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Posted in: Magnesium fire still blazing at Machida metalworking plant See in context


facility stores approximately 80 kilograms of magnesium and 20 kilograms of aluminum.

I agree with your statement that it is most probably one of those 'workshop' factories. Looking at the above, they didn't really have a large supply of either.

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Posted in: Bag snatcher suspected of over 100 thefts See in context

Is it just me or is Saitama mentioned all too often in stories like these?

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Posted in: Japanese World Cup visitors warned about crimes in Brazil See in context

Stay at home and watch on 4K TV, safer and more awesome.

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Posted in: Tokyo to ban sales of incest comic to minors See in context


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Posted in: WHO wants action as alcohol kills 3.3 million people in 2012 See in context

WHO wants action as alcohol kills 3.3 million people in 2012

WE do!

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Posted in: Insurgents in eastern Ukraine declare independence; seek to join Russia See in context

How dare they vote! It's undemocratic! Oh wait...

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Posted in: Train services disrupted in Saitama after woman climbs power pole on tracks See in context

Climbing a a pole 3 meters up while drunk? If there wasn't a ladder, I'm impressed, I can't even climb a bunk-bed.

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Posted in: U.S. indicts Kadena base worker for sex with under-age girl See in context

They are both still kids, I think the focus of the issue is wrong. BOTH underage drinking, he was being a c*ck, getting a girl drunk and RAPING her. Her being underage would have been more of an issue had the man been 30 or 40 something...

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Posted in: Survey asks Japanese women at what age they had their first kiss See in context

19 for me...

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Posted in: Richard Gere appears as Tora-san again in Orangina ads See in context

Gere is a devout Buddhist

He is? But.. why?

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Posted in: 60-year-old man arrested for trying to steal girl's underwear in Chiba See in context

Freaky fetish for an old f@rt.

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Posted in: Pair of mangoes fetch Y300,000 at auction See in context

Sure the mangos are high quality, super sweet and tasty BUT, 150 000 yen for something that can be consumed in less than 20 minutes is too much, much too much. If I would go super premium, I would buy it for 5000 yen, not a sen more.

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Posted in: Heavy-set men set to become Japan’s most eligible bachelors See in context

You’d describe him as ‘stout.’ In some Germanic Languages 'stout' means naughty: You'd describe him as 'naughty' - hehehe.


I find for example, Abe Hiroshi to be very sexy.

He is, isn't he! And I'm a man...

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Posted in: Machine automatically fills cups with beer See in context

Beer: It's liquid bread, it's good for you!

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Posted in: Miyazaki Blu-ray collection to be released with special bonus content but won’t come cheap See in context

Shut up and take half my salary!

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Posted in: Poll on number of male virgins in Japan not all bad news See in context

Six months later the two of them and his mother went on a trip together.

AND HIS MOTHER!? Talk about a third wheel!

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Posted in: Yamaguchi-gumi launches website with song, anti-drugs message See in context

I am cautiously optimistic.

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Posted in: Disappointed Abe says Japan will abide by ruling on whaling See in context

Sure people don't eat whale as much, essentially making the demand for edible whale meat almost 0 and is becoming a dead market yes. BUT, if that was the only reason for whaling they would have stopped long ago. Whale can be used for an extremely wide range of products, every morsel of the whale is used, nothing goes to waste as some believe it goes uneaten and is somewhere in a freezer not being used. It is used, just not for human consumption.

I was once been to a natural history museum where they explained historical whaling and uses for whale: Whale oil from the blubber has a wide variety of uses, even today. In the head of the sperm whale there is a special oil that is highly prized for it's high quality and can be used in high end cosmetics and cosmetic surgery. Baleen or "whalebone" was like the plastic of the 1800s. Other non-baleen whales the teeth are used as ivory and used for high quality chess pieces and piano keys to mention a few.

Anyway, it's about the other uses for whales, not the meat.

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Posted in: Heart attacks rise after clocks go forward: study See in context

A good reason to abolish Daylight Savings, a silly idea to begin with. Messing around with time can have dire consequences, just ask Doc Brown and Marty McFly.

