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Posted in: Trump backs down; orders end to family separations at U.S. border See in context

Because of the "Zero-tolerance" policy, there is high chance illegal border-crossers will be prosecuted as criminals if they try to cross the U.S. border illegally (just as one might considered such if attempting the same at an airport).

Under "Zero-tolerance", essentially, these people are considered criminals. Just as with any criminal, there is forced separation of minors from the criminal for the benefit of the children for their own "welfare". So the questions are:

Are illegal border crossers criminals?

If you are a parent willing to put your children at risk trying to cross a border illegally, then are you not a risk to your child's safety? Should this type of behavior not be deterred - aka, zero-tolerance?

Perhaps the economic situation in one's homeland is dire enough that they are willing to take the risk (hence, the waves of people willing to risk it all to enter parts of Europe or elsewhere by boat).

What should be done with families who try to illegally cross with kids? Should they be sent straight back or should some other type of facility be built - at U.S. taxpayers' expense?

I'll let you debate this one.

Is "Zero-tolerance" wrong? Maybe, maybe not.

Trump's constituents are demanding "Zero-tolerance".

But it also might be necessary policy if these numbers from factcheck.org (a non-profit, non-partisan group) are accurate:

"From fiscal year 2010 to fiscal 2016, there were 2,362,966 adults apprehended illegally crossing the Southern border, and 492,970 were referred for prosecution, those figures show. But that doesn’t tell us anything about how many children may have been separated from their parents under Obama. And we don’t have such statistics to compare the past to the present."

So basically, was Trump as bad as Obama in allowing kids to be separated from families?

Statistically, we don't know. But at least Trump took a step in signing and executive order to stop these separations - one step in what will be a LONG process to try and curb illegal immigration. So congratulations to the Trump-bashers for raising an issue that was almost certainly happening under Obama (unless all 492,970 referred for prosecution in the 2010 to 2016 period under Obama did not bring kids with them).

Do try to get some facts straight before lobbing vitriol at someone whose constituents



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Posted in: Bend it like Beckham See in context

He's making a fortune with these appearances in Japan. Leveraging his star power makes good business sense, because that revenue flow is going to dry up sooner or later. Better to cash in now.

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Posted in: Cry if you want to: 13 governors back bawling babies See in context

They should have signs that warn customers that babies are allowed to cry there. Then I know not to go there. Win-win for everyone.

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Posted in: Indian taxi driver arrested over rape of Japanese tourist See in context

Other than the rapes and the high risk of Delhi Belly, India sounds like a swell place.

And yes, if women want to roll the dice in an area where there is constant news of mistreatment towards women, then they have every right to roll away and assert their right as women in the 21st Century. I'm sure potential rapists will give her a pass, because, well, because that's how the world should be.

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Posted in: New stylish Japanese license plates lets people show off prefecture pride on the move See in context

It's going to distract drivers enamored by the design and cause carnage on the road.

And the numbers are supposed to be super-visible in case the car kills a gorilla and witnesses need to ID the vehicle of the assailant.

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Posted in: Japanese airports short of safety inspectors See in context

Labor shortage? Can't imagine why. Looks like the most exciting job in the world.

Keeping the bad guys out should be a priority at the airports. As Corporal Hicks said in the movie Aliens about xenomorphs: "I now we're all in strung out shape, but stay frosty and alert. We can't afford to let one of those b#$%& in here."

Tokyo better be frosty and alert. Lots of bad people out there itching to cause a world of hurt.

Here are some ways to make up for the shortfall:

1) Get police officers in other prefectures to chip in some time at the airports, because there ain't a lot going on as far as crime in the other prefectures.

2) Get the Self-Defense Forces to chip in some time at the airports, because that North Korea thing is just about over.

3) Get retirees to chip in some time at the airports, because Japan's got a lot of them.

4) Start profiling people. Let the Japanese through quicker than others. Only frisk the suspicious looking passengers, like old ladies with canes.

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Posted in: David Beckham visits Japan with son Brooklyn; feasts on Japanese sushi and wagyu beef See in context

Wow does he look like Posh. When the World Cup was held here, all my then girlfriend could talk about was Becks, so he is a god here and his visit is newsworthy by Japanese standards.

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Posted in: New Starbucks policy in U.S.: No purchase needed to sit in cafes See in context

I've already seen foreign customers at Starbucks in Japan doing that very thing: having bought nothing but sitting there using the WiFi. Of course, the Japanese staff are not going to tell them to exit because they get to use that special "foreigner's pass".

As for Sbux in the U.S., as mmwkdw said, crank up that coffee aroma to an 11, and see your profits nosedive. There are other choices for decent coffee in places where it doesn't feel like you've walked into a Greyhound bus station.

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Posted in: 3 Taiwanese women get suspended sentences for smuggling gold in bras See in context


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Posted in: Actor Ken Watanabe splits with actress wife See in context

An actor cheats on his wife? Unbelievable! What is the world coming to!?

