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James Bradshaw comments

Posted in: Human body parts found in Tokyo park pond See in context

Probably an old someone is still collecting pension from.

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Posted in: Do you think Japan's military (Self-Defense Forces), which have not taken part in actual combat abroad since World War II, can protect Japan from an attack by a foreign power, or mount an operation in See in context

This was a tricky poll because I absolutely believe they would do a good job protecting Japan. They train constantly. I don't think they would do well overseas though. It should be 2 separate polls.

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Posted in: Apple explores charging stations for electric vehicles See in context

Oh I have another one. Anytime there is a problem with your car you contact apple care and they will inform you that the entire engine needs to be replaced as they don't offer component level servicing. The cost to replace it will be more than buying a new apple car.

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Posted in: Apple explores charging stations for electric vehicles See in context

I am not sure if having a car that breaks after two years and is then not serviceable will be good for nature.

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Posted in: Canada announces ban on transgender discrimination See in context

Wow, so many comments. People really care about bathrooms.

A lot of people have been talking hypothetically about people using this law disingenuously as a way to perv on others. I really don't think that is going to be a problem. For example, if the neighborhood perv decides they are going to hang around in restrooms they wouldn't usually be using, what's going to happen? Either they are going to commit a crime in that restroom and be rightfully arrested for it, or they are just going to make people uncomfortable looking at feet under the stalls, eventually they are going to be arrested for loitering or something. I just don't see this as the huge problem some people do.

This law is just giving people the right to use the bathrooms that make them comfortable, it's not a blank check to act like a weirdo in restrooms.

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Posted in: Messy 'manshons' less visible than junk houses, but just as filthy See in context

It's such a pain in the ass to put trash out here I am not surprised busy people develop a backlog. This whole country assumes everyone has a house wife. My building for example requires cardboard be put into a special locked shed. The problem is it's only unlocked 8am - Noon on Mon/Wed/Friday. Anyone with a job is going to find that pretty unworkable.

The most hilarious part is there was a gap between the shed door and the roof and I think people must have been slipping cardboard in that way when it was locked. I am assuming this because recently the building manager zip-tied a grill over it.

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Posted in: Should Japan adopt daylight saving time in summer? See in context

No, DST is terrible. If anything Japan should change the time zone. About 1-2 hours back would be good. I get up at 5:30 and still miss a lot of daylight because the sun rises so early.

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Posted in: Actors may make good presidents; reality stars are something else See in context

Reagan was a good president in the same way lead was a good paint additive. People thought they were doing something useful at the time but the disastrous consequences of both were only discovered after enough time passed.

Reagan was the asbestos of presidents.

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