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James comments

Posted in: Kishida may have hard time being reelected PM after by-elections See in context

The faces in the grey suits will change but rhe LDP will forever rile Japan. Japanese are incapable of doing something as “risky” as voting for real change. Sigh.

You obviously don't understand Japanese politics.. LDP are so ingrained in the Upper House that just replacing the Lower House does nothing... the Lower House can not make any changes without the Upper House who have a special veto called "ignore"which blocks any legislation by not putting it to a vote in the current session (Any legislation must be approved by both houses to become law even though the lower house can veto the Upper House vote if it isn't voted on then nothing to veto...) and with over 2 thirds of the upperhouse being LDP Lower House can do nothing.

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Posted in: Saitama police officer arrested on suspicion of filming up high school girl’s skirt See in context

High school girl? isn't she most likely a minor? Shouldn't that be classed as child porn? unless she had just turned 18 in the last few days... it is only the 9th of April. Isn't it wonderful how they change the facts for one of their own...

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Posted in: 25-year-old man arrested for abducting minor after meeting her online See in context

Problem is nowadays she may lie about her age, ask a promise not to call parents and police...this is a common feature of young girls.

As an adult, it would be your responsibility to make sure that she is not a minor before excepting her into your home. If she is asking you not to tell her parents or cops, it would be a pretty big red flag to me that she is a minor or a criminal.

Not every situation is what you think, especially when no harm is done as it seems by reading the article

Yet in this case the guy admitted to knowing that she was a minor.

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Posted in: 25-year-old man arrested for abducting minor after meeting her online See in context

I would argue that what he did does not fit with what abduction is. I would argue it is more in line with coercion as he did not physically remove her from her home to his.

I agree that coercion is a part of how he abducted her. Once he had her in his home even if she believes she came by her own free will she is a MINOR and she was 'even if not by force' removed from the care of her parents. which as described by Wikipedia is the definition of abduction.

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Posted in: 25-year-old man arrested for abducting minor after meeting her online See in context

the man and the girl met on a social media site and that the man asked the girl to come and visit him in Chiba

She had been staying at his home since March 16.

Child abduction or child theft is the unauthorized removal of a minor (a child under the age of legal adulthood) from the custody of the child's natural parents or legally appointed guardians.

So he met her online convinced her to come to him maybe even paid for her train.. then without being authorized he took her into his home... Sounds like it fits with what Child abduction - Wikipedia says it is.

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Posted in: Dollar tops 150 yen as BOJ ends negative rates See in context

I am getting used to being poor. Passed up by me peers in my home country, unable to afford a vacation back

You should have been sending yen to the US and saving it for moments just like these.. I have already doubled my money.. still wonder to change more or wait to see if it hits 160... decisions decisions.

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Posted in: Netanyahu snaps back against growing U.S. criticism after being accused of losing his way on Gaza See in context

fighting that has killed more than 31,000 Palestinians

Pretty small number considering 432,093 civilians have died violent deaths as a direct result of the U.S. post-9/11 wars.

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Posted in: Couple sent to prosecutors after unvaccinated dog injures 7 See in context

The last rabies case in Japan was in 1957 because dogs are still required to have the vaccine.

Not true last case i could find was in 2020, somebody from the Philippines caught it and bought it here and they are not the only people who have bought it here over the years.

As it is still possible to get rabies in some countries it is still possible to pass it on to dogs and reintroduce it if we stopped giving our pets the vaccine.

Unless we make sure all people coming from certain countries have had the vaccine prior to coming here. Pretty sure with how people reacted to the corona virus vaccine being required for travel it wouldn't go down so well especially since there is another option available (vaccinating pets).

the fact this idiot has dangerous dog breed that he lets off leash and has zero control over

well if they have consistent, knowledgeable training they should be fine, but certainly letting them of the leash and not keeping up with training is a recipe for disaster. I personally don't have time for an active energetic dog like this. they need to be taken out a lot

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Posted in: Japan's new female 'role models' seek to empower other women See in context


regarding Japan, I’m particularly interested in the oil rig worker demand and it’s pay.


Knock yourself out.

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Posted in: Osaka Prefecture eyes collecting fixed fee for inbound tourists from 2025 See in context

I assume they would only be able to apply a special cheat tax to international flights that are direct to Osaka. So fly to Tokyo then take a national flight to Haneda airport. or take a bullet train just for the experience.

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Posted in: Japanese teacher beats up student for making fun of his body by calling him anime character name See in context

punching him in the side of the torso an//d head

the Board of Education announced that the teacher will be docked 10 percent of his pay for three months.

Seems the teacher got off lucky. Assault, child abuse. generally speaking that should be a jail sentence and a large fine and then being sued. Lucky it wasn't my kid. Should not be a teacher if he cant control his temper.

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Posted in: Kishida to attend Diet panel on funds scandal See in context

Attend to get some tips on how not to get caught...

Or offer a bribe so it all gets laid at Abe's feet...

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Posted in: Japan’s new ATMs automatically play anti-fraud videos to people talking on mobile phones See in context

An AI will analyze security camera footage of people using ATMs and if they are seen using a mobile phone at the same time, a video warning will be displayed on the teller machine.

And what if the mobile phone is in your pocket and you have ear pieces and mic? or a bluetooth headset?

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy arrested for beating up man, leaving him in serious condition See in context

17 years old is not considered as boy anymore..

Here in Japan it is...

There are so many kids left to their own devices from elementary school and this is because no babysitting services in Japan

business opportunity?

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Posted in: Kishida considering visit to Brazil in early May See in context

Brilliant move. He cant be involved in any scandals if he is overseas spending taxpayers money.

