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james comments

Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,121 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally tops 7,000 See in context

"Glad those tens of millions of vaccines are in storage just in case we need them. "

Had to LOL with that one.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 430 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,073 See in context

My daughter will be going back to university, on campus, in Tokyo in two weeks with all the other 20 year old students. Can't imagine what could possibly go wrong.

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Posted in: Japan fights coronavirus in luxurious style with million-yen masks See in context

I can't wait for them to have a Christmas sale. Maybe get a BOGO deal. LOL.

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Posted in: Some helpful tips on Japanese etiquette See in context

I enjoy watching Chris Abroad videos about Japan. His British sense of sarcastic humor is great. He has good videos with Natski and Ryotaro as well.

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Posted in: Japan to test anti-virus measures for big events at near-full stadium See in context

If a person has had the virus and recovered, perhaps they could set up a big event to attend. Would be interesting to know if they had acquired any lasting immunity to the virus or have sufficient antibodies.

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Posted in: Biden says next presidential debate should be called off if Trump still has COVID-19 See in context

Biden and minions will do anything to get out of another debate.

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Posted in: Prepare to get rid of 'hanko,' Suga tells government See in context

I have been signing PDF files with digital signature for almost 8 years, and the prior 8 using wet signature scanning to a PDF. Welcome to the modern age Japan.

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Posted in: More than 4 million Americans have already voted, suggesting record turnout See in context

I am sure Moscow, Beijing, Tehran and ISIS are hoping for a Biden win.

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Posted in: More than 4 million Americans have already voted, suggesting record turnout See in context

It just baffles me why anyone would vote for Biden. The career politician who has done nothing and is suffering from old age against Trump who has done such great things for the economy and jobs prior to the Covid virus. I think it is just “cool” to not like Trump not being based on rational thinking just hate.

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Posted in: Ginsburg makes history at Capitol amid replacement turmoil See in context

She did her job, now fill her seat Mr. President, it's your job!!!

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Posted in: Japanese artist creates ramen face mask to complement fogged glasses See in context

He won't be sharing his Covid19, but you can look at his ramen face and think about dinner.

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Posted in: Bicycle traffic violations hit record high as cycling booms amid pandemic See in context

1,024 of breaking rules such as not using earphones while cycling

Hmmm, I am in compliance.

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Posted in: Caregiver at nursing home arrested for using vacuum cleaner on resident’s hair See in context

Sucks getting old.

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Posted in: Police using facial images from surveillance cameras and social media in criminal probes See in context

If you have ever been the victim of a crime you know had badly you want the perpetrator to be caught and brought to justice. One would hope the police are using every means available to quickly bring about justice. So using these pictures and videos to identify the criminal quicker and help solve a lot of crimes like robberies, murders, rapes and others. But with the camera footage used in the wrong hands could expose things that people want kept secret, like cheating spouses. I guess it is who is more important? The victims of a crime and justice or the possibility of exposing an unfaithful spouse?

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Posted in: 86-year-old man admits killing 16-year-old granddaughter but says he was drunk See in context

HOW ABOUT THIS!!! Grandpa takes the wrap to keep his "son/the father" out of prison for killing her! His life is almost over, he's 86, but maybe he wanted to save his son from going to prison the rest of his life. Horrible as this scenario sounds, if true, the son/father will be on the street. Watch out for him.

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Posted in: Life prison term to be finalized for Peruvian man for killing 6 See in context

What purpose it is to keep him alive? Who will pay for his keep? An Eye for an Eye, tooth for a tooth, Life for a Life. See ya!!!

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Posted in: Again, no female contenders in Japan's leadership race See in context

One word that stops women in their stride to the top 'kowai'. Whenever I meet intelligent women, I always ask why don't you aim high and break the glass ceiling answer 'Kowal, kowai'.

Had me rolling on the floor laughing.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 77 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 288 See in context

That was some useful information Japan today.

Actually provided the number of tests given.

The number of positive results

and number with severe symptoms.

How many are still in the hospital with the virus?

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Posted in: Maximum caution urged as super typhoon approaches southwest Japan See in context

My wife and daughter are in Amamioshima now. They are in a safe place, I think, but are getting nervous. I wish I could get them out of there.

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Posted in: Trump to keep pushing allies to pay 'fair share' of defense costs in 2nd term See in context

A lot of people are willfully ignorant as to what President Trump has done for the US. With a little bit of effort they would find that he is Pro America, prior to the pandemic (oddly enough) the stock market and economy was booming. He helped black Americans the most with lowering their unemployment, but actually he helped everyone out. I think he is trying to keep that going without losing sight of finding ways to cut the fat. Having countries that benefit from American protection from rogue or aggressive countries isn't free and a fair share should be on the table. We don't want to be forced to be speaking Mandarin in four years do we?

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Posted in: Bicyclist arrested for splashing woman with urine as he rode past her See in context

Poor judgement on the kids part. He probably thought he would get away with it as well. I feel sorry for the girl as that is humiliating. Pay for new clothes and do some community service.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder of 102-year-old aunt See in context

If he only knew to check back with her in about five years the police would believe it. After all, there was a story today about a Woman who finds skeleton, possibly of her missing brother, while cleaning her house. He had apparently been there for 5 years? Well, anything is possible.

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Posted in: Arrest of Agnes Chow may complicate Japan-China ties See in context

China is a stink bomb, let's review her status,

Currently in a stink with the United States.

Currently in a stink Russia,

Currently in a stink with India,

Currently in a stink with Japan,

Currently in a stink with Hong Kong,

Currently in a stink with many African countries.

The Communist Government with few friends! Except North Korea,,,,,maybe.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing cow, stealing its head See in context

When was the cow due to go to slaughter? I'm sure that is the farmer's beef.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting woman walking home See in context

What he did was wrong! Not sure of his motives or mental capacity, but if he did that to my daughter and I caught him, let's just say he would much rather be in police custody.

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Posted in: Japan reports over 600 cases on Thursday; 286 in Tokyo See in context

How many were tested and are asymptomatic? How many are seriously ill?

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Posted in: Godzilla slide See in context

Looks so peaceful.

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Posted in: Tokyo lifts coronavirus alert to highest level; 165 new cases reported Wednesday See in context

Daily cases climbed back up to 243 cases last week, but now has fallen to 165 today. So the level was raised to Red. What would the new color level be if the new cases today went the opposite direction, like to 300? Brown?

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Posted in: Half of telecommuters in Japan work longer hours than before pandemic: Rengo See in context

I have been working from home since April and discovered I love it. No more 1 hour commutes to work each day saves me two hours per day and YEN for transportation. (I don't get reimbursed for transportation.) I do tend to work longer hours, but that is because I take more breaks. Once I get up and walk around and then come back to the computer I find my mistakes before sending that email. I'm terrible at proof reading my own work. I find myself being relaxed and focused. My boss likes my work, so it is a win win.

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Posted in: Trump urged Abe to mediate U.S.-Iran standoff, knowing it would fail: Bolton See in context

President Trump has been doing a great job and will likely be re-elected in November. Most Americans tune into FOXNEWS and not CNN, the Onion, or JT. PM Abe;s visit to Iran was hopeful but not probable end of story. The other issue President Trump has is to reduce the Japan import deficit. The US and Japan has great relations and will likely be the same for the foreseeable future. President Trump is looking out for Americans as he was elected to do and will try to balance the imports and exports in the future.

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