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Posted in: Fan-made Nazi anime parody, 'Goeppels-chan,' appears in Japan See in context

I think their next anime should be about Fat-chan and Boy-kun. Two underachiever atomic bombs that are trying to earn the respect of the world famous physicist Albert Einsten, who shuns them.. They have many zany adventures together. They can bill it as a light-hearted parody of modern warfare.

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Posted in: Inose resigns as Tokyo governor over loan scandal See in context

Well, that didn't take much, no constant apologies, no running off his mouth, no backtracking in the media-spotlight. No city council being forced to strip him of his powers. If only Toronto could be so lucky.

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Posted in: No. of reported school bullying cases tops 140,000 in April-Sept period See in context

Here's several ideas on how to decrease bullying. For starters, don't keep children in the same class all day. This group mentality bullsh-t of keeping students in a single class creates tension and problems within the class. Familiarity breeds contempt. Split classes up for each subject, or at least give them an elective subject away from their homeroom class. It's like a pressure cooker. Also, classes sizes are way too big... and how is this even possible with children population decreasing? No classes over 20 would be great, but even not classes over 30 would help a bit. Bukatsu? So now students spend all day with their peers, and then they have to spend after school and weekends with them? This doesn't benefit students at all... it's gotta go. Unfortunately, teachers seem to think it instills "the fighting spirit" of ganbaru and gaman. Absolute bulls-it. Students that don't have good enough marks to maintain a passing grade should be held back, or placed in some sort of catch-up class... perhaps replace bukatsu with school? Because if they didn't know a lesson in 1st grade, hey won't know the more advanced stuff in 2nd and 3rd. This leads to frustration, and giving up, but also to jealous and contempt for smarter students. And vice-versa, smarter kids might bully a under-performing kid as well. Japan's group mentality (brutality?) education method, couple with the lowest percentage of GDP alloted to public education out of any OECD country, coupled with an expensive private school system, and oversized classes that keep students bound to one homeroom for an entire year, plus bukatsu! Holy F^ck! I'm surprised this bullying statistic isn't triple... TLDR version: Education in Japan is Garbage

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Posted in: Retrial of Nepali man convicted in 1997 murder case to begin Oct 29 See in context

Jeez, Japanese justice system is pretty much an oxymoron. If Mainali is smart, he will never step foot in this kangaroo court again.

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Posted in: How would you compare Japanese and American animation, particularly in terms of technical aspects and story-telling? See in context

American animation is definitely geared toward children/adolescents, and such it's level of story-telling reflects this. Basically, cartoons are for Saturday mornings, and late nights. Animation geared toward adults is still a subculture, and not too mainstream. Look on youtube for a plethora of alternative animation styles and shows, from clay animation, Lego, and "Machinima" style animation that uses video games as their medium. American animation uses a wide variety of styles.

Japanese animation has been taken seriously as a story-telling medium. So you can find a range range of themes in Japanese animation, from historical to Science fiction, to romance, etc. Animation is not only mainstream, but one of Japan's major cultural exports. Animation tends to be hand drawn, and there are not so many alternative styles. Even CG animation isn't so popular.

Over all, I find American animation, not so much that produced by large companies like Disney, but rather that seen on youtube and such fresh and creative. Japanese animation has been developed into a great story telling device, but unfortunately has been saturated with too much mindless schlock.

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Posted in: The old-fashioned way See in context

Man, if any of you city-boys know just how much hard work went into agriculture, you probably wouldn't be so idyllic about it. It's not "the good life", it's tiresome, dirty and thankless... no matter what country you're in.

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Posted in: The Essence of Budo See in context

Japanese martial arts are pretty shallow compared to the depth of Chinese martial arts, but I guess that's why most of Japanese arts have their origins in Chinese martial arts. As far as I'm concerned, the sportification of Japanese arts hasn't really done much for them, in fact it has probably been more detrimental to the essence of the art than to have just a few small pockets of loyal practitioners here and there.

