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Posted in: U.S. base construction work in Okinawa resumes after virus hiatus See in context

In the SPOILS of WAR always goes to the victor, and the victor decides the fate of the foe. The United States stopped Imperialist Japan from taking over the Pacific and much of China during WWII. The victor in this case could have continued to wipe out all of JAPAN, but elected to show mercy and construct a new government which has led to Japan's great recovery and success coming out of the war. Never has such a great alliance been anywhere, where a former foe would become the staunchest as Japan is with the US. Now, unfortunately the teachers of history have failed our youth, and within 70 years hard lessons of the not so distant past have been forgotten. The departure of US forces will only lead to Chinese aggression and need for more territory as demonstrated with Tibet, Hong Kong, and inner magnolia. The diminishing population of Japanese society will make a Chinese take over much easier and maybe without resistance from Japan with US forces withdrawn.

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Posted in: About 70 monkeys escape from zoo in Chiba Prefecture See in context

"The cage’s wire mesh appeared to be cut by metal shears". Yes, they have been watching, and now they are capable of using human tools.

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Posted in: Amazon stops police using its face-recognition tech for one year See in context

I can't believe how many people are anti-police or so triggered they can't think straight. Police are needed to keep the majority of the population safe from the bad elements. Gangs, and hate groups and individuals who don't follow the social accepted norms. "Thieves, robbers, rapists, murderers, trespassers etc."

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Posted in: Priyanka Yoshikawa: From Miss World Japan to entrepreneur in the wellness world See in context

Many people want to find a way to be offended. The term halfu is simply a word that simply explains the fact that her parents come from different countries or ethnicities, thus she is half of each, which equals a whole. It's not meant to offend. Would it be more palatable to say she is "mixed"? I think not. I hate to say it this way, but people or curious and observant. Even the simple game taught in elementary school of can easily tell something that doesn't belong or is not quite like the other? Apple, Apple, Apple, Grape. Hmmmm, I wonder which is different? It's just human nature, not something outrageous or hurtful. She is a hottie, and will do well in life.

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Posted in: Searching 'racist' on Twitter brings up Trump as top result See in context

Trump sucks at being a racist. The unemployment rates for African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and those without a high school diploma have all reached record lows under President Trump. Not to mention the prison reform act he signed the greatly benefited blacks.

Poverty rates for African Americans and Hispanic Americans have reached record lows.

Many feel the urge to re-elect a Democrat president to get things back under control.

Take a look at all this stuff. It's just crazy.


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Posted in: Dead body found in real-life 'Totoro’s Forest' in Japan See in context

Artemis Rogers, I'm no sleuth, but you made some very good points. Perhaps the man who found the bones returned to the scene of his crime because his conscience overtook him. I'm pretty sure the police are going to broach that angle too.

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Posted in: Man goes on trial for dangerous driving over high-speed crash that killed 4 See in context

In JAPAN you are considered a professional driver if you have a Japanese license. The driving schools are brutally long and very expensive. FOR THIS REASON, you are classified as a professional driver and responsible for your car and any accidents that may occur in the future.

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Posted in: 14 new coronavirus infections reported in Tokyo See in context

It should be interesting to see what the new infections will look like on 15 June, after 2 weeks of reopening.

Anyone think there will be a significant uptick from todays count?

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Posted in: Minneapolis overwhelmed again by protests over Floyd death See in context

The FLOYD case has nothing to do with racism, it does have everything to do with a policeman carrying out unlawful and unnecessary punishment to a suspected criminal.

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Posted in: ANA reprimanded over pilot drinking alcohol before flight See in context

The transport ministry issued a "business improvement order", yeah, not drinking before piloting a plane sounds pretty good, it could improve business.

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Posted in: Not all pachinko parlors in Tokyo shut; 600 still investigated See in context

If there were to ever an official classification of a non-essential business during a Pandemic let me introduce to you exhibit A: Pachinko parlors.

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Posted in: Osaka mayor under fire for saying women dawdle at shops See in context

I was rolling on the floor laughing. How can you be a Mayor and not know this is not aloud to be verbally said in public. This is okay at a bar, but not as an official capacity. True as it may be, Ha ha ha.

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Posted in: 568 new cases of coronavirus reported in Japan See in context

My wife and daughter are in Amami Oshima, and they just reported their first two cases yesterday. Kind of disappointed that Japan didn't stop travel to small islands.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 83 new coronavirus infections Monday; down 60 from Sunday See in context

Very good point Burning Bush. I hope that they clarify the number of currently infected patients. After 3-4 weeks of being infected most certainly you are either recovered or dead.

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Posted in: Teacher suspended for slapping student on head and kicking him for 35 minutes See in context

No discipline at home leads to no respect at school. The teacher should have asked once to obey, then eject from the classroom for failing to obey the instructions and interrupting and undermining the teachers authority in the classroom. Not that complicated. If the child has underlying issues at home, seek help.

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 68 new coronavirus cases; 27 at Taito Ward hospital See in context

Tokyo has approximately 14 Million people. 430 have been officially identified as infected over the last few weeks.

If my math is correct 430/14,000,000 is 0.003%.

Somehow the infected Tokyo population of 0.00003. Sorry, it's not very intimidating yet. Perhaps when it reaches 0.05% I can become somewhat worried. As for now, I'm more worried that my math is wrong and that there is still no toilet paper available.

In the meantime, I'm keeping with the gambaru spirit, I will continue to wash my hands frequently, wear a mask in public and avoid crowds as much as possible.

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Posted in: Out-of-season snow falls in Tokyo, surrounding areas See in context

Observing the snow from my window and having a nice cup of coffee. Why would anyone go out in this weather unless it is an emergency? SMH. Stay warm and indoors, does good for everyone.

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