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“Less weekend testing leads to less confirmed cases”

that is what Japan is doing different than other countries.

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This is an embarrassment.

Japan had a head start over the US, EU... we should be in the same shape as South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong at least.

Instead, we are just starting to overshoot and spike in cases. And this is still with minimal testing being done.

At this rate Japan may be the last advanced country to start to downtrend in cases.

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With no hope of salvaging the economic boon of the Olympics, we will now suddenly see ramped up testing and quarantines of Tokyo/ Osaka. The real numbers will start to show.

We should be on the same timeframe as South Korea, Singapore and HK. But due to the governments refusal to test we are back to a rising spike.

And the spike has already started, March 20th was the biggest day of increase so far:  https://covid19japan.com/. I am waiting to see numbers for the past couple of days.

Hospitals are starting to turn people away with pneumonia type symptoms.

I hope the cherry blossom viewings, the K1 events, and the concerts were worth it. I’m worried we are in for a bumpy month of April..

As always, I hope I’m wrong and the curve remains flat.

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"ASIAN COUNTRIES NEED TO COMMIT TO MORE LONG TERM RESOURCES..." Sorry you must mean CHINA correct? This wasn't Japan, Korea, Vietnam, etc.

As was SARS ,this was due to China's lackluster hygiene and its culture of eating wild life. The CCP tried to outlaw wet markets after SARS but the population won't give up its beliefs that many of these coronavirus hosts have special powers if you eat them.

Don't let anyone stop you from being critical of this practice. China isnt a race, its not racist. We can both appreciate a culture and also be critical of aspects that desperately need change.

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