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Posted in: France steps up investigation into Ghosn, Omani dealership See in context

To be honest regardless that he allegedly took a few mill in perks. What he did to with Nissan he deserved a hell of a lot more. Renault would have been better of to have continued to support him and now that he is out of Japan they should have offered him his job back. And then attempt a hostile take over of Nissan.

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Posted in: Lebanon, Japan have 40 days to agree on Ghosn's fate See in context

So interesting how many people are defending this Carlos. Seems like everyone thinks he is not quility and believes what he is saying.

I don't know if he is guilty or not guilty I am sure he isn't dumb enough to flagrantly break the law like is being made out by the prosecution with their leaks to the media. He is very intelligent and not likely to overstep the boundary to far, most likely he is just within the law or the gray zone of the law.

He flew the Japanese system because it was harder for him but people who worked under him had also hard time. If he thinks he is not quility than come with proof and not a statement and some few documents which does not mean anything.

No that isn't why he flew the system , it is because they yet again prosecutions delayed the April 2020 hearing until


JAN 2, 2020

BEIRUT/TOKYO – Ousted Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn decided to flee Japan after learning that his trial had been delayed until April 2021

which just happens to be after the Olympics... you can read into that however you want. and after he fled they rescheduled the hearing for April.

Each country has her own law. He should stay and proof his innocent. He does have nothing. If he had he would show all documents and make understatements.

For a start this statement is fundamentally flawed and is exactly what the prosecution said which goes to show the thinking of Japanese Nationals that you are automatically guilty until you prove yourself innocent. And if that is the case then he should have been released Immediately with no restrictions so he can gather the evidence he needs to prove his innocence not be detained and and held in the interview room for hours and hours at a time. Even when not being questioned which is actually part of being interviewed and should bylaw have been recorded Which it wasn't.

Also he was not given all relevant documents including around 5000 + internal emails from Nissan which the Prosecution had and they quoted some kind of privacy not to hand them over to the defense. So who knows what evidence they may have held in Ghosn's defense.

If he is found quility he still has a better life than people who are in prison in other Asia. Countries such as Thailand.

Other parts of the world he would have no trail at all. Or be killed.

I think he is not innocent because so far nothing from him. Just blablabla. At least he run away so one crime he has committed anyway.

I don't mind the - since so many people are in favor for that kind of person

This doesn't help your argument at all as it confirms what I said before in the eyes of Japanese he is thought to be guilty and must prove himself innocent. Don't forget the Law is that Ghosn is innocent and the prosecutors have to prove that he is guilty. Which I personally believe will be extremely hard for them to do considering the law that he allegedly broke had to recently be change to make sure it include deferred payments.

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Posted in: Ghosn's aide Kelly stands high chance of acquittal: ex-prosecutor See in context

So much for a speedy trial 2021 or 2022 so he needs to wait under house arrest until then so basically he is a hostage. Specially if he will likely be aquitted as Gohara suggests I hope they have some form of compensation for time spent and it is means tested the same way that they set his bail.

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Posted in: Ghosn seeks retirement benefit from Renault See in context

Unfortunantly I had also been introduced to the Japanese justice system for something I did not do. And it is as bad as ghosn has said I was not allowed a lawyer nor any phone call. I had 15 minutes outside for a smoke per day and the rest was in solitary confinement lights 24/7 and interviews that lasted 7 hours at a time. I was told by one of the prosecutor's that I could be out in a few days if I admit what ever they said I did. In the end I gave up wrote what they told me to write got a fine paid it and left.

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Posted in: Ghosn puts Japan's justice system on trial See in context

I can only imagine the challenges Japan will face when all the tattooed foreigners (athletes and tourists) come to the summer olympics.

2020 Olympics boycott is probably the best way to get the message across I have cancelled my support and I advise others to do the same.

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Posted in: Manager at Turkish jet operator says he helped Ghosn escape because of threats See in context

I went through facial recognition systems and fingerprinting for international flights to/from Japan. I don’t understand how Mr. Ghosn could go through Immigrations and Customs at the Osaka Airport, unless private plane passengers aren’t required to go through the security checks like us “normal” people. Does anybody know?

He didn't walk went in an oversized container so it wasn't scanned at customs and it just went straight to the private planes hanger with out any checks.

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Posted in: Tokyo court to allow Ghosn to talk with wife via videoconference See in context

To think about it a CEO usually gets around 3-5percent of a companies turnaround profit which for Nissan was somewhere in the 20bilion dollar range so he was owed more than what he was ever paid those things he allegedly did is really just a bit of creative accounting to avoid paying a large amount of tax.

It should never have gone to the police. If they believe it would save Nissan they are fools and I hope Nissan goes bust cause I for one won't ever buy a Nissan again.

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Posted in: Gov't to start using 'family name first' order from Jan 1 See in context

Not sure I get what the plan here is considering on all official documents I have seen. it is already surname then first name and then middle name.

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Posted in: Court rejects damages suit over same-surname after marriage rule See in context

My wonder is if it is illegal for my ex-wife who remarried and is still telling people that her last name is mine not her actual new husband's surname.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't backs Nissan CEO Saikawa's resignation See in context

Funny thing he retires as president and is given a different position within Nissan still guess that part was left....

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Posted in: Macron expected to raise Carlos Ghosn case with Abe at G7 See in context

It is a bad system and works on guilty till proven innocent Japan doesn't like change and prefer to leave things as they are and let somebody else deal with it later.

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Posted in: Pompeo voiced support for Japan over wartime labor issue: sources See in context

The fundamental error here is that South Korea never signed the 1952 San Francisco Treaty. SK does not have any obligation to honor whatever is agreed upon between the parties of that Treaty. Unless, of course, one denies SK as a sovereign nation. :)

Did you even bother to read the article? This is about the 1965 Treaty between South Korea and Japan. In the treaty South Korea said give all money to government we will make the appropriate compensation to the people of South Korea. They took the 500million paid by Japan and didn't follow through with the compensation that they said they would make. You would be better to sue your own government for hiding this fact.

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