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My wonder is if it is illegal for my ex-wife who remarried and is still telling people that her last name is mine not her actual new husband's surname.

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Funny thing he retires as president and is given a different position within Nissan still guess that part was left....

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Posted in: Macron expected to raise Carlos Ghosn case with Abe at G7 See in context

It is a bad system and works on guilty till proven innocent Japan doesn't like change and prefer to leave things as they are and let somebody else deal with it later.

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Posted in: Pompeo voiced support for Japan over wartime labor issue: sources See in context

The fundamental error here is that South Korea never signed the 1952 San Francisco Treaty. SK does not have any obligation to honor whatever is agreed upon between the parties of that Treaty. Unless, of course, one denies SK as a sovereign nation. :)

Did you even bother to read the article? This is about the 1965 Treaty between South Korea and Japan. In the treaty South Korea said give all money to government we will make the appropriate compensation to the people of South Korea. They took the 500million paid by Japan and didn't follow through with the compensation that they said they would make. You would be better to sue your own government for hiding this fact.

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