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Posted in: Face tattoos: A trend that is here to stay? See in context

If you're career aspirations are to be a rapper, drug dealer, truck driver, or if you're not planning on settling in Japan, what's the problem?

I was thinking of tattooing my face with a permanent smile, because people like people who smile, so I heard.

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Posted in: Matsuzaka sustains freak injury after fan pulls his arm during spring training See in context

Ban fans from fan events.

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Posted in: Elementary school girl detained after stabbing sleeping mother See in context

To all parents - sleep with one eye open. Your kids may be smiling when you take away their game controller, but maybe, just maybe, they're plotting how to use that futon whacker on you.

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Posted in: Actor Liam Neeson fights to recover after sharing racist episode See in context

Over the weekend, the lead singer in some band was shot in a botched robbery attempt in Nashville. The victim was white. The assailants were black, and all teens or pre-teens. Like none of the victim's family members or friends don't have a shred of contempt when looking at young black people?

In today's modern world, EVERYONE is racist and stereotypes to some degree, whether you think or say something negative or positive about another race or culture.

Neeson was aware/intelligent enough to know that what he was feeling was going to lead to no good, and so good on him.

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Posted in: Grammys producer on why Ariana Grande isn't performing See in context

The Original - You should give Cardi B a listen - kind of grows on you.

RHCP - They've got at least 5 classic tunes that put them right up there with the rest of rock royalty.

And throwing shade on Dolly Parton? That woman is hilarious, and doesn't take herself too seriously, and gives LOTS to charity. What is your great contribution to humanity?

wasteland (n.) - The Original Wing's comment

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Posted in: Automakers in U.S. recall 1.7 million cars with Takata airbags See in context

kazetsukai - I see what you're saying about airbags saving lives. However, according to reports, officials at Takata tried to cover up potential issues back when the first known accident occurred: https://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/motoring/motoring-news/takata-alleged-to-have-known-about-airbag-defects-as-early-as-2000/news-story/080fdfd29b8931eb113fa9701d8f1785

23 lives lost. There's blood on their hands because they were slow and finally were forced to admit fault.

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Posted in: From judo to ice cream See in context

Ice-cream for weight loss? In Japan? Doomed, I tell ya.

A famous American comedian joked about McDonald's offering healthy items - like people on a diet should go to McDonald's.

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Posted in: Man breaks into Defense Ministry, apparently to steal rifle from guard See in context

Reminds me of a Seinfeld joke - something like apparently the Great Barrier Reef has sharks...not such a great barrier.

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Posted in: Idol singer who was attacked at home removes affiliation with idol group from Twitter profile See in context

Kenji - She should just go solo? No way can she make a living off of her "talents" as a solo "artist". She should deliver for Uber Eats if she wants to make enough.

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Posted in: Suspected abuse of record-high 80,100 children reported in Japan in 2018 See in context

Hard to know what to do in a lot of these cases. The "simple" solution is to remove the kid from the home, but then we have orphanages filling up, and in a country where adoption rates are low,..

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Posted in: Man cons woman out of ¥6.35 mil in romance fraud See in context

Strangerland, I was kidding. No group of people are perfect, except for the French and Italians, at least culturally and gastronomically.

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Posted in: Man cons woman out of ¥6.35 mil in romance fraud See in context

I am not a lawyer, and I don't play one on TV. But my professional estimation is laws were broken - just as cons who cook up some investment scam can be arrested for conning old ladies, or for men pretending to be a grandson conning old ladies, or for men (fill in the blank) conning old ladies, this "old" lady was conned.

My image of Japanese people being saints and being omotenashi has been destroyed yet again.

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Posted in: Ghosn tells Nikkei arrest due to plot, treason within Nissan See in context

Folks, get on with your lives. Some people will forever be stuck on the broken record of "Well, this is Japan. So follow its rules. And it has a long history, and so that must mean the rules are good." (Oh, never mind its long history is filled with sexism, imperialism, human-experimentation, etc., etc. Long history = good for eternity)

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Posted in: Japanese teacher punches high school boy in face; social media on his side See in context

Is it not common to call parents in for a consultation if their kid acts up?

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Posted in: Man arrested for rape 11 days after release from prison for same offense See in context


Blaming the victim is not "Women hating as usual" - it's blaming the victim.

"Would you be saying the thing if the victim were white?" What? Where did you pull race from?

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Posted in: Tokyo court denies Ghosn's latest bail request See in context

Outside of Japan, Carlos Ghosn does not have the star power of, say, Elon Musk. Most of the world doesn't really care he's rotting in detention. In fact, some commenters at other sites wish a similar style of justice be brought to a lot of Wall Street execs for their corporate greed.

Without international pressure, he's stuck in there. However, if it gets to a point similar to what happened to American held in North Korea until he was near dead (and eventually died), then the international community may wake up.

