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Posted in: Gov't funding for imperial ceremonies sparks rare dissent See in context

As a non-Japanese living in Japan now I presumed that the Japanese royal family was independently wealthy as is the British royal family The Queen of England her self is worth several billion USDs through investments and land ownership in other countries. In England the Royals pay for the upkeep of there residence Balmoral and the like. So I presumed the Japanese royal family line did the same thing.

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Posted in: Japanese collector returns ancient artifacts to Cambodia See in context

Did anyone think to ask did they buy these items at a curio shop or antique store? The article made reference too that they knew the artifacts were from Cambodia not that they were cultural relics I know of craftsmen in Indonesia that could turn out a image like that in about a week and sell it to some unsuspecting tourist letting them think it is a ancient piece while the patina coloring is still wet on it. Unless the article stated that she and her husband knew personally that these relics were not of recent creation but found out much later and returned them I say no harm no foul.

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Posted in: Japanese teacher punches high school boy in face; social media on his side See in context

Rumor control on another site covering this incident, no body stood up to this kid because his family are yakuza connected, as I said, beyond rumor I have no definite proof on the reliability of this but it could explain a lot about his attitude.

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Posted in: Osaka gov't warns of baseless rumors on social media after quake See in context

Well if those who started such rumours got their inspiration from how the gajin they see in America react when a disaster takes place I can understand their concern. IE New Orleans, the riots and vandalism during and after the police shootings and a myriad of other such incident. Evil people will take advantage to gain things while others suffer.

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Posted in: 40 ways foreign and Japanese TV dramas are different See in context

many of the tropes used in for example American police dramas would not fly in Japan. Shows like law and order svu with its subject matter would never be seen on Japanese tv or police or criminals in gun fights with each other.Even a good knock down drag out fist fight would be good.

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Posted in: 10 sailors missing after Japan-based U.S. Navy destroyer and merchant ship collide near Singapore See in context

I sense a disturbance in the force and it leads me to believe that the dragon in the east has perfected a directional EMP weapon I heard this need confirmation that the Fitzgerald radar and other electronic detection gear went down minutes before impact. If this is so post reference.

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Hmmm so I as an American gets hired to teach middle or high school and I stop a bully or a group of bullies from harming one of my students I can be brought up on charges. I don't get it I was under the impression or at least that's how they portray it on TV that teachers protect there students from bad things I E Yokai, bullies, and such.

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Posted in: Security cameras to be introduced on JR Yamanote Line trains See in context

I think if the train riders would pay more attention to there surroundings and get their damn faces off there phone screens that much of this groping and rape on trains would stop. I am a gajin and perhaps because of my budoka training I believe in defending those who can't defend them selves so if I saw some dude feeling up a young lady or even a guy I would step in and trounce the villain

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Posted in: Researchers unearth Japan's largest fossilized dinosaur skeleton See in context

Darn I thought they may have found godzilla

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Posted in: Man arrested for crawling under JR train in Chiba See in context

If the trains here in Japan run like the subway system if he wanted to off himself they should have activated the third rail he would have got what he wanted real fast.

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Posted in: Japan's pudgy pop stars take aim at obesity prejudice See in context

Do Japanese people, and I live here in Japan American school teacher, call Sumos or some of those really healthy looking stout judo and karate players fat and unhealthy as a muscular but stout man I do get offended at times by people who judge the outside and not the inside.

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Posted in: Showing Putin a few moves See in context

Don`t forget Mas Oyama system 4th Dan I believe. and to think Putin and Seagal went at it for a little hard core randori.

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Posted in: China slams Inada for ducking Nanjing massacre questions See in context

I first off do not understand why everybody gets their panties in a bunch over this. In war, bad things get done on both sides axis and allies. While I will agree that the Rape of Nanjing was a horrendous act. One must look at the mentality of the nation of Japan at the time. It was being financially strangled by the US and many other non-Asian powers due to the treaties and deals made by President Theodore Roosevelts cabinet (who in later years admitted that it was the worst mistake he had ever made during his administration). So when the current government of Japan by the 1930's came to power led I believe militarist Hideki Tojo, they started the reinstitution of the samurai bushido code but with a few major changes since the code had never been written down I believe. So now we have a bunch of young men all juiced up on this neo-bushido talk and deals being made with then early Nazi Germany it was the match that set off the powder keg. Remember before the allies got involved in the war Germany and Japan had already invaded their neighbors in Europe and Asia. To fix this problem in Asia at least I think that the Japanese government representatives should go to China and Korea and even the Philippines to make everybody happy and say "We are sorry for what our ancestors did and will not allow it to happen again. We must learn from the past to prepare for the future not use the past to blame the future.

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I have been a big fan of the G-man in whatever incarnation he takes. But I have always asked and never really got an answer is If you have a 200 to 400-foot reptile stomping into your town why do you only send in your own troops ? Come on people they have enough firepower at Yokosuka to level mainland China but I have never seen in any of the Japanese movies a U S Military presence, If I have missed it please let me know thanks. On a side note, I think the animated Godzilla which was based off the silly 1998 movie was a much better product He should have been like that in the movie instead of the big Tuna eater lol.

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Posted in: Abe picks revisionist Inada as defense minister in cabinet reshuffle See in context

Might I if I may ,recommend a book entitled Imperial Cruise for a rather in-depth look at what brought about the results of all this political and military jockeying that is going on now. I found it to be a good read.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death for murders of two elderly people in Gunma See in context

I have just arrived in Japan and this caught me by surprise that this would happen here. Is there not charity organizations churches or temples this individual could have gone to? I wonder if they are not revealing he was addicted to some drug as well.

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