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Posted in: Tokushima City wages war on toilet paper bandits as 900 rolls go missing from public restrooms See in context

900 Rolls in 3 years (1096 days, 2012 was a leap year), that's 0.82 rolls per day. Who gives a crap?

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Posted in: Mao Asada wins world championship title See in context

Nice desu.

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Posted in: World court rules Japan's Antarctic whaling not scientific See in context

So the Sea Sheppard peeps won't have anything to do...? Loonies without a cause can be very dangerous.

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Posted in: What do you think of the names that Japanese automakers give to their cars? See in context

I remember something about Mazda selling a car in France with the name M.E.R. 2...

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting 3 high school girls on bikes See in context

All these wackos are unemloyed, what's the deal? I think they WANT to go to prison, no need to worry about employment, you get your 3 meals a day and Bob's your uncle.

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Posted in: Prosecutor for Crimea becomes a hit online in Japan See in context

Great stategy by the Russians, make the face of 'the enemy' super cute, wooing the weak minded men to support Russian interests, lust is blind.

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Posted in: Windows 8.1 touchpanel 14-inch notebook PC See in context


No computer is designed to last more than 3 years.

& @Strangerland

I do agree that windows computers only last about 3 years though.

Fallacies! Software doesn't dictate how long a computer lasts, the quality of the hardware is the real test. My dear Mother bought a Dell Laptop Computer in April 2006 with Vista (which we all agree is crap), upgraded to Windows 7 in 2008, the battery was only good for 30 min by 2011 (compared to 3 hours when new) so we bought a new one for about 30USD. Sure the screen isn't as bright as before, but not noticeable unless you compare it to a new laptop screen (which has better technology anyway). Everything else on it is hunky dory and running even faster than when first bought (remember it came with Vista). If my calculations ar correct, that would make it 8 years old and counting.

As for this machine:

touchpanel 14-inch notebook PC

Have you ever tapped a normal laptop on its screen? It's springy, I don't believe this one would be any different One would have to place it against a wall for it to be not so annoying, even then, 90 degrees angle is also quite uncomfortable (most walls I know of are pretty straight).

14-inch LCD display (1366x768)

Not even full HD, pixel density on that must be awefull. The new MacBook Pro 13 inch!!! has a retina display, that's 2,560 × 1,600 resolution. I know, it is in another class, but still, a Full HD 14" display is not unreasonable.

Intel Celeron Processor N2920 CPU (1.86GHz),

Celeron!!? Seriously?


Solid state drives are much faster, if you need a lot of storage space (not that 500GB is that much anyway) buy an external. Why would you put an operation system on a slow HDD when you run it on a cheap, albeit low capacity SSD?

1MP Web camera

This doesn't even deserve a comment

USB 3.0

This is at least good.

2 x USB2.0 and so on.

"And so on"? Very specific, thank you.

Price: ¥63,000

Pretty expensive for what you get.

All in all, I'd rather save up my money for a proper machine, Windows or Mac.

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Posted in: Schwarzenegger, Willis team up for coffee commercial See in context

Schwarzenegger, Willis team up for coffee commercial

With this title I would have thought they would be together in a cm, doing some TEAM excercise, but they each have their own teams that they seem be the leader of. Misleading.

That being said, I like it, grew up wathcing Willis and Schwarzenegger movies, sure they got old, but I still see them and feel like I know them.

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Posted in: Why there were 19 syllables in the Japanese word for 'saxophone' during WWII See in context

Even though the Japanese (Kanji) versions of the foreign words (concepts) are ridiculously long, it is much more descriptive and could possibly be understood more readily what the object in question is and likely be used for.

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Posted in: Japanese restaurants in New York introduce ban on tipping See in context

Very good arguments from the non-tippers. But the pro-tippers' arguments are fallacies.

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Posted in: Google partners with frame maker Ray-Ban for Internet eyewear See in context

Pictures or video are may be shared through the Google Plus social network.

This sentence sounds a bit off...

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