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Posted in: Tokyo crow that tried to buy a train ticket gets illegally captured See in context

Crows' lives matter.

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Posted in: Tech billionaire says his plan to break up California ready for voters See in context

First I heard of this as well. As long as each split part has a self-sustaining source of revenue, then I don't see the problem. Generally, smaller is better in terms of managing societies.

The renaming of the split parts should be as follows:




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Posted in: Americans world's biggest TV addicts, watching four hours a day See in context

I tell people I don't have a TV just to sound cool.

Not surprised about the U.S. stat. Most Americans live in areas where your options for entertainment are the local bowling alley and the other local bowling alley. Oh yeah, there's that movie theater thing, and a few bars around. Regardless, step out of your house there, and you're risking life and limb from a car accident due to drunk driving, a psycho shooting up the facility, or worse.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for not reporting death of father, continuing to collect his pension See in context

So the friend ratted her out.

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Posted in: Trump says there will be 'big price to pay' for Syria chemical attack See in context

Advice to T-boss: Don't do anything until you get the facts straight. Just look at that WMD circus that got us into Iraq. The rebels could have staged this in a desperate attempt to get the U.S. sucked into this further.

And even if it is proven that Assad authorized the attack, get the U.N. involved. Don't go shooting cruise missiles and have Syria's and Russia's ire directed squarely at the U.S.

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Posted in: Japanese idol singer to hold memorial concert for 55-year-old fan who died alone and had no funeral See in context

Geoff - a "star" actually showing concern for a fan: check! A sour Brit: double check!

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man arrested at JR Shinjuku Station See in context

Couldn't find a job? Whatever could be the reason why.

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Posted in: 60 years later, Kim Novak reflects on 'Vertigo' See in context

I tell people I like Vertigo just to sound cool and pretentious. The same when I excoriate Marvel films.

And I use the phrase "They really don't make 'em like they used to" to sound like an old geezer who just doesn't get the artistry of Transformers 3.

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Posted in: Popular virtual YouTuber Kizuna Ai selected as ambassador for new 'Come to Japan' campaign See in context

"Japan is so much more than this."

Milktooth, any suggestions on what Japan should feature instead?

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Posted in: 'Shape of Water' wins best picture; acting Oscars go to Oldman, McDormand See in context

Subscribe to MUBI, and never complain about Hollywood again.

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Posted in: Is it a crime to ditch a bad date and leave them with the bill? Japanese man finds out See in context

maybeperhaps - Did he even try to get to know her? - Really? In this day and age? We swipe right on Tinder based on looks alone.

But I agree with Stranger - should have just said, "Sorry, there must be a horrible mistake," and then walk away. Happened to me many times with girls who took one look at me.

So this story basically tells me that I can sue a woman who shows up and has no intention of paying her half of the date?

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Posted in: Suicide of real estate firm worker caused by overwork See in context

How about just asking for help? Or just saying, "I won't work any more overtime!" He can't get fired.

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Posted in: Japan wins WTO dispute against S Korea's import ban on Fukushima-related food See in context

dcog - please cite examples of how SK does not abide by the rules. And also, please cite countries that DO always follow the rules.

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Posted in: Ivanka Trump to attend Winter Olympics finale in S Korea See in context

CrazyJoe - Plastic Barbie? That's offensive to blonde modelesque women everywhere. She went to the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. And your credentials are...

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Posted in: 7 women caught smuggling gold from S Korea concealed in their bodies See in context

Flashback to Pulp Fiction and the Christopher Walken scene.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan celebrate skaters' friendship See in context

Sites like JT fuel the fire by posting LOTS of stuff about comfort women or the A bombs or yadda, yadda, yadda, and then commenters jump in and start bashing this or that. Is some of it newsworthy? Perhaps. But much of it is to get the commenters hooked into commenting, fueling the fire and boosting viewer numbers.

So let me personally thank JT for posting something positive for a change.

What these skaters have shown is that friendship begins from the ground up, not the top down. Now let's all live in peace while holding our national flags.

Oh, and let's keep enjoying those North Korean cheerleaders. Watching them reminds me of how the Japanese fans are at baseball games. See! The countries are very similar.

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Posted in: Trump lawyer says he paid $130,000 to porn star linked to president See in context

Get a life. At least the guy has a libido. As long as he doesn't run the country into the ground, I don't care if he invites a mistress over to the WH every night. That's his personal business.

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Posted in: Airlines, flight schools try to lure pilots with cheaper - or free - training See in context

RealC - Ageism sucks for the older folks, but it could be what the students want. They prefer a Brad Pitt look-a-like to some old goat who can barely stand for more than 10 seconds.

As for pilot training, I don't know why there aren't more signing up. Seems like a glam career with glam flight attendants.

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