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My friend/neighbor had a high fever and sore throat, and when he went to the hospital they refused to test him for COVID-19, and then determined he didn't have it (without even testing for it). They just told him to go home and rest.

His conditions got less intense for a couple days, but now his throat and fever are raging again, even worse than before, so he is going back to the hospital. Hopefully this time around they'll determine what it is that he has.

I don't know if it's the coronavirus or not, but either way it's disappointing that hospitals in some parts of Japan are still reluctant to even test for it. My friend has shown symptoms for a week now, luckily he can self-quarantine for the time being.

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This comes as absolutely no surprise to many of us foreigners in Japan, watching what's going on around the world..

But hey! At least the Olympics are saved! Oh wait, they were ultimately cancelled? Only then did cases start rising rapidly?

Implement half measure here and there? In that prefectures and this prefecture? Save the economy at all cost, hanami it up! Heaven forbid the inaka omiyage industry takes a hit!

Let's close all schools when there are less than 2,000 confirmed cases. Open schools back up an let the towns decide for themselves when there are over 6,000 cases! Only declare a state of emergency and close schools in 7 prefectures!

But big business ultimately decide if workers have to report in. Pack the trains and commute still! Don't forget to stamp your hanko! We need your seal on these documents!

Oh maybe we should extend the state of emergency to the whole country... This is looking pretty bad..

It's too late, and Abe and the rest of the government have been to damn slow. They'll never admit that their tardiness to a proper response was in an effort to save the Olympics and the "protect" the economy. And in the duration of the government not taking it seriously and imposing half measure, a majority of the Japanese hasn't been either. People in my work place all have to come to work, have terrible sneeze/cough etiquette. There was no soap in any of the bathrooms for at least a month (I brought my own)!

Only very recently are we starting to see real changes and caution emerge. But it's far to late. It's nearly 4 months late

Buckle down y'all, 'cause we're in for a ride.

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