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In the US, tipping is not for "good service". It is paying their salary. That, in essence, is wrong. Tipping should be a reward for great service. A "tip of the hat" to them for a job well done, is it not?

Allowing companies to pay 2 dollars an hour is borderline criminal and should banned.

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How about the other way around? Would you want a male teacher who is a prostitute or perhaps an adult video actor teaching your Junior high / High school daughters or sons? I ask because, years ago, I knew someone who had a part time job as an AV actor and taught at a JH/HS teaching English.

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There were no Wheelchairs anywhere in the park. I walked around for about 3 or 4 hours. Never saw one. Plus there is no sidewalk up to it. Just dirt around it. Also, no it's not natural. There is a machine that creates the steam. It does this about every 3 or 4 mintues. There are SOME roads and stuff but you wouldn't be able to see everything. Glad you like the pic. :) I suggest going there if you can. It's a huge park. It does cost 400 yen to enter though. But very enjoyable. James Dunn

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