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James Dean Jnr. comments

Posted in: Court rules against man who sued NHK for using too many loan words See in context

@Tokiya Thank you. I am however not offended, it takes a lot for me to be offended, my skin is thick and so is my skull.

@Toshiko Sorry if my comment was a bit unclear. Japanese Newspaper = Good (Proper Kanji etc); Terebi = Bad (ignores old people, uses the equivalent of slang all willy nilly)

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Posted in: IBC Solar to build its 1st mega solar plants in Japan See in context


Far better to take the tiny solar cells in each unit, combine them together, and put them in a roof.

If the solar roadways were only solar cells in a low density configuration, perhaps it is a silly idea. But putting them on a roof doesn't replace the roof, it adds on. Solar roadways on the other hand, not only replaces roads, it makes them have more than one purpose: Road (obviously), eco friendly (no oil. Uses recycled material), safety (LEDs, pressure censors (wild game on road) to name a few), no extra space needed (roads are already everywhere), electricity generation via solar panel, electric grid more spread-out and accessible AND it'll look awesome.

It seems that you are rejecting reality and substituting your own.

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Posted in: Court rules against man who sued NHK for using too many loan words See in context

National Broadcasters like the NHK in Japan, BBC in Britain and the like need to be a beacon of proper and pure Japanese (English), lead by example.

Yes, you can't stop language from evolving, but at least slow it down that it doesn't become unintelligible in less than one generation. This man is old, he can't be expected to keep up with the tremendous pace that Japanese is changing and importing loanwords.

I'm not sure of all the newspapers, but those I've read, or at least try to read were near impossible to decipher because of the abundance of Kanji and lack of Katakana (loanwords). Why the huge gap between Shinbun and Terebi? Young people don't read the newspaper as avidly as their parents and grandparents. TV is geared toward the gap in the market: young people.

Are you not entertained?

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Posted in: The end of poverty? See in context

Greed will not relinquish its tight grip on this world. Poverty will never end. The rich will become ever richer. Greed is the disease that nobody is talking about. HIV & AIDS? Hah! Greed is the cancer in the very heart and soul of the human race.

Men mad with money and perpetual power from affluent families is slowly and steadily strangling the life out of the poor and weak of this world.

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Posted in: Psy goes from 'Gangnam' to hip-hop style in new song See in context

Like the Locomotion, Macerena and The Ketchup Song, Gangnam Style was a song from a one hit wonder. Teaming up with the likes of Snoop Dogg won't change things for the better, in fact, a downward spiral is more likely.

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Posted in: George Takei sees gay pride beginning in Japan See in context


I've never seen such a beatdown in the over a decade I've been using this site.

Exciting isn't it!!

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Posted in: IBC Solar to build its 1st mega solar plants in Japan See in context


Try the solar roadways idea

Could not agree more. It is, without a doubt, the road to sustainable energy for the future generations. (Pun intended)

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Posted in: Tokyo governor says casinos not top priority; urges debate See in context


Sure, gambling can be detrimental to the core family value but it also generates tremendous jobs and growth potentials.

You need to get your priorities straight.

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Posted in: Cop sends stalking letters as ruse to date woman See in context

Ha! What a riot!

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Posted in: Parts of western Japan experience record rainfall See in context


yet and no incest noise to speak of

Do you speak out of experience? What does it sound like?

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Posted in: George Takei sees gay pride beginning in Japan See in context

Mutant and proud!

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Posted in: Y15,000 paid for Coke bottles with celebrity names See in context

As I am part of a minority group in my own country, my name doesn't even feature on any of the bottles there...

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Posted in: New whale and dolphin watching body launches in Japan See in context

New whale and dolphin watching body launches in Japan

I read the title as meaning something like this: A new whale and a new dolphin, as opposed to seasoned veterans, sit there nice and comfy watching a show in which dead bodies are launched (out of something, into the air).

Am I a twisted human being?

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Posted in: Hokkaido experiences highest temperatures in 90 years See in context

Hot air coming from China, now there's a headline!

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Posted in: Pentax 645Z See in context

The estimated price is 864,000 yen

Holy Hell!

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting woman on limousine bus ride to Narita See in context

Nature called in more than one way. The urge to get more familiar with the opposite sex... and urination. At the same time is a bit nutty.

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Posted in: 'Star Wars' characters headphones See in context

Shut up and take my money!

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Posted in: 'Frozen' on track to become 3rd-highest-grossing film in Japan See in context

I have no also set my message tone to the short but sweet: "Let it go!"

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Posted in: Actor Brad Pitt hit in the face at movie premiere See in context

There have been many cases where members of the public, when seeing an actor or actress on the street, be nasty, rude or even aggressive toward them. The reason being, get this: The characters they play in movies or on TV are villains and unpleasant people, and these morons believe they are actually bad people in real life. Sure they can distinguish somewhat between fiction and real life, they do not actually believe that Loki, for instance, is from outer space and has super powers, they just believe he is a bad guy all around. Facts are sometimes stranger than fiction.

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Posted in: Japanese variety show stumbles into interview with a Grand Master of Freemasonry See in context

The Freemasons really do live up to their name: contributing to rebuilding destroyed homes and buildings in Tohoku, and they don't charge a sen, on the contrary, they donate yen.

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Posted in: Researchers on a high-tech quest for the perfect nipple See in context

Pigeon Nipples, it has a nice ring to it.


as evidenced by the fact that I'm the first (and probably last) poster here.


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Posted in: Nikon Instech - Portable 3D scanner See in context

The price will be around 3,800,000 yen.

So nonchalant! I had to count the zeros again just to be sure.

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Posted in: The CEO got a huge raise. You didn't. Here's why. See in context

@gogogo - My sentiments exactly!

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Posted in: 'Frozen' on track to become 3rd-highest-grossing film in Japan See in context

The song is my current ringtone.

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Posted in: Takarazuka Revue lists 25 characteristics that make women unattractive See in context

This is not applicable to just women, but people in general.

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Posted in: Five things about male friendship that confuse Japanese women See in context

I guess I'm not man then... none of the above is applicable to me.

We don't fall for the same girl because our tastes differ widely. I know where all my friends live, and they all know where I live, at the very least they have addresses for new years cards etc. I have never been the dumpee, so this isn't applicable, it just makes me an a-hole. I am not that insecure. Again I am not that insecure and I value my friend's opinion.

This article seems to be more about bros and less about actual friends. How many of us can say that we have at least 1 good, no best friend that you can share everything with, so much so that's almost gay?

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Posted in: Some idol singers really will go out with you if you buy their albums See in context

100 Copies of the same Album to spend 90 minutes with a cute girl... Desperate? Me? Nah!!!

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Posted in: Man says he stole schoolgirls' gym uniforms because he wanted to wear them See in context

I think he wasn't even after the uniforms, he just took them as a fail safe and lied to the police about being a wacko to throw them of the scent (no pun intended). There are many more things in a school worth stealing...

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Posted in: A future of thirst: Water crisis lies on the horizon See in context

The Borg: "Resistance is futile" - We can do nothing to stop it (climate change), or at least reverse the damage done. The Borg: "We will adapt" - The Human race is very adaptable, we have survived many changes throughout history. Morpheus: "and after a century of war I remember that which matters most... We are still here!" - That's right people, stop the angst, stop the fear mongering, stop worrying about tomorrow. We shall survive!

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Posted in: Urn containing cremated remains found in train station coin locker See in context

Saitama again!?

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