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Posted in: Japanese husband and Nissan go all out to give wife anniversary surprise of a lifetime See in context

I have never seen anything like this since I first started reading Japan Today 8 years ago. This story is so nice and truly impacts the connection of family and love. This should be shown as a commercial so people can feel the emotion and love for each other. We rarely see this example of love and emotion. Keep showing things like this Japan and people will follow. Stop advertising suicides and upskirt photos by cops and killings of children by parents. Share love and emotion that is positive and uplifting. Kudasai! Love on another

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Posted in: Suicide jumpers disrupt train services at Gotanda, Shinjuku See in context

So sad I could not force myself to conclude the story written. Japan when? when? SO OBVIOUS! Itai da-mo shiyawase ni narei.


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Posted in: 16-year-old boy held for allegedly stabbing mother to death See in context

When will you ever understand that you parents are raising a machine not a child? You were killed for a reason lady and your son did the crazy hit on you. He was raised to murder. Your son is in the life of your hands. Who would be comfortable there? I awake tomorrow and look forward to a child suicide, it is sad to forsee what will come soon. We already know. Education is a problem.

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Posted in: JR bullet train delay caused by driver suffering from heatstroke See in context

Ever drink water unten-san? Nomenei yo! Nippon jin mina atsui desho? Shinei mo sugu

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Posted in: A dog's life See in context

Is his name Steve? Have you seen the dogs owner? Neither has the dog.

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Posted in: Reaching for the Universe See in context

This is what won her the spot!

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Posted in: Miss Universe Japan See in context

She looks Japanese to me and not one that I would choose to represent, but who am I to judge. She's alright... maybe a 6 out of ten.

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Posted in: Father, two daughters found dead in suspected murder-suicide See in context

Maybe JT should stop posting these types of things. The more we see it might make someone think its common to do knowing its in the news everyday. Kind of bad news if you ask me and makes Japan look like a joke which it is by the way. So question I always ask, who will it be tomorrow?

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Posted in: Suspect escapes Mito police station after cop's tea drugged See in context

Cops in Japan are such a joke. They remind me of something I use to find in a cracker-jack-box. I have no further comments. But, for this news, OMG! Ocha anyone? chotto kyukei shioka. omoshiroi.

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Posted in: Drumline Live See in context

Talofa Saleva'a you da man!

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Posted in: Nice pitch See in context

Can anyone say Hone? All bone.

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Posted in: Suspect who escaped from police station while cop slept turns himself in See in context

You have to love japan and the stupidity.

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Posted in: Woman suspected of killing bedridden husband commits suicide See in context

Third one reported from JT in three days, who will be next tomorrow? Good news Japan, NOT! Terrible. Japan sucks!

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Posted in: Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009 See in context

OMG! Looks like a drag queen... I feel sick.

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Posted in: 9 dead in Turkish Airlines plane crash in Amsterdam See in context

That was quick! Good job!

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Posted in: Newborn girl dies after being left in bicycle basket in Tokyo See in context

Sometimes reading the comments are better than reading the report.

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Posted in: What's wrong with the way English is taught in Japan? See in context

Nothing is wrong, we just don't use it! We study, but don't use.

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Posted in: Y18 million stolen from bank worker in Chiba See in context

Again Japan not living in the present. Somehow we are still stuck in the 1800's. Try and change yen to dollar at the bank. It will pass to three hands before approved. Then handed down to the same three people then to you. Japan you amuse me so much but I am sick of it. Good for you your money got stolen. Yakuza a bit slow therefore a little take down. Oh, by the way this will happend more often. The "chim-pira" is on the move.