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Posted in: 37-year-old woman arrested for beating, whipping young daughter See in context

Even though corporal punishment was banned in 1947 it wasn't until 2020 that corporal punishment of children

was banned.. hard to break the cycle when you received the same (if not worse) when you were a child.

I assure you being hit with a shortened hose pipe sliced in half was far worse... a belt sounds like a luxury.

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Posted in: Soccer player Ito sues accusers for ¥200 mil over sexual assault claim See in context

/I guess the fundamental question should be: “Were the two women too drunk to consent to these sexual acts?”

wait a minute... something wrong with this statement.

Are you saying if your too drunk the things you do shouldn't be counted?

like say I was too drunk and don't remember?

This would be cause enough to question many criminal offenses committed by too drunk people.

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Posted in: Digitalization drive proving tough for Japanese school teachers See in context

Problem is, the software that is being used for programs for studying math and kanji is absolutely crap. It amounts to nothing more than a paper worksheet on a computer, which is even worse than a regular paper worksheet because the kids need to use their finger or a graphic pen to write, and the system is full of glitches. So teachers are probably thinking what's the point. Personally, I can't. see it.

Not sure what school your kid goes to but mine uses an ipad which is supplied by the central government under the GIGA school program..

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Posted in: Data rigging scandals threaten to undermine Toyota's growth See in context

I went in to a toyota dealer the other day to look at a couple vehicles I was going to buy one.. a rude arrogant salesman turned me off so they lost out on a sale to Honda.

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Posted in: Kishida cabinet support rate falls to 2nd-lowest 24.5% See in context

Some 84.9 percent said LDP lawmakers who failed to report income from fundraising parties should explain what they used the funds for

There is a different two tier taxation system for oligarchs. Like the legal system.

Of course the rules were written by them for them. This is what happens when you have a government made up of people who have inherited their positions of power over multiple generations.

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Posted in: Kishida says gov't will do 'everything possible' to boost household income See in context

Kishida says gov't will do 'everything possible' to boost household income

Notice he didn't say whose household... think he means members of parliament. He promises his colleagues he will help find a different slush fund to boost their income.

Of course "they" won't. Kishida doesn't decide on your wage. Your employer does. Unhappy? Complain about your employer, not the prime minister.

He certainly does decide on what you get. And he does that by setting the minimum wage which was set on 1st April 2023 at 961 yen per hour. If he set it to 1500 yen per hour with a goal of increasing it to 2500 yen by 2025... then most people would actually see a wage increase.

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Posted in: Kishida put into corner as secret slush funds scandal falls on him See in context

That this guy remains in office is both remarkable and upsetting. I guess bottomline is that it doesn't matter much which LDP elder is put in the PM's Office.

Well he has until September before the next LDP leadership internal elections take place. And LDP have until October 2025 before the next general election. So unless he stands down he stays at least until September.

To me he seems fairly stubborn and dimwitted and probably thinks the calls for him to resign are just facetious and patronizing not an actual call to literally resign. To be frank LDP doesn't actually have anybody better to replace him. If they do it will likely be just another out of touch, eccentric old git who inherited their position.

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Posted in: Biggest faction in Japan's ruling party decides to disband See in context

Something smells fishy... so at least two or 3 smaller factions disband, new larger faction forms? and then Kishida will become head of the a new largest faction? with none of the baggage the other factions have?

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Posted in: Uniqlo sues Shein over alleged copy of its popular 'Mary Poppins bag' See in context

How much did Uni Qlo pay Disney for the rights to produce a bag using their character?

Although the bag in question as linked by OssanAmerica doesn't actually have any characters on it.

However if it was saying Mary Poppins or using some characters they wouldn't need to provide Disney anything as Mary Poppins is from 1926 and already actually in the public domain.

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Posted in: Uniqlo sues Shein over alleged copy of its popular 'Mary Poppins bag' See in context

Look at the bag in question.


Bag looks like a standard waist bag. Not sure if copyright would cover anything on it they look blank.

As far as I understand you cannot copyright the shape of the bag, for that I imagine you would need a patent on the design of the bag. Making it a patent violation not a copyright violation.

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Posted in: Transcripts of fatal aircraft collision reveal coast guard plane not cleared for take-off See in context

The controller noted the coast guard gets the departure priority, and the pilot said he was moving to the stop line.

I don't know much about aviation, but I would have assumed he (pilot of the the coast guard aircraft) would have informed ATC that he had arrived at the stop line and was awaiting permission to depart?

Something seems off to me hopefully the black box from the coast guard aircraft will be recovered intact. and we can hear any missing communications.

I am guessing it conveniently wont be.

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Posted in: The 'textbook' evacuation from Japan jet inferno See in context

They did the job they have been trained to do well done. I hope they and the passengers will get some counseling, must have been traumatic, specially knowing that the plane they were on killed 5 people. And the fact they were within minutes of being causalities themselves. My Condolences to the families of the 5 that gave their lives to help the victims of the earthquake.

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Posted in: China plans to keep ships near Senkakus for 365 days in 2024 See in context

I guess Japan should increase it's presence near the Senkaku islets as well, perhaps some building would bolster Japans claims on the island, Maybe just a big flag?

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Posted in: N Korea to launch new satellites, build drones as it warns war inevitable See in context

Since war is inevitable and officially they are still in a state of war. I reckon it is better to strike preemptively and take out any and all satellites making it harder for them to prepare and use information that those satellites could provide. South Korea should set up way more missile defense systems and ballistic defense systems and make an iron dome such as Israel has.

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Posted in: Prosecutors conduct 3rd day of searches over LDP slush fund scandal See in context

but if they dont continue their investiations it will just give time to those LDP being investigated to destroy any evidence.

They have already had plenty of time to destroy any evidence. Prosecutors should have done searches last month when the whistle blower blew his whistle.

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