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Posted in: Battle at sea See in context

Imperial Forces vs Rebel Alliance (Japanese sailors look Storm Trooper-esqu)

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Posted in: The butterfly in the subway See in context

So from this article I got Japan = Tokyo. Okay, well, what about the rest of the country? I really so like Tokyo's public transit system in terms of convenience. However it isn't all of Japan, but it's the part most rosy eyed foreigners see. I mean, sure it's great if you can walk, but mobility impaired (seniors, handicapped) people are SOL. I think a country with an ageing populace, Japan needs focus on making things more accessible. I come from a smaller Canadian city, but it's fairly accessible to ride either bus or train, with multiple elevator points, and kneeling buses, with special sections for wheelchairs and such, and very helpful staff. Don't see alot of that in Japan. I guess no one there cares, since those people are "mendokusai!" Glad I don't live in Tokyo (anymore)

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Posted in: Grounding the JETs See in context

It's pretty hard for some JETs to make a meaningful contribution when they are only in a class maybe two or three times a month. The ones that are based at a school are able to make much more of an impact than those that are "one shots". I don't like how a lot of people on here just blame the ALTs. They are the ones put into a system that wasn't designed to use them in the first place. That system is Japanese Education. As an ALT I really had to push to get a lot of my activities into class. Many response I got were "Kore ha chotto muzukashi" or "maa, mata kondo yarimashouka?". What is an ALT supposed to do in a situation like that? They don't know the rules, many aren't conversed in the language. Why not make it an exchange program, were Japanese teachers go abroad, and foriegn teachers come to Japan?

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Posted in: Security camera footage reveals murder of Lawson manager in Ishikawa See in context

The solution to this problem is simple, Hire more staff. The probability of an attack decreases with more staff around. Even if hiring more staff seems unprofitable (safety should be considered in the same regard), staggering the shifts so that there's one night staff, with and evening staff that leaves halfway through, and a morning staff that comes on right afterwards. These people are often sitting ducks by themselves in any country regardless of crime levels comparisons.

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Posted in: Maid to order See in context

I have two questions: How much? and give it to me?

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Posted in: One man’s culinary paradise is another’s cultural wasteland See in context

As I read this, the T.V was playing, and on it, was another Japanese show were they go and demo various restaurants. (What are the odds huh?) They went to a Thai restuarant, the chef (Japanese) mentioned how he had toned down the spices, and it could be accompanied with omelette-rice. It doesn't bother me so much for the lack of authentic "ethnic" food, however, what irritates me most is when Japanese go abroad and complain how unfaithful the "foriegn" versions of Japanese dishes are to the original! So much so that they create a committee to police restaurants abroad calling themselves "authentic". I mean how hypocritical is that?

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Posted in: Why are there so few benches and garbage bins in public places in Japanese cities? See in context

The Canada example isn't applicable because Canada has relatively simple and comprehensive garbage disposal system. Japans is complex, and often too bothersome for the average Tanaka. Hence the throw it out wherever you can attitude. I'm appalled by how much garbage I see on the side of the road!

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Posted in: 2 Japanese, American researchers share chemistry Nobel Prize See in context

Bah, now it's nothing but "why are we Japanese so good at science?" on TV, with the answer being implied "we are Japanese" Just another reason the J-media sucks. Congrats nonetheless to these men.

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Posted in: Students told to write ransom notes as part of moral education See in context

Haha, all your homeroom teacher are belong to me!!

Seriously, this should not be an elementary level assignment. Maybe university? Or perhaps high school? Where hypothetical situations like this, and their moral implications would be understood as such.

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Posted in: What books or movies would you recommend to anyone wanting to gain an understanding of Japanese people's way of thinking and culture? See in context

Oh, I think it's called "Dignity of a Nation", but if you want sort of insiders view of the outside, read that book. Written by a mathematician, he goes on an anti-foriegner (Anti-western) tirade, and makes some pretty absurd claims about Japan and the West.