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Posted in: What do you think are some of the biggest mistakes single men or women make on their first date which usually torpedo any chance of a relationship? See in context

Not having a sense of humor - which makes dating in Japan MUCH MUCH more challenging.

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Posted in: Doctor arrested for paying 16-year-old girl for sex See in context

Big deal. He got his kicks. She got her money. Done deal.

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Posted in: Japanese student rejects apology over university 'sex listing' See in context

Women join these compensated parties voluntarily. Some may go to a hotel or the dude's apartment voluntarily. Takes two to tango, so women are just as much to blame for that list.

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Posted in: Spa! magazine apologizes for women's university 'sex listing' See in context

What's the big deal? The girl gets "guaranteed" (ギャラ) drinks, and at the end of the night, if she likes a guy enough and if she's that type, she'll sleep with him. If most guys who read Shukan Spa are ogres, I'm sure most girls even with the thickest of beer goggles would not sleep with them, regardless of which university they attend.

If anything, the magazine did a service to the female students at these universities. If students there do a bit of soul searching, they may harden their personalities to resist drinking too much and resist advances from guys who think they are easy simply because they attend these universities. This article will make these women stronger!!! (or not).

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Posted in: Abe orders steps against S Korean seizure of Nippon Steel assets See in context

Japan has a lot of counter-measures at their disposal:

Japanese girls can stop idolizing K-poppers.

Japan could ban Korea from participating in the 2020 Olympics.

Yeah, that'll teach them.

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Posted in: 26-year old single mother arrested for inviting high school boy home See in context

I'm guessing she might be kind of hot if she was hoping to be in the "entertainment" industry, so don't blame the "kid". 16? 18? Really, what's a couple of year's difference.

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Posted in: Self-cooking 'breakfast club' supports eat-alone seniors in Japan See in context

Well said, philly. I prefer coffee with people rather than an actual meal. Too many people I know talk and eat at the same time, so I have to dodge projectiles of carrots and other what not. Besides, their breath starts to stink by the 2nd course. Then there are those times when food goes down the wrong pipe, and when the hacking begins, the date I once put on a pedestal looks all too human. Oh, and surprise, somebody in the group is a vegetarian, which makes just finding a suitable restaurant unpleasant. Yeah, eating with others is waaaaay overrated.

Besides, I'm sure a lot of these "lonely" elderly are having fun by themselves playing fortnite or Call of Duty.

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Posted in: Mayweather stops Nasukawa in 1st round, flooring him 3 times See in context

Joe - Apparently, Tenshin or his posse would have been fined 5 mill USD for a kick.

Maybe Tenshin watched too much Rocky and was hoping for a similar style outcome. Still, a loss has zero consequences, as J-fans can always say, "Well, the format wasn't fair."

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Posted in: 8 injured as man rams car into pedestrians in Harajuku in 'retaliation for execution' See in context

In NYC on New Years Eve, there are giant concrete barriers to prevent these types of incidents during the ball drop. They also use dump trucks when Trump or his wife are in town to close off 5th Ave. towards Trump Tower. Time for the J-police to start setting these things up during Halloween and New Years and whenever large groups of people are going to gather. Really, all it takes is one nut job - and Japan is full of them - to take out a whole village of people.

Renting a car should also require the renter to undergo a thorough background check: Have they been institutionalized? What do the parents say about their kid's mental state? Two letters of reference from former school teachers. Or better yet, getting a drivers license should require all of the above.

All cars in the future will have automated tech to prevent these types of incidents, but until then...

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy hit, killed by bus; driver arrested See in context

Kids wear those bright colored hats. Now I see why.

Don't know if the kid darted out onto the crosswalk or the driver was distracted, but to arrest him immediately seems a bit harsh if the evidence wasn't thoroughly examined.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO calls on Renault to listen to details of Ghosn allegations See in context

Really starting to feel sorry for Ghosn. The guy has no way to get his side of the story out. He must be livid. Hope he's getting some good cheese to comfort him.

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Posted in: Group sues over next emperor's enthronement funding See in context

Even Naruhito has said he doesn't want public money being used for this. I suspect, though, that even he won't be listened to unless the government can figure out a way to do some serious fundraising between now and May. A gofundme campaign should do the trick.

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Posted in: Sexual harassment poster from Japanese government draws criticism for seemingly taking men’s side See in context

The government should just show this film on sexual harassment:


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Posted in: K-pop group BTS's talent agency apologizes over A-bomb shirt See in context

The Japanese girls that spend their money on this group are supporting what the BTS boy did. Their parents should withhold their allowance until they grow a conscience and reflect on the tragedies of a war that their own government started, and which the U.S. government decided to finish, emphatically.

Incidentally, someone should talk to Big Bang about their group's name because, you know, it might stir up some bad images.

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