if you are just a troll, a hypocrite, or someone legit.

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Posted in: Joey 'Jaws' Chestnut, Miki Sudo win annual Nathan's Famous July Fourth hot dog eating contest See in context

By the way, those are swanky belts. Wish I had one.

Nathan's hot dogs are the best! Try one. Guarantee you'll be hooked :)

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Posted in: Joey 'Jaws' Chestnut, Miki Sudo win annual Nathan's Famous July Fourth hot dog eating contest See in context

Maria and Kentaro, Nathan's donates to charity:


And what do you, Maria and Kentaro, do to help society?




Does this make Japan "4th world"?

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Posted in: Giant Beijing airport set to open on eve of China's 70th birthday See in context

So the U.S. is four times older than China.

Oh, and about that smog problem in Beijing...

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic stadium 90% complete; opening set for December See in context

Three comments above used the word "legacy", and essentially echoed the same thing. Me thinks these are the same person.

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Posted in: Japan official to Kardashian West: Kimono belongs to Japan See in context

Yeah, I remember the sushi thing. And you know, whatever. What is the standard of quality in Japan does not have to be the standard in other countries. If they enjoy their version of sushi, woohoo! In fact, I would say going to a sushi place is a far more fun experience than going to one of those Sushi Jiro joints, where you have to be so prim and proper. What did Ferris Bueller say about sticking a coal up Cameron's hole and winding up with a diamond?

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Posted in: Japan official to Kardashian West: Kimono belongs to Japan See in context

She has as much talent as any other "celebrity" who made their fortune off of "talent". I rank her right up there with Melanie Griffith.

She's also proven to be a very, very shrewd business person that has built an empire.

As for the "kimono", the word is not Japanese property. I actually think if she is the first to copyright it for her brand, then it's her right.

I actually think it was a clever use of the word, and if anything, it brought more publicity to her brand. Regardless, she wins. To all of those complaining, she played you well.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. affirm alliance after Trump revives security treaty criticism See in context

Trump is the smartest person standing there. Her father is also kind of alright.

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Posted in: Man found guilty of forcing women into sex trade to clear 'debts' See in context

The same scam happens to guys - ぼったくり - where guys are charge an outrageous amount for a drink at a bar. How come they are not forced into prostitution?

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Posted in: 9 teenage boys arrested for attacking, robbing 40-year-old man See in context

There's actually a name for that kind of predatory behavior?

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Posted in: Stop it! Anti-groper app becomes smash hit See in context

Just stop taking the trains - all you women who might be targets, and all you men who might be falsely accused. Ride one of those motorized e-scooters, like you see all around Santa Monica.

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Posted in: Rakuten launches live video streaming service See in context

The likely message in the streaming: "Buy more stuff, and then more stuff, and then even more stuff stuff".

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Posted in: Child fatally assaulted by father was earlier released from custody despite his sexual abuse of her See in context

@Disill - "welfare" = physical and mental health and happiness, especially of a person

So job #1 of the "welfare" agency, make sure the kids do not get harmed are worse, even in their own family. They do have psychologists. They do have the authority to have the authorities intervene if there is a threat (as anybody would have). And why bring up the yaks?

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Posted in: Child fatally assaulted by father was earlier released from custody despite his sexual abuse of her See in context

@Ship - If I remember from a previous article, the father went to the school or the center and was belligerently demanding to see what she wrote. Whatever official there acquiesced probably because he/she felt threatened or just wanted to get rid of the guy.

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Posted in: Japanese seniors turning to flea market apps to declutter See in context

Just get Marie Kondo and her minions to help.

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Posted in: Child fatally assaulted by father was earlier released from custody despite his sexual abuse of her See in context

Poor little girl didn't stand a chance, with her "parents" and the "child welfare" center as twisted as they are.

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Posted in: Nissan profit nose-dives 57.3% See in context

They'll be fine. 1.5 billion DOLLARS in profits is nothing to sneeze at.

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