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Posted in: 22-year-old riot police officer shoots himself in toilet at Chofu facility See in context

Who wants to make real news and become the first foreign cop? The requirements are very difficult to become a Jap-cop if you are a foreigner. I know you have to give up your citizenship, read and write kanji just to name the very lease few. But, as many are wondering why would you make this public for the citizens to see. Is Japan so corrupt that our men on the front line needs to be employed with a gun to die by the gun. I’ve said this many times and will say it again. This country and its moral issues must top my list of spit on the ground and filthy and a true disgrace for our future generation. No wonder all you Japs sleep on the train and look at the ground when you walk and sit. Where’s the energy? “WAKE UP”! I’ve never lived in a place that ever other person looks completely miserable and domestically disturbed. And, what will the government do? Nothing… 33,000 plus suicides last year. Maybe you can beat that number this year. What they don’t tell us is close to a million people received treatment for their attempt to commit suicide last year. So if we did the math and every person succeeded Japan would have had over a million that committed suicide. R.I.H. Japan, cause that’s where you belong. Now JT who will die tomorrow? I will wait to hear from you than. Good-bye!

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Posted in: Sony type P See in context

I can’t wait for Sony to belly up and close its doors for good. Engineers I know that works for Sony are so prideful and back their products to be the ultimate best. Although, when I share with them my experiences on my products I bought and having it not last even two years, they are very shocked and cannot believe. I can go on with TV’s, HD Camcorder, etc. I refuse to own another Sony product and never will. Thanks Sony for nothing. Good luck with your pocket sized go-mi.

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Posted in: JAL president becomes famous as modest executive on YouTube See in context

Good example Mr. Let’s hope other CEO’s follow your lead and live a humble and sufficient lifestyle as well. Especially you Son Masayoshi (Owner of Softbank) how dare you travel in your global 5000 private jet and rent presidential suites and vacation with escort and mistresses around the world without your wife and children knowing. You married man should be ashamed of yourself. You will get your public fame about your addiction with those women you leisure your time with. JAL is good, but I won’t agree with the 13% rake hike next year for international flights. Frugal is the key to success. Good example.

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Posted in: Earth calling Keanu Reeves See in context

I've seen the movie and its nothing to brag about...

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Posted in: Two members of train groping gang grabbed on Saikyo line in Saitama See in context

It’s about time a woman yelled and actually did something rather than letting it happened and living with the experience for the remainder of life. Come on Japan, let this be the example and stop these pervs from preying on the innocent victims. Japan needs a huge make over; let’s start with the morals and standards, something to begin with. Japan has no order and structure many is immoral and disturbing. You did the right thing and for those that assisted in the cause stepped out of your box for a second and used your true emotions in helping this person from torture. I just hope I can witness something like this with my own eyes and help as well. Who knows, maybe you will read about me someday… Watch out my eyes is open. Hope yours is too.

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Posted in: Cell phone of murdered boy found in Fukuoka park See in context

It is hard to imagine this type of story coming to be as it concludes in this report and the details I interpret from it points to his mother as a possible suspect. I just cannot comprehend the times when I heard about parents jumping of bridges with their children, falling from apartment building with kids, and toxicant method of death in a vehicle including stabbing, and I can go on with articles I read in newspapers and news broadcast. My point is I would not be surprised if somehow the mother in this case had something to do with her own son’s murder. It is a true shame it the verdict is just that. R.I.P.

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Posted in: Deputy police chief arrests man for filming up high school girl's skirt at Ofuna station See in context

It really does not help when our youth fold up their skirt just below their ass cheek’s allowing some type of view up their skirts. I am sure I am not the only one to admit this, but during my travel I must witness seeing panties every single day on my commute. It is not that I am looking for these things to happen nor am I a pervert. Anyone is visible to this type of action that our women are doing sending the wrong message to these men who think it is appropriate to film or get aroused. Guys I will suggest that the girls are innocent and see nothing sexual in it. Girls be cautious cause if I can see you undeez anyone else can wont you feel at least a little embarrassed? Parents step it up a bit this might be your precious little daughter that you think is so innocent. Let me add that young boys are getting the wrong impression as well. I see it everyday young boys trying to get a peek whether a girl walking up the stairs, a girl sitting without crossing her legs, riding a bike, etc. Japan women is such an easy target that men pray on to get the blood flowing and that certain something throbbing. It’s time for a little moral issue with uniforms and how we were them in public.

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