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Posted in: What books or movies would you recommend to anyone wanting to gain an understanding of Japanese people's way of thinking and culture? See in context

Dog and Demons by Alex Kerr, after reading it, I burnt most of my Japanese things out of contempt. Is "Nihonjinron" a book? If it was DON'T read that... It'll make you want to punch the next Japanese person you see.

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Posted in: Paris Hilton leaves for U.S. after being denied entry into Japan See in context

Nananana, nananana, hey hey hey... GOODBYE!

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Posted in: Where has the wonder of innovation gone? See in context

nuclear powered cars? Imagine the horse power!!! Nuclear-charged Dodge Charger!! and what about robots? and time machines? hover boards? instant cloning? According to 20 years ago, we've should of invented these things by now, someone's gotta pick up the slack!

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Posted in: Many will be left behind when job market picks up See in context

Interesting, a professor from the UofT? Funny they went to a Canadian university to inquire about a (mostly) American problem.

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Posted in: What are some of your candidates for the worst movie of all time? See in context

Battle Field earth did indeed suck bigtime... wish I could unwatch that one!

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Posted in: Clash of the titans See in context

some of the female posters complain about not seeing any cute men posted on JT, I guess now you can stop complaining!

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Posted in: America feels ready to snap See in context


The use of the word schlocky... absolute gold! I love it!

oh, and the rest of the stuff you said was pretty intelligent too,

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Posted in: Home bakery See in context

@rainman1 You know what, the "that's the way it is here, go back to your country of origin" is a pretty weak argument, and doesn't really add to the discussion. Maybe you could have provided examples that illustrate you point, rather than to bluntly tell people to get lost. Why didn't you simply state what you wrote in your last post instead of your previous remark? I agree with the other posters though. Just because you buy something expensive doesn't mean it'll last any longer, and vice-versa. There's nothing wrong with just a basic machine either. As for me, my little Sunbeam 5891 does a great job, but without the frills of more expensive machines.

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Posted in: Uchimizu See in context

Chun-li is hot, I'd totally be into dragon punching both of them... hmm, somehow Street fighter 2 innuendo just doesn't quite work...

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Posted in: New breed of corporate head choppers set up errant workers for decapitation See in context

Oh boy... this article just points to bigger problems in Japan. Using greasy behaviour to combat greasy behaviour, it's pretty much vigilante justice here. The fact that the scumbag boss was known for his scumbagousity, and yet left to rule a company says alot. It also says alot that the women had little recourse for sexism, and harassment in the work place.

The guy going to the bath during working hours is pretty typical of alot of Japanese forced to work late, yet he got what he deserved. As well, it's within a company's right to lay off those it sees fit. God, it was frustrating just reading this article... couldn't imagine actually working in that miasma.

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Posted in: Internships -- slave labor or a worthwhile experience? See in context

Yeah, I came here looking for an opportunity to work, being in IT, but left soon afterwards. Terrible experience with strict bosses, uncooperative co-workers, and absolutely backwards protocol. Went home and after some recession hardship, found a good job. While I'm stronger from the experience, it was nothing but a waste of time. I loved Japan before, but that love has waned.

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Posted in: Majority of weight-loss products fail to cut kilos See in context

Not surprised there, one thing Japanese people should be commended for is healthy lifestyles. Prevention is best. Small portions, and active lifestyles, (even if it's walking to the train station everyday). Although the abundance of drinking and smoking is not helping things. For me, is 5 small meals, (supper being the largest one), always keep something in your belly, getting hungry pangs is no good. Drink lots of water too, aids digestion, regulates body temp, keeps you regular too. Not that I'm licensed to give advice though...

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Posted in: Ford bullish on Japan with new Asian investments See in context

yeah, the rest of the world can now experience the luxury of cars that breakdown. Often.

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